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My Youtube Channel Going Forward 2.0 - Existential Pokemon Recaps

Well, as much as I loved my last Channel, "Jews React", my sister took a job as a a travel guide, and it's basically DOA ....

All hail the new flesh ... my new channel is "Call Out Culture" and my name is "Rich", because, hey, that should throw off the Doxxers for a few minutes. Now that I'm done with a week, I've got about a hundred views and two new subs.  All my shows are my babies, but these two are pretty good:

AThe YouTube Red call out was educational, I didn't even know that existed. The Jem/Remakes and Apple/Taylor rants kept me engaged too, you made solid cases and had good flow, and they were relatively short and punchy. The Abrams and Drake vids didn't really grab me. I guess I find it hard to care about either of them.

I like the idea of having video game footage under the rants too. Having some kind of kinetic visual helps up the overall energy. The skating one in particular made me think it might be good to use GTA driving footage, since it'll feel like you're a radio host on a rant. Plus GTA driving footage is less repetitive than Streetfighter footage, so you're more likely to engage a viewer. Not that there's really any reason to engage the eyeballs with this kind of project, but every bit helps I reckon.

Thanks brah.  I'm not really sure what topics are going to work or what's going to get views ... I just try to find something contentious to rant about, and I'm trying to veer things into "tech news" which is why I have the game footage.  Also, by having game footage in the background, it legitimizes that my channel is for "gamers", which will be important if/when I have enough subs to partner with a network.  So far I've done all my rants in one take, and I'll go in and edit out chunks where I ramble or I go in and re-record a few words or phrases if I mumble.  I'm really going to try and average out at least five shows a week - that would keep me on get on pace with 100 views a week and one new sub for every few videos.  When my sister and I did the old channel, occasionally we'd have a show "blow up" and get thousands of views, and that's when the change starts to really roll in.  I'll be doing an old friend's podcast this Sunday, "Video Game News Radio", and I should get a boost from plugging the channel.

I'm mostly enjoying Youtube as kind of a "life-experience" game ... it's a challenge to see how quickly I can rack up views and subs and thumbs ups and comments, etc.  The idea is to have it be a source of some income in three years or so, which is when I'll run into a green-card type thing where I can't work.

I actually don't play much GTA because all the fast driving gives me veritigo, but I get what you're saying.  The skate footage is from Skate 3 - I'd get more footage from there, but I actually lent out my capture device to some friend's kids who are making a Minecraft channel.  I went ahead and got Fallout New Vegas for PC for like three or four bucks - I'd like to see how it runs on my PC compared to 360 and it should be good for some desert dwelling footage.


I stopped doing commentary videos because it was too stressful / too much work.  Some of the videos were getting about 100-500 views, but more often they would cap out in single digits.  Also, I wasn't impressed by how many subs I was getting for views.  Anyways, I deleted all the commentary videos and I started livestreaming a Diablo 3 walkthrough from PS4 - it's been a disaster in terms of gameplay, but I'm pretty happy with it from an artistic angle.  I've been getting a sub a day for a couple days, and they seem legit - I also like how it's easy to watch on PSN if people know my PSN ID, which is dice_man2012.  Here's the new channel - everyone who was subbed to Callout Culture should still be subbed:


Well, cranking this baby back up again.  This series is pretty self-explanitory.


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