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Titanfall 2 - go get you some!

This one has been popping up in some some other Black Friday type deals but right now this one is currently $30 at Walmart for the PS4

Go get it

At full price, the game is very solid and I'm not regretting picking it up at that point. At $30 - $35 this thing is a steal.

Single Player  - the campaign is simply fantastic. It isn't overtly long and on hard it took me probably 7-8 hours. However, this is one that I will revisit looking for collectibles and doing some additional trophy hunting. If that's a thing for you - you'll get quite a bit more time out of the campaign as well

Multiplayer - Went into PvP hoping I would enjoy it, but not overtly expecting to. I tried Black Ops 3 when that was a thing and didn't care for it. Didn't care for it one bit. Titanfall 2 on the other hand - is just damn fun. Matches are quick, balance is good (although I'm sure there will be tweaks down the road), and progression comes quickly and often. I just hit my first regeneration last night (think Prestige in CoD terms) and don't imagine slowing down anytime soon. At this point, there aren't many on my friends list also playing with any regularity (PS4 btw) and while I hope that number will grow, even if it doesn't - this bad boy is holding my interest just jumping in and matchmaking with randoms. No, I'm not great at PvP by any stretch but seem to hold my own well enough and I don't imagine anybody will ever accuse me of being a try-hard in anything PvP based - just not me. Also no, PvP isn't something that I'll play solo for hours on end, but jumping in quick and knocking out a few matches before moving on to something else - is quite nice (and knowing I'll be back sooner vs. later).

Bottom line - if you're a fan of shooters and giant mechs (and really, who doesn't like giant mechs) - you're really doing yourself a disservice by NOT picking this up even with Battlefield 1 and CoD Infinite out there.


You should have played the first, the mp was way better.  I put something like 900+ hours in the first, unlocked every achievement, paint, voice, etc and I'm doubting I'll even bother to regen even once in this one.

Single-player was good though.

Anyway, my feeling is they should have just renamed it Titancod or Titansfall


I'm loving single player and slowlllllly getting into the multiplayer groove.  I agree, Titanfall 1 was content light, but it was something special.  It was so special that playing in the new maps feels... Wrong, somehow.  Need to put more time into it.


Yeah, the maps in the new one are really bad.  The Titans being locked down to set kits doesn't help, but the maps are a big problem - they don't have the movement flow of the first one and are much more camping-friendly; which isn't helped by the Bounty Hunt mode and changes to Hardpoint, which both encourage camping.


In complete agreement that, even with a whole bunch more "stuff", the multiplayer in this just doesn't come close to matching the first.

As for the campaign, it is fine, but I am a bit confused at the overwhelming love it seems to be getting in the gaming press. Yes, it controls really smoothly, and yes, the platforming segments are quite fun. However, I found the AI (on hard) to be completely brain dead. The game is at its most fun when you are running on walls, sliding around, etc., but doing those things is completely unnecessary. The AI goons will generally just stand around and wait to be shot. The only times I would ever actually die would be when I was running around and some guy with a shotgun would hit me.

I think the best comparison is Doom 2016. That game, while it controls incredibly well, still does not have the freedom of movement of Titanfall. However, Doom's AI, enemy placement, and health regen system encourages the player to always be on the move and always to always be engaging with the enemies. Titanfall 2, at least in my experience, does the opposite.


I'm waiting for this to be discounted as I'm only picking it up for the single player campaign, which I love the look of.


Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

I'm waiting for this to be discounted as I'm only picking it up for the single player campaign, which I love the look of.


A[quote name="MrSaxon" url="/community/t/156045/titanfall-2-go-get-you-some#post_4173304"]I'm waiting for this to be discounted as I'm only picking it up for the single player campaign, which I love the look of. 

It was $30 yesterday on Amazon. Not sure if it still is, but it will be that price again on Black Friday.

One more thing about the campaign I didn't touch on above: the writing is better than I expected. The actual story is pretty generic, but the relationship between the player character and his Titan is suprisingly well executed.

On the single player side - I'll agree that the story is fairly generic and that the AI isn't particularly complex. However, as Could mentions above, the interactions between your character and BT are really quite good and what elevates the campaign (at least for me) - is the movement system (aka the platforming sections of the game which I usually don't like in my FPS) as well as the set pieces. Outside of that - nothing in the campaign feels like "filler material" and you get plenty of variety in missions. Couple of standouts for me are clearly the construction level along the time-shifting level (which again, is typically a mechanic I'm not really fond of) - here, it just works.

On the multiplayer side - you folks are right, I didn't play the first one mostly since by the time I picked up an XBOX One - the game had pretty much run its course (as an aside, I'm just not much of a PC player) . Even with some activity on the servers at the time, back then the idea of a multiplayer only game was simply not something I would place on my "watch list". Having said that - I'm still quite enjoying the multiplayer in Titanfall 2. Sure, camping is a bit of a thing - but it isn't prevalent and neither is sniping (another peeve of mine) - and both of which can be countered. Pilot movement seems to be in a good place - but as with most things - this comes with more time invested in the game - finding the best routes and in my case, just getting better chaining wall runs. If I did have a complaint regarding the maps - it would be that things can be a bit of a cluster when there are more titans in play than pilots. Sure, I do have other nitpicks - but I suspect many of these will come with balance patches (range on some weapons seems a bit much for example). My understanding is that it also took a couple of passes on the first game to get everything quite "right". Finally, I do love the model that they're putting out where there simply isn't a season pass and additional maps / modes will simply be added free. Very unlike Call of Duty where the season pass costs just about as much as the base game. Sure Call of Duty may very well end up adding more maps and it has the Zombies thing going for it - but paying $60 for a base game and then being asked to pay and additional $50 for the season pass just seems a bit excessive in my book.

AGame is $29.96 at Amazon right now.
AThis game is the tits.

And not just any old pair, but like "Alexandra Daddario in True Detective" tits. Great SP and MP.

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