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Warren Ellis does James Bond
AThe first arc of the Warren Ellis-penned Bond series, VARGR, just wrapped up, and a second arc, EIDOLON, will start in June.

It's very much a Warren Ellis series. Very fluid, very action-driven, very violent, with strong sci-fi touches. Jason Masters provides some nice, clean artwork. It will benefit a lot from being collected as a trade paperback; altogether, VARGR's seven issues play like a pilot for a new Bond TV series.

VARGR feels sharp and contemporary in a way that nothing featuring Bond has felt in a very, very long time. Ellis strips away the bullshit and gives us something lean and mean.

Bond here looks a lot like Sterling Archer doesn't he?

A[quote name="felix" url="/community/t/155409/warren-ellis-does-james-bond#post_4052153"]Bond here looks a lot like Sterling Archer doesn't he?
Yeah, he kinda does.

But given how Archer is pretty much modeled to look like a generic Bond-type, that isn't too surprising.
AVARGR and EIDOLON have finished. Together, they form as excellent an opening introduction to a contemporary Bond as you could ask for, effortlessly and cleverly updating Bond's world without doing any of the dramatic signposting that has marked the EON films since GOLDENEYE.

EIDOLON, in particular, Ellis developed as his answer to EON's SPECTRE, and pretty cheekily revisits (and improves on) some of the standard tropes of the Craig era. It re-establishes Bond's classic foe without indulging in empty nostalgia. I hope Ellis returns at some point.

Andy Diggle's HAMMERHEAD is about halfway though its run. So far, his instincts seem to run to highlighting "classic Bond" aspects more than Ellis did (Ellis is more nonchalant and sparing in his use of Bond tropes), but he's also doing well. His cinematic setpieces feel lush and spectacular (there's a great bit involving a large shark tank, and an interesting spin on the gadget-laden car trope).

Much as i like Fiennes, I hope the films follow the comics and give us a Black M.


Just bought Vargr on Kindle. Looking forward to this...

A[quote name="jhp1608" url="/community/t/155409/warren-ellis-does-james-bond#post_4205603"]Just bought Vargr on Kindle. Looking forward to this...

Liked it. Good enough to give the next one a shot. Thought it captured a tougher and slightly grungy vibe, which is no bad thing for Bond, and the escalation into a proper threat was well handled. Caught the voice well too, although even at its best it still sounded like pastiche Fleming. Cribbed a bit from Fleming AND Gardiner, of all people. I thought it was a bit anti-climactic but that might be a function of reading through the panels, which isn't going to take as long as a film or novel. In that sense, it kind of felt like I'd read one of the short stories. There is also a certain dissonance where if this is a modern day tale, how could a late thirties/early 40s Bond know about the "old days".

Overall though, I enjoyed it. Now they've got the slightly rough opener out of the way, I'm hoping the next one feels a bit freer.

*I'm not sure people give Fleming enough credit for his prose and character voice. It was very particular, and every attempt to mimic it sounds flat or silly.
AI just read FELIX LEITER #1. It's actually pretty damn good! They're making Felix into a kind of Philip Marlowe figure, a washed-up detective in over his head. The art is strong.

The tie-in to VARGR was appreciated, as is the appearance of one other notable supporting character.

Again, Dynamite seems to be doing one hell of a job in building a universe here. This has been a very well-calibrated launch.
You know, they've been pumping these books out. But honestly, I've only really liked the Ellis written ones, as I really liked how they captured how utterly ruthless Bond can be, juxtapose in the surprisingly workplace atmosphere of MI-6 (compared to the movies). After that, these comics have dived into more and more towards the classic Bond route. meh.
 I think all Marvel films are okay. This is my design.

Except for Thor 2: the literal worst.
Bought and read the CASINO ROYALE comic adaption.

Pretty good. It captures the 50's feel of the Fleming novels. Vesper looks so dowdy when compared to Eva Green though.

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