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Large Criterion Blu-ray Sale
ASo if this is inappropriate, it can be removed, but I have a bunch of Criterion blus up on ebay for $15 a pop, and I will be adding some more later. I will also be adding a few other odds and ends and a couple Criterion box sets (including the Jacques Demy complete collection and Del Toro trilogy). Here is a link to my seller page:
Ammm that criterion edition of LEGO Simpson house is steeeeep!

(beautiful collection!)
A[quote name="mcnooj82" url="/community/t/159256/large-criterion-blu-ray-sale#post_4264533"]mmm that criterion edition of LEGO Simpson house is steeeeep!

(beautiful collection!)[/quote]

Haha that went up a few weeks ago and has yet to sell. But anyone is welcome to buy that of the Lego Kwik-E-Mart I have for sale, too.
AUpdate: I added another 25 items, or so. Mostly Criterions, but there are a couple other items mixed in.

How've your items been selling?

AActually quite well! I have only 4 of the 80 or so movies I originally listed left to sell.



Criterion flash sale - everything 50% off for the next 24 hours (starting at 12:30 PM EST on Tue, 2/13)


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