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The Good Place

Originally Posted by ScottieFerguson View Post

Loved Chidi's ticker being so long that Michael frustratingly shoved the paper aside.  Also, as someone with a soft spot for both Cheers and Mr. Destiny, everything about that bar scene was aces.

That was probably the biggest laugh for me in the episode.  They'd only just started the day and Chidi's was already spooling all over the table.

Ms Bell (I can't bring myself to say Mrs Shepherd) is a national treasure and you should all be doing your bit to protect her at all costs.

AOne never gets tired of seeing Danson tend bar.

Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

Man, this show can pack more  into 22 minutes than most can in an hour. Won't lie, I choked up a bit in the finale.

Seriously, not 5 minutes in and Jason and Janet profess their love for one and other and Chidi kisses Eleanor!

Such a sweet ending and I love how it was foreshadowed a few episodes back by Chidi wishing that they had met a more normal way like "You come to my office asking for help with philosophy."

Normally I'd expect this Real World mulligan to take up the bulk of Season 3 but with this show I won't be surprised if its wrapped up by the second episode.

Hey, Danson got an Emmy nom. Good for them to finally recognizing such an up-and-coming talent!
Maya Rudolph got a Guest Actress nomination as well. But I'd have totally dropped Silicon Valley from the Best Comedy list to add this.
My karmic debt must be huge.


My blog: An Embarrassment of Rich's
Danson’s nomination made my day. His work on this series is all-time great.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

It's a bit of marketing for season 3 but the The Good Place Chrome extension is mildly fun. Part of it reads obscenities on the page and converts them. Took me a second to get used to the fact that seeing loads more uses of "forking" and "bullshirt" here and on other sites weren't evidence of a huge increase in references to the show!

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