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The Democratic Party Going Forward
Not that I know of, but I'd still put money on federal decriminalization of marijuana happening under his administration one way or another. I'm just trying to sort your postings into some sort of coherent framework for a hypothetical politician that just really, really wants to court the Amos vote.

Talk about reaching across the aisle to compromise with Republicans on a key issue? That's a paddlin'.

Talk about waging a softer persuasion campaign on a key issue to win over enough centrist voters that the Republicans can be effectively ignored? That is also paddlin'.

Take a symbolic vote on a key issue as a matter of principle, despite a lack of Republican support rendering it stillborn as legislation? That, too, is a paddlin'.

And you can "I'm not wrong, tho" it all day long, but what I'm saying is there is no mystery to me why Hypothetical Politician would decide to look somewhere, anywhere else to find the votes they need to survive.

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