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Ireland Votes Yes To Gay Marriage
AIreland has become the first country to publicly vote in favour of Gay Marriage. And overwhelmingly so.

"A Yes vote costs the rest of us nothing. A No vote costs our gay children everything," - Mary McAleese.

I know that the people who voted against this referendum have their own very personal reasons. I would never begrudge them that and it is right that they too had their opportunity to have their say

With that said, that so many people came out to vote in favour of this change genuinely gives me goosebumps. So many people will have voted Yes knowing it will make no difference to their lives but improve and enrich someone else's. It's an incredible moment and I'm so proud to be Irish today. Obviously not making the Eurovision final stings but a great day nonetheless.

Éire Abú
AWell, good.

A plebiscite isn't automatically a new law, but it's a great start.

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