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Fallout 4
AFrom Bethesda's new site,

Quote:After many long years, Fallout 4 is entering its final months of development. We've put so much into it for so long; we can't believe it's almost done. The game will soon be out of our hands and into yours. There's so much there that we haven't talked about or spoiled, because we want you to discover it, to make it your own.

It's during this stage of development that we start thinking about how we'll support Fallout 4 after launch. We wanted to give you a taste of what we plan on doing.

Regular Updates

We'll be doing regular free updates to the game, and like Skyrim, these will come with not just fixes, but with new features. For Skyrim, we added things like mounted combat, Legendary Mode, kill-cams, visual enhancements, and more. We'll work with all of you to figure out what new things you'd love to see added to Fallout 4, whether they are small tweaks or new features.

Mods & Creation Kit

The most important thing in our games is the freedom you have to create your own experience, and modding is a big part of that. Like all of our previous games, we've made sure to keep Fallout 4 open and moddable at every step in development. Early next year, we'll release for free the new Creation Kit for the PC. This is the same tool we use in the studio. You'll be able to create your own mods and share them with others. We're especially excited these same mods will then be coming to Xbox One, and then to PlayStation 4.

Downloadable Content

We've always done a lot of DLC for our games. We love making them, and you always ask us for more. To reward our most loyal fans, this time we'll be offering a Season Pass that will get you all the Fallout 4 DLC we will ever do for just $30. Since we're still hard at work on the game, we don't know what the actual DLC will be yet, but it will start coming early next year. Based on what we did for Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim, we know that it will be worth at least $40, and if we do more, you'll get it all with the Season Pass.

Thanks again to all of you! The support and excitement you've given Fallout 4 has blown us away. It's energized us even more to do everything we can in these final months to make this our best game yet. We absolutely can't wait for you to play it, and share your adventures with us and each other.

So...mods for all consoles 100% officially confirmed, then. This is gonna be interesting.

Wonder if Sony and Microsoft plan on charging money for those mods.

I kind of want to play my character as a Muslim just so I can hear Codsworth say Mohammed all the time.


The fact New Vegas hasn't been Steam Workshop enabled is really shitty of Bethesda.



New article up on going into more depth on the Perks system, stats, and leveling, and they've revealed the Fallout 4 Perk Poster (which comes with retail copies of the game):

You can sorta infer what many of these are from the artwork. Also, no more level-cap:

Levelling is experience point (XP) based like Fallout 3, not skill-based like Skyrim. But levelling speed is closer to Skyrim, and not as slow as Fallout 3. This means you’ll be getting more opportunities, especially early on, to level up and select a Perk. Additionally, whereas Fallout 3 had an initial level cap of 20, Fallout 4 has no level cap, and we’ve balanced the game to keep the content and challenge going for higher levels.

Intimidation of enemies is now officially part of the game, if your skills are high enough:

As you can see, each SPECIAL has a Perk assigned for each rank of the SPECIAL, from 1 to 10. You can select any Perk up to the rank of your SPECIAL. If you have a 10 in Charisma, you can select the Intimidation Perk that lets you manipulate human enemies into doing your bidding.

It was our goal that all the Perks be balanced amongst each other, regardless of if they required a 1 or a 10. The higher the SPECIAL requirement, the more focused or exotic the Perk was for that playstyle. Take for example the Agility 1 Perk Gunslinger (20% more damage with pistols), and the Agility 10 Perk Gun Fu (your 2nd target in V.A.T.S. takes 25% more damage regardless of weapon).

What’s important is that each of these Perks is actually a mini Perk-tree*, with multiple ranks that also do new things. Gun Fu above allows even more damage the more targets you select, increasing to instant Critical Shots. Gunslinger has ranks that up the range of pistols, add a chance to disarm enemies, and even instant limb crippling shots.

And for the first time in a Bethesda game, reading books and magazines can also grant you new Perks:

And on top of all that, you also get separate Perks from the many in-game magazines you can find (there are over 100). Some of these grant an individual Perk, while others up the rank of a Perk associated with that magazine. For example, there’s a 10-issue run of Grognak the Barbarian comics that each give you an additional rank of the Barbarian Perk, which raises the critical damage of melee attacks.

(Chuckled at some of those Grognak comic-book covers.)

AFor PC folk, system requirements published today:

Quote:Prepare for the Future: Fallout 4 Important Release Info
We’re almost there! In just over a month, the wait for Fallout 4 ends and you can finally explore its densely populated Wasteland on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Until then, Vault-Tec was kind enough to provide us with some handy information to ready you for launch.

PC Systems Requirements (Requires Internet Connection and Free Steam Account to Activate)

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz or equivalent
30 GB free HDD space
NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or equivalent

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz/AMD FX-9590 4.7 GHz or equivalent
30 GB free HDD space
NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB/AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB or equivalent

Console Storage Space
Make sure you have enough space in the vault to store Fallout 4.
Fallout 4 requires 28-35 GB depending on territory and languages supported.

Release Time
Want to know exactly when you can start playing Fallout 4? Digitally the game will become available on November 10, 2015, at 12:01 am (local time) in all territories (In North America, the unlock time will be 12:01 am EST), except Asia (available at 12 am on Wednesday, November 11th) and Japan (available at 12 am on Thursday, December 17th).

I can run this pretty well.  Yaaaaay!

Been playing a lot of New Vegas lately.  Getting me really pumped for this one.  Can't wait to create a character that doesn't look like a clay sculpture brought to life wrong.

And here's the rest of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos they've released so far.

2015's been one hell of a gaming year, really.


New live-action trailer:


Press copies went out today.  There's also a list of achievements leaked out there but I haven't touched it.  Trying to go in as clean as possible.


Is that possibly the

foot of a rebuilt LIBERTY PRIME! I see in the background of the "Ad Victoriam" trophy-icon?

Ohhhh man, what if the Prydwen is a mobile Liberty Prime deployment craft?

Also, it's pretty clear that you receive the

"Semper Invicta" achievement/trophy when you join the Brotherhood of Steel.

Someone over on the Bethesda forums just posted their impressions of a review-copy, but Bethesda's moderators are yanking down pre-embargo impressions like crazy (violation of the NDA). However, managed to snag it right before the banhammer came down, and here it all is, spoilerized for y'all:

  • The game looks even better than the released screencaptures -- it's a great game. Joined together, the game world looks better than great, and the in-game lighting and illumination is some of the best the reviewer has ever seen. It is true that it suffered some framedrops, but, there is also much more on screen, texture-wise, than in any previous Bethesda title.
  • DIFFICULTY: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, SURVIVAL. The higher you crank the difficulty, the more the game changes damage, resistance of enemies, and appearance-rate of Legendary enemies. Legendary enemies are extremely tough, and they have a chance of dropping a Legendary item with unique characteristics like better critical-chances or refilling AP when executing a critical. Also, Survival Mode "makes healing slower."
  • HUD color will be customizable by RGB sliders.
  • Minigames for unlocking doors and hacking terminals are very similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  • About the size of the map, is hard to tell size, because it's quite small on the Pip-Boy, but it doesn't seem "small" at all -- there is a lot to find on it. Even bigger than Skyrim's size, more or less, the reviewer estimates.
  • COMBAT: WAY better. It's no CoD, but the FPS sensations are amazing; you notice every impact, the weapon-recoil, different characteristics between them, etc., makes it wonderful. Bethesda hiring employees from id Software and Bungie has really paid off, here. According to the reviewer, there was a lot of room from Fallout 3 to improve, so he was actually doubtful about what would they do, but we can all relax about it. Also, enemy A.I., without being super-evolved or anything, it's also way better. Enemies hide, go into cover a great deal; they go for you when you have very little health, or you're reloading (he's playing on Hard mode). He says V.A.T.S. is completely optional, not essential.
  • Animations are flawless. People's faces, even though there are some similar ones (particularly Raiders), there are a lot, and way different ones from each other across the course of the game. Much more variation this time out.
  • He wasn't a huge fan of the dialogue system, and in the 23 hours he's played, in almost no mission was he able to get out of just by dialogue alone. Although there were some "X person approved" messages popping up like in Dragon Age/Mass Effect, there is no visible karma system, and that makes the diplomatic side of the game rather interesting. He checked his character's stats, and he didn't see anything about faction-reputations like in New Vegas, either. He thinks it will probably work more like in Skyrim and Oblivion.
  • SETTLEMENTS: A very important pillar of the game. Some will love it, some will hate it. He thinks that, even tough he likes this kind of "microgestation" aspects from RPGs, he thinks Fallout 4's is a little bit harder and deeper than he likes. They give soooooo many options, and missions, and objectives, that he think they take out weight from the rest of the game. ABOUT HOW THEY WORK: There are a ton of red workshop-tables all over the world, some free and other ones occupied. Once you get to them (if the people occupying it are good people -- you'll have to do the typical mission to help them, etc.), you can do all that was seen in the E3 demo, destroy everything, and rebuild. You'll have to sustain the local human population with food, water, energy, and beds. When they're attacked, you'll receive a message, and have the option to go help. It is very complete, and you can invest a lot of hours making it really cute, have there your base with all your people, etc., but he thinks it might be a little bit too immersive.
  • WEAPONS: More about them, he has only seen like 12-15 base weapons yet, but he says that the weapons mods are absolutely fucking nuts. Every weapon can easily have 25-30 different pieces that alter statistics.
  • LOADING TIMES: There are a lot of little houses that don't need a loading screen, but big buildings normally do. Loadings between buildings are normally really short; fast-travel causes a slightly longer load-time.
  • POWER ARMOR: Used almost like a vehicle. You get inside, you use it, you get out of it, and it stays in that place (like parking a tank). It gives them a more OP feel, but it is also way less "comfortable" to use, in certain respects.
  • NARRATIVE: He says it starts a little bit slow, but then it gets up and running fast. In his almost full day of playing, he has only completed four quests in total, because they're pretty long and full of things to do, and he thinks the way the main storyline is going is very interesting.

I'm sitting here rocking back-and-forth in my chair like I'm on Jet. It's November, now, guys.

It's been a long time coming... Almost there.


Final launch trailer:

...Oh, man. Only four more days to go, now.

Looks like there's going to be some definite gray-morality happening here, as

the Brotherhood of Steel almost seems like the bad guys in this trailer. Stoked that the whole "Human or Synth?" question from Fallout 3 is getting what looks to be an entire game devoted to it this time around, along with the Institute.

I took the day off to play this.  Something I almost never do with games.  Totally worth it.

Now I just need to finish New Vegas this weekend.


I must say I am a bit torn about this. I have something of a love-hate relationship with Bethesda games.

I fell in love with Morrowind when I was a kid, as it was something so unique back then, but with each new Bethesda title over the years, the shittiness of their narrative and screenplays became more and more transparent, and the free roam exploration gameplay quickly fell to routine when there was no storytelling push to keep me interested.

I see the positive aspects of Fallout 3 and can understand those who love to get lost in that sort of "live your life as a VG avatar" kind of free roam gamplay. But I am also firmly in the camp of people who think that Bethesda completely screwed up the writing of the game and that their F3 has absolutely nothing of the wit, depth, humour and the uncompromising nature of original two games (also, New Vegas is where it's at). I really doubt this will change with the upcoming title.

Btw. Max Landis attended Fallout 4 launch party Smile

APreload is live now. On steam that comes out to 23.8 Gigs to download.

I bit the bullet and paid $48 for it on Green Man Gaming. I figured that was the best deal we're going to get for a while on the Steam version. Key was available instantly on the confirmation screen, so I can preload now.

God willing Nvidia will have my back with a good game-ready driver. Some SLI support would be nice, too. As long as it doesn't run too much worse than Skyrim I should be alright. It's basically the Skyrim engine with higher poly characters and some extra lighting techniques bolted on top, as far as I know.


Nvidia tend to bring drivers out for all the big releases.  I doubt Fallout 4 would be much different.

FYI, here's a list of a bunch of names Codsworth can and can't say in the game.

I was hoping to choose Charles as it's the closest to my actual name.  If that isn't available I might go with Deckard or Gary for obvious reasons.


Originally Posted by Procrastinator View Post

But I am also firmly in the camp of people who think that Bethesda completely screwed up the writing of the game and that their F3 has absolutely nothing of the wit, depth, humour and the uncompromising nature of original two games (also, New Vegas is where it's at). I really doubt this will change with the upcoming title.

Did you do the mission where there's a mutant with a  tree growing out of his head being worshipped by a small village? The various resolutions to that story had plenty of wit, humour and an uncompromising nature. I thought Fallout 3 was far more old school sci-fi than New Vegas, which seemed to be fan-pandering.


Jim Sterling LOVED it.


Let me ask a question as someone who has never played a Fallout game before.  Do all the games start with you leaving the Vault?  So are they all occurring at roughly the same time?  As in, are multiple people leaving their Vaults and just having adventures in different parts of the world or is it like I gathered from ESO that the stories are taking place in different "eras"?


Meet Quinn.  She's gonna save the world.  Or destroy it.  Haven't decided yet.

AIs she a Doctor?

Digital Foundry Port Report results:

Quote:All things put into perspective, Fallout 4 does hold 30fps as a general rule, but drops are noticeable. For example, moving between major city areas is a particular strain on the engine, causing PS4 and Xbox One to drop to 20fps in matching spots on the map. Like clockwork, each platform lurches downward for a spell when passing a threshold in the environment - suggesting assets are being decompressed on the fly for the next location. 30fps is restored relatively quickly on arriving at the next spot, and it's business as usual from there. However it's not an ideal setup when these connecting areas are filled with enemies, and controller response suddenly takes a hit - though PS4 holds a frame-rate advantage in matching runs.

On top of this, Xbox One is unique in its suffering of a stuttering issue, halting the game experience for up to a second during play. It's a glaring hitch downward, and matching runs to the gates of Diamond City shows Xbox One dropping to a record 0fps (zero) while PS4 turns the same corner at 28fps. Each has their blips, but having tested two separate Xbox One and PS4 consoles, the results are always the same across the world at large; we get sizeable stutters on Microsoft's console that aren't present on PS4.

For now though, evidence so far suggests those buying Fallout 4 on console should get an overall smoother experience from PS4. It's far from perfect, and we have a suspicion re-tests will be due once each machine receives new patches down the line. As ever, we'll update as new information comes in. Meanwhile, for those with PC as their platform of choice, all the signs look good for a smooth experience even on budget kit. We're currently putting together an in-depth guide to settings tweaks and recommended setups, so expect that in the next couple of days.

Ouch, hopefully they can fix that stuff with patches. Weird Xbox One has that problem....didn't MS spend money and do partner deals for Fallout 4? Oops, lol.

Amazon is delivering the Pipboy edition early today; will primarily be playing this on pc.

Originally Posted by TzuDohNihm View Post

Let me ask a question as someone who has never played a Fallout game before.  Do all the games start with you leaving the Vault?  So are they all occurring at roughly the same time?  As in, are multiple people leaving their Vaults and just having adventures in different parts of the world or is it like I gathered from ESO that the stories are taking place in different "eras"?

Different eras . . . as much as a hundred years apart, IIRC.

Bummed, I'll not get a chance on this for a few months yet.


PC performance seems good, though I haven't made it to Diamond City yet.  My single 980 Ti gets around 40fps at 4K maxed.

Originally Posted by Procrastinator View Post

Btw. Max Landis attended Fallout 4 launch party Smile

Jesus Christ.  That sounds like I would try to find a spoon to scoop my eyes out.  Its how I think the VGAs (Video Game Awards) are played out with all those sports, movie, and music stars attending; an excuse for a bunch of vapid VIPs and their entourages to mingle and get drunk and/or laid, the subject of the meeting is besides the point.


Tried doing the VPN thing with WTFast through a few different regions, but Steam won't connect Sad . Looks like I'll probably be stuck waiting another 4 hours with the rest of the smelly Americans. Boo-urns.


I went ahead and pulled the trigger on buying a PS4 so I could play this, seeing lots of bundle deals flying around.

I'll be going directly from a 100-hour Skyrim campaign to this, curious to see how that transition feels. I hadn't played anything in the Bethesda universe since I bought New Vegas on a whim earlier this year, now I can't get enough of it.

AAfter the intro bits and the point where you can start crafting and building your house that's the route I ended up taking in my first few hours. Got a nice two story house, a spot for the workbenches, still need good furniture, and plopped down a fast travel waypoint. I then proceeded to strip my home neighborhood of everything, even the trees and odd picket fences. Next up is working on a power supply and defenses.

Loved the intro SPECIAL videos that played as installation progressed.

I should stop dicking around and head on out to start on the main narrative already. See you folks later.

So is any one playing this on a console? I just picked up an Xbox one, and I just want to know if it plays better on a console than either Fallout 3 or New Vegas did.  I really only started enjoying the Fallout games once I started playing them on a pc.


Literally right after I thought to myself "I should probably take a short break before I overheat my computer or something...", I get my first crash to desktop, haha. It's no biggie, par for the course with this engine. That's why I save before and after doing anything, quicks and manual.

I've been taking my time futzing around the opening areas. I'm loving it so far. The environmental construction seems pretty stellar, and I'm digging the story setup. No red flags yet, it's all quality.

It's weird to think about how the rest of the world will perceive these environments, since New England towns have always been home for me.

The perks available to me at the moment are pretty crappy, I'm not quite sure what direction to go with that. I put 7 starting points into Charisma knowing it wouldn't be that usefull yet, but I can't stand failing dialogue checks. There's nothing sweeter to me than skipping the busywork parts of quests.

No SLI support with the Nvidia driver, as expected. It runs at about half the fps of Skyrim for me. I imagine people will figure out tweaks in the coming days. Forcing SLI mode to "Render Alternate Frames 2" in the Nvidia control panel seemed to give me enough juice to make it playable on glorious Medium settings.


I'm really enjoying how the game crashes to the desktop every time I try to talk to anyone in Diamond City.

ABethesda, Bethesda Never Changes.

Peeked at the steam newsfeed. How the fuck are people on my friends list not getting that Holotape Game Cheevo....every single one of them made it out of the vault without playing that Donkey Kong clone? Raindog is the only one who got it.

Game crashed on me after getting to that uber scene shown in the trailer. Machine gun ran out of ammo when I when to take on the big bad, toughed it out with the laser weapon which was a bitch because of the low magazine count.

So this is a weird question, but how's the soundtrack so far?  One of my favorite things about the previous games was the old songs they used.


Conan plays Fallout 4. There's also an intro to this video here.


Playing right now.  Pip-boy app won't connect.  Yes, it's on in the game by default and my Smart Glass app works just fine.


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