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D.T. FINALLY Gets a Fucking Playstation 4

The PS4 Slim bundles (500 GB) are on sale for $250, everywhere. The Pro looks nice, but I don't have a 4k TV, have no plans on getting one any time soon, and $250 is too nice to pass up. With Horizon: Zero Dawn on the... horizon... and years of curiosity over PS4 exclusives, I think it's time. So I ask you, Chewers, these questions three:

1.) Which bundle? Uncharted 4 seems to be the unanimous choice elsewhere, but is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare even fun? I haven't played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, so I'm totally out of touch and I gave up once everyone starting using dual shotguns. And I've never played an Uncharted game, because I haven't had a Playstation since literally the first Playstation. Can I jump in without missing much?

2.) Which exclusives should I look at? Which games in general should I look at that are better on PS4 than XBox? I've always wanted to try the inFAMOUS series, so Second Son is probably what I go after first (and it's cheap as hell now).

3.) What's everyone here playing on a regular basis? I know there's more than a handful of you gaming on PS4s, and I want in.

This is finally going to happen. For real. Thank you all for your patience, and support.

AOoh, I might pull the trigger, too.

Let's do it together!


There's a CHUD crew playing Overwatch on the regular. It's by no means exclusive to PS4 but it's a really good team-based FPS with colorful Blizzard character design. I bought it last summer and haven't felt the need to purchase anything since.

Uncharted is fun, but not exactly a game you play through twice.

Bloodborne is good if you like unnervingly-difficult hack-n-slash games.

If you end up on PSN my handle is K1NG_AM0S with a 1 and 0

A[quote name="D.T." url="/community/t/159100/d-t-finally-gets-a-fucking-playstation-4#post_4232064"]Let's do it together!

Let me do my taxes and get my sweet, delicious refund first.

think my ID is dalynmcd.  I don't play many online games with the exception of Destiny, but send me an invite anyways.  I accept any and all requests. So yeah, send me an invite.  Like, for real.  Please!  I have no friends!!!

AWait and get the Scorpio Wink

Originally Posted by Dalyn View Post

think my ID is dalynmcd.  I don't play many online games with the exception of Destiny, but send me an invite anyways.  I accept any and all requests. So yeah, send me an invite.  Like, for real.  Please!  I have no friends!!!

...I'll think about it.

ADoes it come with A/V plugs for an analog TV?

Asking for a friend.

Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

...I'll think about it.

Okay, man.  That's cool., know...keep me in mind.


About time D.T.!  You won't regret it!


What's the story with the touchpad on the controller? Please tell me I can use it to do stuff like organize inventories in games.


It's primarily used as a faster way to select characters in the typing window.

Otherwise it's mostly just a big button.


Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

Does it come with A/V plugs for an analog TV?

Asking for a friend.

Sorry mate, I think the PS3 was the last one to do that. It's HDMI out only for PS4. If you have an HDMI computer monitor around, that would work.

It might be time to join the 2000s and get into the HD game.

AFuck everything.

Just remember you can get a Playstation Plus subscription for a year online cheaper than what Sony will charge you for it on the console.

You pretty much need Playstation Plus for any online games, but they do give away freebie games every month.

Little Big Planet 3 is free this month.


I'm Rottenrocker on PSN if you want to add me. Amazingly enough there's a few people on PSN with Fett in the name. Bastards!

AI'll believe it when I get a friend request. I've been hurt for too long.

Also, Infinite Warfare sucks balls. Black Ops III was worth it. Overwatch is where it's at currently.
A[Image: 400]

ANiiiiice. Uncharted 4 was an excellent choice. I don't do much online gaming either, but I'm neil spurn.

In addition to Uncharted 4, I would recommend the following exclusives:

- Ratchet and Clank

- Last of Us Remastered (if you didn't play it on PS3)

- Bloodborne

- Until Dawn

Those should all be under $20 by this point, and offer a lot of solid gaming. I am also really digging Nioh right now, but your enjoyment of that (and Bloodborne) will probably depend on whether or not you enjoy Dark Souls type games. Nioh feels a bit more accessible, if only because it offers tons of loot drops and a faster combat system.

I also think the Last Guardian is worth a play, but maybe just rent it. It definitely isn't for everyone, but I loved my time with it - even if it does feel like a relic from a different era of gaming.


Picked up a PS4 of my own a little while back.  First system I've owned since the GameCube.  Picking Overwatch up in the near future.

MerkTheChavsBruv   if y'all want to add.


AWhat's a, uh, good TV to get for a PS4?

Asking for a friend.
AWhile older, Shadow of Mordor is pretty damned good too.
ADT, why did you go for the PS4 as opposed to the Xbox? I'm mulling a similar decision, but am torn between this and the Xbox...and the Nvidia Shield if truth be told.
AI believe DT already owns an XBONE but nobody he knows is playing on that. Hence the move.

I kind of want to get a PS4 myself for RDR2 but first I'm saving that money for a GTX 1060 and a bigger power supply.

AAh, thanks. I've got a PS3 and have been a PS owner throughout its interations. The backwards compatibility of the Xbox appeals, as does the PC to living room streaming capabilities of the Shield.
AI guilt tripped him into the PS4.

Then he repays me by denigrating my hockey team.

Also why is your kitchen table in the middle of your living room?
ADude, it's the Avalanche! There's the worst teams in the NHL, then the Arizona Coyotes, then there's the Avs. I love me some Roy though, and I was bummed when he resigned as coach.

As for the table, it's actually just a really nice-looking coffee table I picked up a few years back. Looks weird because my phone camera decided to wide lens effect for some reason.

They weren't always like this!


I know, man... at least you guys have hoisted the Lord Stanley a couple times. All Arizona has is that one time we made it to the conference finals, and people in Arizona pretended to be fans for a little while.


If they'd have invested in a back-up for The Wall maybe he'd have been able to play some second season like he played the regular.


The Coyotes don't have a great track record with goalies. Right now we're saddled with Mike Smith, who's a decent enough starter when there's some defense helping him out, and this week he tied Khabi's franchise record for shut-outs, but he's not a $5 million a season goalie. We keep seeing back-ups for Smith be traded or go into free agency, and become awesome. Dubnyk is absolutely killing it for the wild, and we let him go because we can't afford anyone but Smitty. Shit, even Greiss just landed a sweet deal with the Islanders.

Ownership, management and coaching for our team is piss-poor. And now we're about to be homeless.

Anyway! On top of Uncharted 4 (which came with the PS4), I also picked up inFAMOUS Second Son, Star Wars Battlefront and No Man's Sky all for dirt cheap. I've always wanted to play the inFAMOUS games so that one will be fun. Battlefront I know will be fun short-term and I'll eventually never want to play it again, and No Man's Sky I've honestly just been morbidly curious about since everything fell apart. I didn't buy it new, so I don't feel guilty about giving those schlocksters any money.


I find it shocking how many times you misspelled Overwatch.


I had Overwatch for XBox One. I, uh...

...I didn't like it. I traded it in.


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