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Listen to Me Marlon

I guess this has been making the doc rounds for the past year.  Finally caught it.  At first I thought this might be the sort of self-indulgent film I hate - something I felt at times watching the great Hearts of Darkness.  But what came across in an often eerie series of news clips, self-hypnosis tapes, and B-rolls, was a different Brando than the unflattering fella I thought I knew from the many stories I had read about the making of The Godfather or docs like 'Lost Soul', a guy very aware of his gift for acting and terribly guilty for the total fubar which was his personal life.  Very apparent is Brando's tremendous (and largely wasted) talent, which inspired so many.

Even if you're not a fan of the guy, this is a really fascinating doc well worth seeing.  You also get a good look at New York's theatre schools, from which the greatest graduated.


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