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All Things Food
AThe little nibble of it that I managed to get a hold of was delicious!

Apparently, I populated my barbecue with ravenous savages - I pulled it out, let it cool for a bit then made the announcement that it was done. Turned my back and seconds later only crumbs remained. My friends are dicks.

Talk to me about these spice combos you're experimenting with!
AThis is probably more suited for the Science / Futurism or Cool Shit -thread (with a dash of Tired Shit), but figured I'll drop this here.

Last year a local company called Gold & Green invented a new type of vegetarian food: Pulled oats. It's rich in protein, very ecological, easy to use, affordable and it tastes really fucking good (said by someone who dislikes tofu, soya, etc).

They're currently operating with only one small factory, so every new batch of G&G is usually sold out within hours. And since G&G has received a lot of publicity, our big food companies have rushed their own G&G copies to stores. Only their versions have a lot of fat, very little protein and non-ecological production methods. And they apparently taste like shit.

I hope the big moron companies don't fuck up something that could really be revolutionary if given a chance to expand and grow.

Got a ink to their website?  It'd be cool to check them out and read more about it.

AHere you go:

OK, that looks like something of real merit.


Another kinda cool thing: Gold & Green keeps making great business with next to zero advertising. There are even FB groups where you can keep up when and where new batches arrive (I won't confess following them, got mine with sheer dumb luck). And at the same time the big corporations, like our dairy monolith Valio, spend big piles of cash to advertise their shitty rushed copies on television, radio, magazines, billboards, etc. Such as Valio's "Mifu", which is basically fryable cottage cheese.

AFuck it, its fried chicken night.

[Image: 400]

Erg. Edited for phone autocorrect.
AI have a new guiding principle for my culinary endeavors: when in doubt, add Andouille.
AFound a Chinese food buffet with octopus.

Wish me luck..

Why anyone willingly puts tentacles in their mouth confuses and disturbs me.

AI love it. All of it.

Yes I'm an odd dude sometimes..
ANothing odd about liking octopus.
AANY kind of seafood is just the bomb. There's a Thai restaurant near my house that is incredible. The chef, a really sweet lady named Jeed, cooks a green seafood curry that may be the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. She puts shrimp, squid and muscles in it. I used to not like curry....until I had REAL curry. That shit is too good to be true..

I love squid, octopus, mussells, scallops, all that stuff.  I just need it to be prepared such that it looks like 'food'.  No heads, no eyes, no way to recognize that it was once swimming around.

AHa...mussels...I'm such a goober. I been spelling it muscles all this time.

I can eat that stuff in almost any form. Tentacles are just fine with me! The only thing I wouldn't eat is that bullshit off Oldboy where it's still alive and thrashing. Fuck that..

Seafood tastes just like that. Food from the sea. I was in the Navy. I hate the sea.

Gimme pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, turkeys... well, mammals and birds in general.

Fish suck.

AMmmmmm food from the sea.

I don't eat a lot of chicken. I'm also weird that way. I mean....I like chicken...but I'm picky with it. It's the one thing that if I get any gristle or fat or skin or...anything other than perfect chicken meat...I get REALLY grossed the hell out..
AI don't know exactly why, but today I developed a sudden and powerful craving for all things Scandinavian and pastry/cookie-like. I want to go find some place and gorge myself on aebleskivers, sandbakkels, and krumkake. But the closest such place that I know of is in friggin' Santa Barbara. Argh. I miss the Midwest.
A[quote name="commodorejohn" url="/community/t/155762/all-things-food/50#post_4159857"]I don't know exactly why, but today I developed a sudden and powerful craving for all things Scandinavian and pastry/cookie-like. I want to go find some place and gorge myself on aebleskivers, sandbakkels, and krumkake. But the closest such place that I know of is in friggin' Santa Barbara. Argh. I miss the Midwest.[/quote]

Did you move to Cali permanently or are you just there on business/pleasure for a bit Commodore?
AI doubt it's permanent permanent (I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life here - like the wine, hate the weather,) but I moved out here a couple years ago as I was having trouble lining up work in Duluth and most of my immediate family had moved out here when my parents took over caring for my paternal grandparents.
AAaaah, I noticed you mentioned being in Cali a few times but keep getting fooled by your "Location" tag refering not to where you are but to where your spirit yearns to be.

I feel you on the Scandinavian food, my old man's side of the family is Danish so we grew up on it somewhat and that stuff is still one of my happy places. Risalamande is so simple (and non-cookie/pastry) but probably still my favourite.

My wife doesn't cook much. She can cook when she has a recipe, but I'm the one that usually cooks in the household. That being said, we are trying our best to only have 1 night a week eating out so we've been pushing to make most of our meals at home. She got a burr up her butt to make a chicken pot pie on Sunday...and oh my goodness, it was delicious. I had two servings, and then ate leftovers of it for lunch on Monday and it was just as good. Got a rotisserie chicken and used that, and added red potatoes, carrots, celery, chicken broth, flour and some seasoning for the filling, and topped it off with a Pillsbury pie crust topping.

In the Halloween spirit, that was the "treat" and then the "trick" was my wife's boss trying my slow cooker pork bbq recipe yesterday and her slow cooker died in the middle of it and she wasted a perfectly good pork loin. They had hot dogs for dinner.

AHomemade chicken pot pie is amazing. If you haven't already, put rosemary in with the seasonings. Absolutely incredible.
AHomemade chicken pot pie is one of those perfect fall/winter meals.

Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post

Homemade chicken pot pie is amazing. If you haven't already, put rosemary in with the seasonings. Absolutely incredible.

Seconded on Rosemary.  It's great with pretty much every slow cooker dish.

Speaking of slow cooker dishes: I highly recommend homemade cabbage rolls.  Lots of fun to make and tasty as hell.  I have a paleo cabbage roll recipe that is outstanding that I make every once in a while.

ASo what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

We're ditching the turkey this year. We're doing a stuffed pork loin with port sauce. Pair that with some cornbread stuffing, a cabernet-cranberry-fig sauce, brown-braised baby onions, garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes, cheddar/stilton terrine, and brussels sprouts/bacon salad.

Dessert will be a caramel-pear-pecan pie.

Originally Posted by Agentsands77 View Post

Dessert will be a caramel-pear-pecan pie.

Recipe?  That sounds outstanding!

We're doing the typical Thanksgiving meal.  No complaints as I happen to love it, and I live for the turkey sandwiches that I get to enjoy all weekend long.

A[quote name="Judas Booth" url="/community/t/155762/all-things-food/60#post_4176390"]
Recipe?  That sounds outstanding![/quote]
AI'll miss the turkey a bit, but there aren't many guests this year (just my brother) so it made sense to do something else.

I'm mostly excited about the stuffing. Stuffing is what Thanksgiving is all about.

One Creole Butter turkey, one Creole Garlic turkey, both fried.  Rice dressing(dirty rice y'all may know it as)- ground beef, ground sausage, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, beef broth, seasoned and thickened with a roux and mixed together with rice.  Pork and beans with ground beef and ground sausage added along with homemade BBQ sauce and lots of other seasoning.  Homemade stove-top cheddar/gouda mac and cheese.

That is everything I am cooking.  I am sure there will be green bean casserole, jalapeno cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce and lots of other traditional sides all around.


Who's cooking?

My designated dishes this week: leek and mushroom pie, traditional stuffing/dressing, 4 different types of quiche, and a couple of starters. Others have the animal bits covered.

A4 types of quiche? You must have quite a crowd.

It's a big group, but basically just two meat and two veggie.

A...that's what she said!
AI don't like steak or bacon. There, I said it.

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