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Pres. Obama's Interview W/ NPR's Steve Inskeep Dec 2015

it's about 1/2 hour long.

President Obama's Interview With NPR's Steve Inskeep - December 2015


That's a really good interview, although Inskeep in my opinion let's Obama off the hook in terms of people who disagree with him.

Sure there's a big racial component to it (esp with those arguing that he's a Muslim, not born here etc.) but a lot if simply idealogical in nature. It's why the Right spread rumours about Bill Clinton running a drug ring and murdering people.

I think we haven't yet moved beyond the Right Vs Left political/Culture Wars of the 60's.

AI don't think Obama said anything all that different from what you're saying. He certainly didn't suggest that the majority of his critics are motivated by racial bias.

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