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Does Your Female Hate Your Gamming Habbits Too??

AMy female hates my spelling errors ALMOST as much as when I refer to her as "my female."

I greatly enjoy the habbits trilogy

AIf u haz a femail, y u gamming in teh 1st place?
AMy girlfriend hates hamming. I don't know if it is at all related. But I like ham,

Yeah, she complains about my gamming  Especially when I get her in the e....wait, what are we talking about?

AI feel as if we're perilously close to a Village of the Damned situation where a generation of children will have come about because their mothers were artificially inseminated by a YouTube comments section.

"Your Female"




Originally Posted by Codename View Post

"Your Female"




Naaaaah.  Low hanging fruit.


* Waits patiently for Boone Daniels' post *



Sheesh. I'm gone for a few days and this is what I come back to find?

AMy female what?

Like, my cat?
Athis is what happens when you're gone!!!

I hope you learned your lesson!!!

Never leave us again Jacob!

My designated female unit loves my gumming habit...which is when I'm role-playing the dead gypsy from Drag Me to Hell.


This is... weird.

My wife in fact hates my gaming habit, but only because my monopolization of the television and game console takes away from her own gaming habit. Particularly with the release of ME: Andromeda.


I think a thread about reconciling different hobbies and interests in a relationship could have SOME merit.

But that fucking title...

-vomits again-

And I'm not watching some fucking red pill trash Youtube video. Fuck that.

AMy high school buddies used to go "gamming" on weekends, ie. drink heinous tasting stuff called "gamma" and pass out. Usually it also involved shitting your pants. So yes, I assume most of my female acquintances would hate my gamming habbits if I'd still be doing it.

Oh, yeah
Well, alright
We're gammin'
Sing it, I want to gam it with you
We're gammin', we're gammin'
And I hope you like gammin' too
Ain't no rules, ain't no vow
You can do it anyhow
'Cause I and I will see you through
But every day we pay the price
Come a little sacrifice
Gammin' till the gam is through...


I actually watched the video.

I miss the days before Youtube, when everyone didn't think they were capable of writing, acting and performing comedy, and when abusive relationships weren't considered fair game for making a "funny" Nintendo video.


If they didn't spend all their time Gamming and breaking controllers, they could maybe afford a better console for their female to break. Whoops spoilers. Also, she broke it because she wanted food. WTF?

AMonty Python's Flying Circus had a recurring series of sketches involving the "Gumby" characters, addle-brained, hunch-backed men in silly hats who bellowed every word and generally behaved like world-class idiots attempting to pass as normal people. This is increasingly what YouTube "comedy" seems to be resembling, the only difference being that the "Gumby" sketches were actually funny.

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