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Howard Stern on 911


Don't know why, but this broadcast is my go to for remembering 911, mostly because I heard it live the day of.

Gary immediately guessed it was a terrorist attack, and the reaction by Howard and people calling in was raw and real, and maybe the best explanation for why we ended up invading Iraq.

AI can't link it from my phone, but I've listened to it many times. As much heat as Stern has gotten in recent years from his longtime fans, shit like his 9/11 shows make him a HoFer on their own. Unbelievable radio.

Stern live on 9/11

The Day After

The Retrospective

AI remember listening to this broadcast on my hour+ long drive to work that morning. I turned on KLSX as I got on the freeway and distinctly remember Crazy Cabbie talking about fighter jets flying overhead, and thinking WTF is he on about. Then my cell phone rings, and it's my buddy in Korea asking me if I was OK. He says he's watching the nightly news and saw the planes hit the twin towers, and the news broadcast called it a terrorist attack. I'm like what? And then I look around at the other cars around me stuck in traffic, and I see everyone else on their cell phones (kinda reminded me of that scene in The Siege where all the phones in that press conference start ringing at once). Fucking crazy that day was.

Thanks for linking to that retrospective Matt. Never knew that existed.

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