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Comedy Other Than Norm Fucking MacDonald
AHe's playing at the Greek Theatre in L.A. this summer. That's a massive outdoor concert venue, probably the worst place to see a puppet act.

"Yeah, we bought tickets to watch Jeff Dunham on the two Jumbotrons on either side of the stage! I can't wait."

Checked out the first of the new Chappelle specials. I laughed a lot, but that thing where he laughs at his own joke and slaps his knee with the mike irritates the shit out of me.

AYeah, it's one of those things that I see feature acts do and think, "This is why you aren't headlining."

Originally Posted by Mangy View Post

Checked out the first of the new Chappelle specials. I laughed a lot, but that thing where he laughs at his own joke and slaps his knee with the mike irritates the shit out of me.

Yeah, it was charming once but feels particularly amateurish now that so much of his act revolves around framing himself as a consummate, seasoned writer/performer.


I don't know. Chris Rock hasn't stopped laughing at his own jokes, and I still find it pretty charming.

I might have been born yesterday sir, but I stayed up all night!

With Chappelle, I feel it's less "laughing at one's own joke" and more "adding 'oomph' to a punchline he knows is weak."

I preferred Rock's special to "Equanimity" (haven't seen the second) ... I'd rather see Rock deliver polished material he's worked on for years (even if I wasn't crazy about some of it) then see Chappelle spend 10 minutes try to justify shit he said during his last special.

They're both masters, but Chappelle's Buffed-Up Ego Monster phase is frustrating to watch.


Originally Posted by Call Me Roy View Post

Yeah, just watched Todd Barry Spicy Honey and that was pretty great.

The “emergency text” was great. The crowd work with the front row and the woman with her 3 picky foods great too. He is never not good.

Started Oswalts Annihilation then had to go to work, the first 20 minutes was boss.

Watched Annihilation last night and really loved it. My favorite Patton set since Feelin' Kinda Patton.


I went to an event for the release of Michelle McNamara's book on the Golden State Killer, I'll Be Gone In The Dark. Patton Oswalt's been taking point for a lot of the promotional tour around the book, and he was pretty clear that while he believes in the book, it's been miserable for him. As he said, "It's like having a clown replace a crimefighter." That being said, the event was very meaningful, moving, and occasionally very funny - he even did his "nerd voice." As I stated earlier in this thread, Michelle McNamara was one of my favorite writers and I was crushed by her death - so to be in a room with a bunch of other people who felt the same way was meaningful.

If you have a chance to see Oswalt while on tour for it, do.

home taping is killing music
I like them both for different reasons but Bo is more my generations

Best First Date Tips For Guys
Owen Benjamin's new comedy special is hilarious.
How is the new Gervais special on Netflix? Only a casual fan at best but will probably check it out if it's good.
It's Gervais. The Jenner transphobia stuff isn't as egregious as I'd heard, but it's not particularly insightful or anything either. It picks up in the second half.

Between Chappelle and Gervais, it seems some comics just find transgender issues hilarious.

(03-07-2018, 06:59 PM)bradito Wrote: Owen Benjamin's new comedy special is hilarious.

Looks like Twitter has decided to stifle this comedian's brave voice:

[Image: DaBtIjaW0AAZkwZ.jpg]

[Image: DaBtI2nWkAIen3W.jpg]

Look who needs sponsors now.

Hey Owen: Fuck you, buddy!
That guy really cares about pubes.

(12-28-2017, 11:06 AM)Curiosity Cosby Wrote: I'm not sure if there isn't a better thread for this, but it does qualify as non-Norm-Macdonald comedy. So I just found out that the video side of has been scrapped, as of earlier this month. I hadn't noticed any new videos from the handful of series I regularly watch there, and found out that they'd recently fired 19 staff members, including the entire video staff. Apparently, Jack O'Brien, who's been editor-in-chief since the site began, left in June, followed by video and article mainstays Soren Bowie and Michael Swaim in October, then the rest of the video team a couple weeks ago. All since the site was sold to E.W. Scripps last year, which I'm sure is completely unrelated to the sudden turnover and radical restructuring.

It's a damn shame and pretty shocking, given how popular I thought their video material was. I discovered Cracked about 10 years ago via the articles, but the videos are what kept me checking in. (There's only so many times you can read variations on "8 Ways the Flower Delivery Business Is a Scam" or the like.) They provided some personality that the articles, most of which seemed to keep to a pretty consistent editorial voice, often lacked. I've regularly watched at least some video material there since Swaim's "Cracked T.V." back around 2008; lately it's been "After Hours," Dan O'Brien's "Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder," and Cody Johnston's recent (and short-lived, as it turned out), blistering commentary on current events, "Some News," as well as lots of random one-off videos. I'll try to follow some of them wherever they turn up when they get back on their feet, but it won't be the same as having them all under one roof, in the series and formats I've come to know and love.

R.I.P. Cracked video

Cody Johnston recently restarted Some News "More News" on his YouTube channel. Only two episodes so far, but just as blistering as before. I'll definitely be checking back in for more installments. And here's to hoping more Cracked orphans get back on their feet in one form/format or another.
Originally posted by Schwartz on Cool as Ice ("When a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. Just add Ice."):
"It's not just a mixed metaphor, or that the stone is one that is melting...but the ice is actually making it melt. (kisses fingers) Magnifique."
(04-05-2018, 03:34 PM)jacob singer Wrote: That guy really cares about pubes.

Missing the point as usual, Singer.  The point is this guy whose best material involves telling people that spending 4 years studying for advanced degrees is a "gay" waste of time worked tirelessly for almost 6 months to build up his online profile, and now he can't even cash in on it.

It's an American Travesty.

Less than 2 days later:

"please give me money im helpless"

On the bright side, he finally made me laugh.
The Owen Benjamin meltdown has been a subject of great interest for me. He used to do drop-ins all the time at the Melrose Improv and would kill. I even drove out to the Inland Empire to see him headline. But that was five or six years ago.


I know he caught some flack for tweeting something dumb about Beyonce a while back, but I chalked that up to a dumb white guy being dumb.

I'm not sure when he turned into an alt-right alt-comic. But it's always fun to see one of these mutants suffer the consequences.
Perfectly normal behavior for when you bomb.
Comedy Store founder Mitzi Shore has died at the age of 87. A fascinating individual.
(04-05-2018, 11:38 PM)bradito Wrote: Perfectly normal behavior for when you bomb.
I'd love to see him tour with TJ Miller, just to make it easier to shun them both.

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