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Let them eat cake...

See the elaborate cake made for Gov. Rick Snyder's wife by Ann Arbor bakery

Heather Anne Leavitt, the cake designer and proprietress behind Ann Arbor's boutique cakery, Sweet Heather Anne, makes a lot of high-end, super-detailed cakes, so she didn't blink when a woman met with her to place an order for an expensive cake to be delivered to The West End Grill for a private party.

She didn't find out until she and her assistant delivered the cake to the upscale Ann Arbor restaurant that the cake was to be one of the centerpieces of a birthday celebration that Governor Rick Snyder was throwing for his wife, Sue.



Good Lord.


For a second I thought "What the fuck do designer gifts have to do with a cake?"

I know the whole point of this thread is to put the conspicuous consumption of our representatives on display, but I've got say, I'm actually more impressed by the craftsmanship than offended by the decadence.

AYeah, I don't know what impressed me more, the craftsmanship on that cake or the assholishness of the people who ordered it.
ANot as "holy shit, that's a cake?!" as the other one (for obvious reasons...I'd have totally tried to pick that bag up) but still..

[Image: 400]

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