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"The Exorcist" (Fox)

Yeah, that was terrific.


I had a lot of fun with this.  Wrapping up the actual exorcism early was a nice choice.  It gave us some extra time with the kids post-Andy (the Truck stuff was actually pretty emotional), and we got some nice character beats for the main characters.

That ending definitely got me interested in what's to come... if it's to come.  FX would seem like a nice substitute if Fox loses interest.  I really hope we don't lose this series.


I will be pleasantly delighted if Fox gives this another season but as it stands we got two very solid seasons of a great horror TV show that elevated itself beyond the films that inspired it.

ANetflix needs new content desperately at the rate they are losing network and studio support.

I know, like myself, there are some big-time score fans in this thread, so here's a link to purchase Tyler Bates' season two score:


Originally Posted by Iron Maiden View Post

 FX would seem like a nice substitute if Fox loses interest.  I really hope we don't lose this series.

yeah but now FX is owned by Disney (right? i think that was in the deal) so who knows what is going to happen to the various networks/productions once that is all straightened out.


The score for Season 2 by Tyler Bates is now available.

FOX executive on the show's shaky future:

Quote:Looking at renewal possibilities for ongoing series, Newman sounded a positive tone on Gotham, LA To Vegas and Empire while allowing that The Last Man On Earth and The Exorcist are on the bubble.

Of the latter, he said putting the horror series on Friday nights was “tough for that show. We had hoped that we would be able to tap into a moviegoing crowd who didn’t want to go out to the movies… and we did get some viewership. I thought the show was incredibly well produced, the stories were great.” While Newman says there’s great pride in Exorcist, it’s “clearly a show that’s on the bubble.”
Sadly, I can't say I'm surprised. I'm hoping for the best.
Same here. We got two incredibly solid seasons of horror television and I want to see where the story goes but I won't be too surprised if they axe it.
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
The series was cancelled. Jeremy took it graciously, even saying that Fox liked the show enough to give it a second season, despite low ratings. Still a bummer.

I think they had roughly three more seasons of storylines all lined up, so maybe we'll get a comic book one day.

I'll miss this show.
Inevitable, but still sad. Slater isn't offering even a hint that they are shopping this around, so I guess that's really it. At least we got two good, relatively self-contained seasons out of this.
Bloody Disgusting hounded Slater about what the Season 3 plans were.
Last nail in the coffin.

In an interview about the Amazon series LORE, co-showunner of THE EXORCIST Sean Crouch says never say never on the show being revived:

Quote:I have to ask a few questions about The Exorcist because I’m a big fan of that series and did episode recaps. Are you guys still shopping that around or is it totally dead at this point?

Sean Crouch: “Jeremy (Slater) and I will never let that go. We just won’t. We love it. I mean, Ben and Alfonso… The thing is, I love them so much I call them by their character names and by their real names interchangeably. Father Marcus, Father Tomas, Ben (Daniels) and Alfonso (Herrera), they are the brothers…I have three brothers…they are the brothers I’ve always wanted to write. And John Cho, I’m looking at him right now on my bookshelf. I have a picture with my family, my parents and everything, and there’s also a picture of – it’s like the last scene in episode 10 there’s a picture of Andy and his five kids and mom, Alicia Witt. I have that up on my bookshelf as well.

They feel like family to me. That’s why I love that show. It was a family show that happened to have a demon in it. It had these two amazing priests. I wanted to be a priest growing up so I got to write the priest that I wanted to be, not a lot of what is happening in the Catholic Church now but sort of the fantasy priest.

But long answer long, yes, we will never let that go. Hopefully there’s a place for it. Hopefully if I can get some traction or power somewhere along the way, maybe we can get a season three back. It might be a few years away.”

Maybe Amazon?

Sean Crouch: “I know. Amazon would be perfect for it.”

I really loved that series. The writing was so sharp.

“Jeremy is an amazing writer. He’s such a great writer. So, yes, his writing’s fantastic.

Thank you for talking about Exorcist. It’s one of my huge passions. We loved it. You know, when Andy Kim got killed on the show – spoilers! – we lost Andy but then the show wrapped and so I felt like I lost Andy and John Cho. I felt like I lost these actors and the characters. It was like a double loss for me. It’s really tough. Such a great show, such a great cast, such great writing. All around it was one of those perfect moments in time where everything comes together and you get greatness and then like, you know, four people watched it.”

It had a really passionate fan base.

Sean Crouch: “The best fan base in the world. That’s why it had a season two, because of the fans. Only because of the fans. Friday night at 9, I just wish we could get more than a million. If we would have gotten two million we’d be in season three right now.”

I wish you luck in bringing it back to life.

Sean Crouch:
“We will work on it. We will never let that go. I promise.”

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