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Man spends 53 years building cathedral by hand

Good lord. That's dedication.

AThat's a Werner Herzog movie waiting to happen.

Not if he can't find something semi-cynical about it.


Maybe if it's destroyed in an earthquake or storm or something immediately after he finishes it. I can hear Werner's soft Teutonic narration now: "As he gazed helplessly at the ruin of his life's passion, Justo must have sensed the cruel, crushing indifference of the forces of nature, against which man can do nothing but bemoan his fate."


'Aht is suffahring!"

AHerzog is too cynical, too nihilistic to chronicle this project.
AActually, I think a lot of his movies (Rescue Dawn, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Encounters at the End of the World are the first that come to mind) show a genuine humanism and curiosity about the world and people. He's definitely willing to delve into the dark side, but I don't think that's all he sees either. This would be right up his alley.

Yeah, I agree, I think Werner just embellishes on his cynicism but isn't the cynic he thinks he is.

Rescue Dawn is a wonderful film.


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