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Show Off Your Gear!

I've still got the Ibanez Premium bass & started playing guitar again on a LTD Deluxe:

AOhhh, sexy. There's something hypnotic about quilt-maple tops.

On the Hofners, you could really wake one up by replacing the controls panel with some 500K Ohm pots & going for the traditional Volume / Volume / Treble Cut.

I've seen their wiring diagrams & it's a mess in there, designed to suck the timbre right out of it, IMHO.

AHmm. I may have to look into that if I keep getting no bites on the listing.
Well, it's been a while since this thread saw any activity, but I did find a couple fun things for cheap recently:
First off, there was this baby. It's one of those Teisco department-store guitars from the '60s - if I'm following the available information on these things correctly, it probably dates to somewhere in the 1966-1969 range. What surprised me about was just how actually decent it was for something that was a cheap budget-line option even at the time; it is (I think) a solid alder body (they did eventually go ultra-cheapass and use plywood on these, but not until later,) and the primary cost-cutting measure seems to be the use of a really funky laminate neck with a zero-fret design - but even that doesn't seem to be bad. It's really quite playable and has a surprising amount of sustain, plus it sounds pretty damn good. Though it does have the issue a lot of cheap tremolo systems do, where it inevitably starts going out of tune the second you touch the whammy bar, but since I really don't use them it's not a problem.

Also picked up this little Fender solid-state amp just for kicks. It's got a spring reverb, which is neat; unfortunately, when I plugged it in, it started trying to let the magic smoke out, so it's going to need some TLC before I can actually use it.

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