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Final Fantasy XV

Originally Posted by ryoken View Post

... but I still think it's a bit too westernized


A[quote name="Jacob Singer" url="/community/t/156051/final-fantasy-xv/50#post_4188272"]

It's the main and most well known JRPG series; the equivalent would be a turn based Elder Scrolls VI with a cast of anime-ish characters and a melodramatic plot.
It's not bad, but it's quite the departure from the series norm, even more than FF XII.

Perhaps I'm somewhat in the minority here - but at the 15 or so hour mark, I'm actually liking the game less the more I play....

For some background, I'm one of those who started playing FF with part VII on the PS1 and have played every iteration since then with the exception of XIV since I don't tend to do the monthly subscription based type games (although I did play around with the free trial they had on PS4 some time ago and it just never clicked). Anyway, I'm also (it seems at least) that I'm in the minority where I actually rather liked XIII enough to play it multiple times and have the platinum trophy for it (although yes, XIII-2 sucked). I'm also super excited about the remake for XII coming later this month and will eagerly play that one yet again.

Back to XV -

Maybe I just don't get it or I'm playing it "wrong". The story and characters are fine and pretty much "as expected" for a FF game. That isn't my issue. My issues are more in the minute to minute gameplay loops. I'm at the point (around level 30) where the next step is to meet Iris to set sail and I've been spending the last couple of hours trying to clean up some side-quests before moving on. So what ends up happening is I take a look at my quest log - find the 'nearest one', warp to car (loading), warp to quest spot or nearest parking spot (more loading), ride my giant chicken to said side quest - and more often than not - look for whatever it is I'm supposed to find or kill in blue circle of "where's Waldo" by which point it's night-time and I can no longer fast travel other than back to my last resting spot (or it seems town if I try to get in the car), rest (more loading) - and start the loop over again. And, if fast traveling isn't an option and we end up having to drive to the nearest location - ugh. I can't think of a game recently where I've had the time I have in this game to make a snack, change a load of laundry, or clean the kitchen while the game auto pilots a car ride to the next destination. Yes, I know I can manually drive the car myself, but that is every bit as engaging as letting the game auto pilot for me. In summary, there's to much down time (loading screens or auto pilot), map traversal pretty much sucks, and the day-night cycle is waaaay to short (IMHO should be about three times as long as it is - or at the very least it shouldn't take me 3-4 game hours to travel less than 2 miles - either way, something is just off).

As for combat - I could like it but it has a set of issues for me as well -

  • Magic: Maybe it will come more into play later, but for now it just feels like more trouble than it is worth. Craft up to three spells to equip and then use but also impacts your team. And once you've used those three spells - re-craft them.
  • Libra - why in the hell is there not a way to cast Libra outside of wait mode?! Also, unless I'm not seeing it, I tend to remember Libra not only telling you what an enemy is strong or weak against, but what it can potentially drop as well. Drops don't appear to be listed in the game unless you happen to get one. Maybe it isn't as important in this game, but it certainly had been in prior ones from what I remember. On a related note, unless I've missed it - there doesn't seem to be  a beast log anywhere in the game that you can review later. Maybe that wasn't a thing in other games but it seems like I had better information going in with previous titles.
  • Frankly, the hardest enemy in the game thus far has been the camera. If you're in an area with trees or just a number of enemies at once, combat can become a bit of a CF in a real hurry where then the systems turn into more of a button mash while calling in the occasional technique.

Having said all of that - I DO actually like the game. I just don't love it based on the number of (in my opinion) rather serious short-comings. I'll certainly see the game through but unless the game finally "gels" later on and I realize that I have been approaching it all wrong - I don't see myself searching out hidden dungeons and worrying much about wrapping things up after the stroy is all said and done (my understanding is that you can go back and finish up side quests and what have you after the main game is over). I also tend to doubt that is is one I'll feel the need to revisit down the road.


I Redboxed this the last two weekends, and have made it to Chapter 4 or 5.  But I'm not sure if I'll be picking it up again.  I'm also not a huge fan of the quick day/night cycle.  And the combat it just way too nuts for me.  It's just a muddled mess of characters that I often lose where I'm even at, let alone able to tell what I'm even doing.  I thought I would eventually get the hang of it, but I find myself going through High Potions like they were water.  I just suck at the combat.  Also I haven't been fast traveling at all, earning that extra AP from long car drives.  So there has been a lot of down time.  And while I don't mind the Americana aesthetic, I'm kind of turned off by the characters and music.  At times I feel like I'm playing The CW's Final Fantasy.

AAt least there is no Gackt involved here.

That said, tonight, on my very birthday, I finally got my first game over,thanks to agreeing to Prompto's suggestion of stopping during a drive and taking a group picture, which resulted in our group being ambushed by some beasts, only for things to get worse as an Imperial transport popped up mid-fight and dropped an assload of troopers, one of which got a lucky hit and killed me while down.
So yeah, I hope the picture was worth it, Prompto.*

*Also considering doing an intervention for Prompto, since for all his crush in Cindy the mechanic/cowboy stripper, he keeps taking pictures of Gladio and his glowing six pack.

I just watched this week's Jimquisition and I'm really impressed by Square Enix! Their commitment to fixing and improving this game - for free - long after the game's launch should set an example to other game companies. (Of course, I also do agree with Sterling about the possible downside to this, but I remain optimistic about the positive aspects).

AI'm liking this. Certainly more fun than XIII. I'll probably finish it!

I'm really taking my time, doing every dumb quest that pops up. Makes it feel like way more of a road trip simulator than a fantasy adventure. It's nothing special, but it's nice to have a game I'm getting addicted to.

I've been watching my roommate play this. It looks amazing and seems like a lot of fun. That creepy stealth part where you gotta sneak past

the Behemoth

 man, people should be talking about that. That shit was amazing.

ADecided to give this a whirl because why not?


Look, i know i havent been thr most "positive" about XV. I didnt think it was the direction that FF should take when it was first shown; still dont now.

But maaaaaan....i did not expect to outright start hating this. My experience with XV so far has been (at best) frustrati ng and, at worst, makes me want to drop this entirely and go play a better game. And what makes this worse is all the bullshit promises made by squareenix--and people ate it the fuck up.

The story is, a couple hours in so far, pretty lame. Never mind the fact that its just another jrpg, no matter how much it tries to convinve you otberwise, but theres no context for any thjng that happens in this game. I mean, i knew going in i
that apparently watching Kingslaive was essential to understanding some of whats going on--i didnt think it was that bad. XV throws so many concepts and characters your way with little to no explanation, because i guess i was supposed to waste my time with that shitty movie. And maybe none of that would matter if i cared at all about the main protagonists, but thatd be too much to ask for this game. Noctis and his merry band of meat-shields are so bland and are cardboard cut-outs of better anime characters. This whole bro-ing out shit only works when you have compelling characters (nope) or decent writing. And man, watching these guys banter with each other makes me want to fucking die.

That car. That stupid fucking car. Hey! Want to know why a car hasnt ever been a main game mechanic in an FF game before? Because itd be fucking boring, which XV proves thoroughly. Its such a half-assed feature of the game that i dont even know why they tried.

Sigh. Ill keep playing for a little bit longer, but man--fuck this game.

But do the chocobos have large Talons?


Looks like Tabata's team is actually going to substantially alter/replace a sizeable portion of Chapter 13, due to fan feedback, and make it even more dynamic and interesting:


The story's closing arc, and in particular Chapter 13 (of 15), is being reworked as part of a free update, endorsing reviewer and player suggestions that extra polish was needed; the update will also provide the opportunity to play a small part of the Chapter as secondary character Gladiolus.

That ties in nicely to the same-day March 28 release of Episode: Gladiolus, whose focus is on the Gladiolus-character anyway.

Such readiness to respond to public feedback (or, at least, the appearance of readiness) is not necessarily just a marketing tool; it can be integrated into the development process.

This is specifically something that Jim Sterling mentioned that he would love to see done in (IIRC) his review-video, and it's great that Square Enix are continuing to improve and build upon the game well after release. The current "Moogle/Chocobo Carnival" in Altissia has been a (filthy, profane at times) blast so far.

Biggest downside of the carnival, though, is that freak in Kenny the Crow costume. He wants you to eat, drink, be merry, and not question total strangers literally forcing strange liquids down your throat. They talk shit about him in the main game, too, during random times when around the restaurants.


AKinda lame that Sterling bitches about AAA gaming yet has no problem with a company releasing an unfinished game.

Square Enix posted this for April Fool's yesterday:

Kenny and I have been waitin' for ya.

Would be awesome to see who he pesters all throughout Eos. Seriously, I wish this were a thing. His trolling was epic.


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