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Cities to George Lucas: We Don't Want Your Museum

First, San Francisco said no.  Now, Chicago is about to do the same.  Looks like Lucas will be going to Los Angeles next.

Mellody Hobson, Lucas' wife, didn't mince words:


“We are now seriously pursuing locations outside of Chicago,” Hobson said. “If the museum is forced to leave, it will be because of the Friends of the Parks and that is no victory for anyone. . . . As an African American who has spent my entire life in this city I love, it saddens me that young black and brown children will be denied the chance to benefit from what this museum will offer. . . . In refusing to accept the extraordinary public benefits of the museum, the Friends of the Parks has proven itself to be no friend of Chicago.”

When Friends of the Parks “sued the city in order to preserve a parking lot,” Hobson said the Lucas museum was offered the plan to replace “an underutilized and outdated convention space” that would also add more than 12 acres of new parkland.

“Yet, even with this additional park space, an organization that claims to ‘preserve, protect, improve and promote the use of parks and open space’ now opposes this as well. While they claim to be a ‘strong steward of Chicago and a partner to its progress,’ their actions and decision rob our state of more than $2 billion in economic benefits, thousands of jobs and countless educational opportunities for children and adults alike,” Hobson was quoted as saying.

Friends of the Parks had this to say about its disapproval of the various plans the city has put forth:


“Mr. Lucas may leave. That is ultimately his decision. But there are many other viable sites. Chicagoans should not be held hostage to one man’s desires. The public trust must be protected and we will continue to fight for our lakefront to remain open, free and clear.”

And this:


She declared the group’s emphatic opposition to the McCormick Place site and insisted that the mayor and Lucas consider “non-lakefront” sites.

They include the old Michael Reese Hospital site acquired by former Mayor Richard M. Daley for an Olympic Village before Chicago’s first-round flame-out in the 2016 Olympics sweepstakes; an 18th Street site across from the original Soldier Field site and the marshalling yards for trucks and recreational vehicles west of McCormick Place.

Honestly Lucas should build that  museum in his hometown of Modesto. They need the Tourist dollars and I've no doubt they'd let him do whatever he wants.

As for Chicago, they ought to put up the NRA Museum, given the gun violence there.


They could also just stick it somewhere in Marin - there's a whole lot of nothing overlooking the bay between San Quentin and downtown San Rafael if you stay off the highway.  There's also a big patch of dirt between the Civic Center and Autodesk HQ.  Seriously, there's like a million lots big enough for that thing between downtown SF and Wine Country.

AThe problem with a George Lucas museum is that he'll keep going back and making changes to it and fucking it up.
A"George, last night someone came in while the place was closed and cut the eyes out of all the old photos of your father."

"Exactly as I always envisioned it!"

Chicago might still get this, but there are big hurdles to clear:


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