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The Space / NASA thread
Back in the states till 55S lands in December... heck of a launch.

It's funny to see people wandering around a rocket like it's a ride at the county fair.
Gamertag: Tweakee
I am in awe. Really. I have followed the space program since I could actually remember it: I think it was during Project Gemini when Ed White did his space walk (I recall my dad saying this was an important moment in history). By the time Apollo was active I was fully tuned-in, and I've accumulated a complete shelf of books and magazines on the subject (especially the moon missions) since then. Thanks so much for these updates! Quick question: on an earlier post you were wearing a shirt with a ship with the number '51' on it. I know that Apollo 12 ('Yankee Clipper') launched in November 1969, which would make it 49 years. It also appears that on your shirt we are looking at the stern of a ship, instead of the bow (which is on the mission patch). Is there any significance?
How was your day at work, guys?
So... with everything else going on in the world, I don't know how many of you guys are tracking this... but it's a big fucking deal.

Quote:Russian theory that NASA sabotaged the space station spreading like wildfire

I'm working the medical issue, which is real. But the idea that we'd want to return early is completely backwards. For the issue at hand, returning early is the worst thing we could do. This is complete high octane bullshit from Roscosmos, and lighting up the crew like this is out fucking rageous. Not to mention we've done a damn good job of keeping my piece of this quiet... so I'm pretty livid.

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