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The Theme/Amusement Park Thread
SPACESHIP EARTH, if nothing else, has decent air conditioning in it.  It's a great ride for getting out of the sun and sleeping to the soothing voice of Judy Dench (while listening to the Portuguese speaker in the car behind you).
I was crazy about Epcot when I was 9. When I was 19, I thought it was a snooze.
EPCOT for me is all about Test Track, Soarin' and the World Showcase. I can easily just walk the World Showcase for hours and simply enjoy the food and the entertainment (we caught Matsuriza many, many times this trip).
World Showcase is still an amazing area, and even with the IP infiltration of FROZEN and (soon) RATATOUILLE, it still retains the core of what it was supposed to be: a celebration of world culture.

Future World is a really unfortunate area right now; even though I'm a fan of almost everything there individually, thematic cohesion is going out the window, and will be totally broken when the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY coaster opens up in a few years; what GOTG has to do with Epcot (which, per the park's dedication plaque, is meant to be an ode to human achievement in science, culture, and enterprise) is a question Disney has yet to answer to my satisfaction.
If we can dream it, then we can do it.

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