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My short films

Please check out my new short film, "Rohan's Alien Encounter" :

Witness the pleasures of fine dining with an extraterrestrial!

APretty dang bonkers Ravi. I liked it.

I have three new shorts available for viewing.

Lonely - A depressed man tries to make sense of his life.

Rohan's Alien Therapy - A semi-sequel to my earlier alien short. Rohan, the alien-obsessed oddball returns and this time, he's gone through a life-changing event. Where the aliens responsible? 

A Trashy Scheme - Two frustrated garbage men find some interesting items during their daily route. They quickly hatch a scheme as dirty as the trash they handle.

ADang Ravi, Rohan's Alien Therapy put a massive grin on my face! The two performances are great, the editing is perfect in terms of catching the comedic timing just right and the shot selections are on point too. I have to watch Lonely again a couple of times to really get what it's going for, and A Trashy Scheme feels like an effective tease for what feels like a bigger situation but Rohan's Alien Therapy really works for me even as a standalone short. Like, it could be part of a larger film or it could be just its own thing and I feel like it works either way. I really like that character.

If you want you should post one or all of them in our Post Your Best Videos thread too. Might get a couple more eyeballs.

Thanks, Bucho! I really appreciate your compliments on Rohan's Therapy. That was a lot of fun to film and I definitely want to do more shorts with that character. It was hard keeping a straight face during filming!

Lonely is meant to show a guy in a depressed state who's blocking out the outside world and wandering aimlessly, then sees a dead bird (I know it's a cheesy prop but it was all I could find on short notice!) and seeing this small creature lying there next to a busy road awakens a new appreciation of life in the man.

That's a nice assessment of A Trashy Scheme. I would like to do a second short where these two losers try to rob the man, but for now, I mainly filmed it for the purpose of updating my acting reel.

I did not know there was a thread for posting our film work, but I will now make use of it. Thanks again!

AWith Alone I think what trips me up is the last line. Since he mentions reading an article, rather than some kind of goal/accomplishment, I couldn't tell whether it was a joke or whether it was meant to evoke sincere hopefulness.

I get you on Trashy Scheme, to actually stage a heist is a lot more involved than setting up a dialogue scene.

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