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AI occationally write down my nightmares and use them as inspiration for stories. I've had the images of the I've posted below in my head for a long time. Then last night a friend asked if I could put words to those images. It is very short and I think one of the darkest things I've written.

Serious minded people sit around table and receive serious news. The world is coming to an end sooner than any of them thought possible. They confer and each gives their opinion, each one shakes their head "no" as if to say its impossible. They can't do what is being asked of them. Then one raises a tentative hand, he asks for time. He is given a day.

He leaves and he goes into a dark room far away from the meeting room. There is silence, then the sound of a pen scribbling on parchment, the order is given. He then leaves the room looking like a man who has done what was needed as the other choice was unthinkable.

Construction for a dome over the city center begins and across the globe every hand reach into a ceramic jar. Billions pull out black stones, thousands pull out white stones.

The construction finishes on the dome and the chosen citizens of the safe haven arrive. They are welcomed inside as hordes of pleading people push against the guards at the door. The horde nearly overwhelms the guards and with a grim look the guards fire their weapons into the sea of the desperate innocents. People who were holding up their children, hoping to send them to salvation realize their worst fears as they fall limp in their arms.

The doors to the dome closes and then the edges glow as they are welded shut from the inside. Soon thereafter the end comes, darkness falls in the distance and spreads. The people however still don't give up hope and crash against the barrier of the dome like a storm surge that the ocean sends to signal the imminent landfall of a hurricane. The much larger wave of darkness sweeps in from the distance, pushing the crowd up before it. The bodies pile and are pushed up to cover the dome. The pressure breaks physical boundaries of the the individual, the edges of where one body ends and another begins are no longer apparent. The pressure has crushed the bodies into one entity unified by with the will to live, but it dies all the same. Leaving a shell of bone around the dome and not a soul given the eternal rest it is due.
AWould make a good video for a metal band Tim.
AThis is an interesting subject but I think I'm gonna wait to see a few others share their nightmares and gauge the weirdness before I dip my toe in..

DAMN!  Tim's nightmares are way deeper and complex than mine.

I'll share one that's REALLY stuck with me for a few years now:

Myself and two friends are on our way to the next town over to attend a house party.  I do not know any of the people hosting this party but my one friend got us invited through a mutual acquaintance. So, we get there and it's pretty much just your regular house party with a LOT of people in attendance.  I have a beer and do some light socialising.  At this point I notice a lot of partyers are acting a Which makes me wonder if I'm saying something wrong or offensive.  I get separated from my friends somewhere along the line and end up in the backyard.  At this point in the dream I start getting these really anxious and strange vibes.  I wonder if somebody put something in my drink...and then the nightmare part kicks in.

About half the people in attendance just start laughing in unison for no reason.  And they start to change...growing huge claws and their mouths widen and fill with razor sharp teeth.  All the while they are still laughing. I don't think of them as anything other than demons.  As these demons show their true selves they start to attack everyone else there.  It's panic and chaos.  Everyone is running around and screaming with that damn laughing still in the background.  I rush inside the house to find my friends and it looks like a slaughterhouse.  The demons are ripping apart and eating anyone they catch.  I see I am too late to save my friends.  They are in the process of being eaten.  I scream and run and avoid demons jumping through walls like the fucking Kool-Aid man and somehow make my way outside.  A few other lucky survivors are with me and we just start to run like hell.  The last thing I remember before I woke up was turning around and all these demons are laughing and fucking capering after us.  Fucking.  Capering.

I usually don't remember my dreams at all but that one I still remember clear as day.  It was SO fucking strange and extremely vivid.

TL;DR:  My brain cooked up a half-decent found-footage short.  Didn't even pay to see it.

AWhat do y'all eat before you go to bed that causes all of this Cronenbergery to happen??

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