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That's a pretty fucking dumb reason to quit a job. Companies ARE allowed to decide what language is or isn't acceptable in the workplace, regardless of context. As is so often stated: The first amendment forbids the government from punishing people for their speech. It's not about shielding individuals from any and all repercussions from what they say.

I would have loved to see a Walter Mosely episode of Star Trek. Devil in the Dark meets Devil in the Blue Dress.
"Wilford Brimley can't be bothered to accept praise. He doesn't act because he thinks people will enjoy his work. He acts because it's his goddamned job." --Will Harris, AV Club
I don’t think he’s suggesting it was illegal for the company to have that language policy, just that he disagrees with it on principal. In which case quitting working for them and articulating his reasons for doing so is, imo, a pretty reasonable thing to do.
I don’t think it’s a dumb reason to quit. Supposedly that’s been a troublesome writers room to begin with and with someone being overly sensitive, I could see him not wanting to waste his time.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
Honestly, the story about the previous showrunners being abusive in the writer's room makes me side more with HR.

I think it was kind of a bitch move by whoever called HR in the first place, but A. not actually formally quitting (per that Hollywood Reporter story Mosley just stopped coming to work) and B. writing an op-ed that's essentially 'THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE TRYING TO SILENCE ME' are also kind of bitch moves.

I'm intrigued. I dig Burnham's new look. Looks like there's a visit to the Trill homeworld, perhaps we meet the latest incarnation of Dax?
That looks very intriguing. Getting to see the far future of the Trek universe should be fun.
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
It’s an interesting concept to go THAT far into the future. Dunno if I trust them to land it though.

My guess is that we are going to see Burnham separated from the Discovery for at least the first episode if not the first 2 or 3. Like she arrives in the future a year or two ahead of Discovery.

I am curious to see what 6 planets they have still makeing up the Federation.

Meh, on the new Short Trek with Spock 3 and Number One.

I hate that Turbolift maze that they use now.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
Was just rewatching the Short Treks episode "The Trouble with Edward" (yet again), and noticed that the creator of Too Many Cooks, Chris "Casper" Kelly, is listed as a producer in the end-credits.

Very interesting.
"These guys are pros, Michael. They're gonna push the tension 'till the last possible moment before they strip."

Not surprised. I went to college with the director, who got his start at Adult Swim. Think he owes me five bucks from a poker game.

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