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Kim Fowley: Famed Manager of The Runaways and Rapist.
AI've been waiting for one of the members of the band to really talk about Fowley for a long time and here it is. Finally...

I don't think this is going to be end of it either. No one has ever outright said it, but you could always read between the lines. This guy trapped a bunch of teenage girls and kept them quite and scaredi nto middle-age with the power of the legal system.

Goddamn, I'm so happy Jackie Fox has come out with this.
AUgh. Cherry Bomb ruined forever. And he escapes justice in the great beyond.

I hope Jackie's band mates have some kind of appropriate response to this. They don't come off well in this story; but of course it always seems to be the way that a rape victim's worst enemies are her circle of female associates.

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