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"Judge Dredd: Mega-City One" TV Show In Development
A[quote name="Amos Orange" url="/community/t/159338/judge-dredd-mega-city-one-tv-show-in-development/30#post_4337785"]is punching through a dude's head tv-14 friendly?

I'm just worried that a network show would try to make the Dredd universe "sexier".
Did you watch Hannibal? If they can do some of the Hellraiser/Saw type shit that they did on that show then yeah...I don't see why they couldn't show someone punching through someone's head..

I'll admit it's been a good long time since I followed a network tv show...


Only if it's Judge Fear

Speaking of which, this t-shirt is winging it's way across the seas to me at the moment

Also, because it was going to be a little late (but still within the 3 week time order) they offered me some free back issues of progs.  The 40th anniversary edition never made it to NZ and I chanced my arm to see if they would send me one, and they have.  Free.  For the t-shirt not even being out of the stated date range.  Awesome customer service Smile

Dark Judges can wait for me.  I want to see PJ Maybe.  That's a story line that would work gangbusters in a TV format and could last through seasons (he went 30 years in the comic)

ARe Amos:
If you haven't seen that need to get on that (unless that sort of thing's not your cup of tea). It's incredible. Just throwing that out there..

Most of the severe gore in Hannibal was focused on the aftermath, bodies in a state of post-murderization. So, for network standards, someone could find a dude's empty head, then they can go "Boy, looks like he just gazed into the fist of Dredd!".

I echo the recommendation for Hannibal. While it was on, it had me gripped like Game of Thrones.


Same. Hannibal ended up being completely amazing.


Originally Posted by Andy Bain View Post

Dark Judges can wait for me.  I want to see PJ Maybe.  That's a story line that would work gangbusters in a TV format and could last through seasons (he went 30 years in the comic)

If they got the right actor, he would be fantastic.  Those PJ Maybe arcs over the past several years have been great. He always stays fresh.  Don't forget his Swedish sex-bot, Inga...


If you've not seen this, pleez do. Very nicely done, possibly best 2000AD character adaptation.

AAlso....anyone who has not seen Hardware should do that as well..
A[quote name="Andy Bain" url="/community/t/159338/judge-dredd-mega-city-one-tv-show-in-development#post_4338627"][IMG ALT=""][/IMG][/quote]

Bet he will change his tune once he founds out what happens to President Booth.

Related Judge Dredd personal story: In all my life, Ive only been stopped and forced to open my carry on luggage ONCE by the TSA.
It was on a flight back to Chile from the US, and the reason they gave me was that there was a suspicious looking item in my luggage.
The item?
A TPB of Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files.
The look of puzzlement and disgust the TSA guy gave me as he flipped through the book will forever remain in my head.

Because NZ is 8 weeks behind the UK I'm just now reading the "Sons of Booth" story line.  The leader is so clearly based on Trump (in terms of looks and body type), but is bald.  First panel you see him in though there's a classic Trump wig.

Love it.


I think Wagner started the Booth storyline back when Bush was president.  Unbelievable.


I used to collect Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files but stopped as they're drokkin expensive here in US.

I get 2000AD, but the distributors put a month's worth of Progs in a plastic bag that I get pulled

for me by my comic shop, as you say, usually a couple months behind.


Judge Dredd: Mega-City One TV Show Concept Art Released


The first look at the upcoming Dredd TV series has arrived in the form of concept art.


The first photo, titled "Democracy March," sees the streets of Mega-City One packed with citizens who appear to be in protest. In the background, the epic skyline can be seen. The title may be alluding to the events of the the Judge Dredd comic's America story, which dealt with heavy themes and serves as one of the most-beloved and important arcs in the titular character's history.


The second photo, titled "Lowlife Arrival," goes underground at Mega-City One. Judge Dredd's Low Life comic arc was centered around Judges operating in Mega-City One's lowest locations, with the photo possibly teasing their arrival in this particular location in the form of men rolling in with bright headlights.

This show is going to be awesome.

AI only read a few Dredd comics when I was younger. My local library is stacked with them so I'm going to dive back in.

What would you guys recommend? Thanks

America. It's one of the classic Dredd stories, as is Democracy.

The Dark Judges stories can be fun if you don't mind things being blatantly supernatural, with the original having one of the best panesl of all time. I especially have a soft spot for the story where Judge Death is carrying out his usual acts of terror against the people of Mega City One while being a dutifully polite lodger at the house of a sweet old lady in dire need of glasses, it's very much that perfect mix of horror and absurdity that 2000 AD does so well.

A fun thing about Dredd is that every crossover is considered canon - poor old Joe has had to deal with shit from Batman, Aliens, and a Predator, making Mega City One officially the worst place on infinite Earths.

AReadily available and reasonably self contained

Definately go with America

Trifekta is great as well because it covers Dredd, the Wally Squad (undercover judges) and the Simping Detective

Tour of Duty and The Day of Chaos

Or just go nuts with Complete Case files. You start to getthe long arcs happening in number 5
AYeah, that's one of the great thing about Dredd - no retcons. He's been getting older and the mega-city's been changing as the series has progressed. You can really jump in anywhere and you'll be able to either go back or ahead a little bit. The only thing I would say - stick with John Wagner's stuff. As much as I love him, Garth Ennis didn't do a great job on Dredd, or Millar etc. The only real outsider who's done a good job has been Alan Moore (and Dan Abnett, lately).
AYeah Wagner and Alan Grant FTW

Agree on Abnett as well. On the non Dredd side Sinister Dexter is a work of genius.

And if you did want to look at a genuinely good re-imagining I was shocked at how good the IDW stuff is.

City Limits 1 & 2, Mega city Two and Mega City Zero and Dredd Year One are all good.

All in Trade Paperback now too.

And theres so much great other stuff going on in 2000AD too in general at the moment. Glorious time.
AYeah, the IDW stuff is wonderful - my favourite is when Dredd does a tour in Mega City Two (L.A.). It's a great love letter to Dredd, but works just fine on its own.

I forgot to mention Robbie Morrison, whose Dredd work has grown on me over time. I think he may be getting groomed for when Wagner (noooooooo!) pulls the plug.

Aside from Dredd, the 2000AD stuff I love is Slaine from the great Pat Mills (I kinda get the feeling George R. R. Martin was reading Slaine back in the 80s) and of course Rogue Trooper.

They talk about the new mini-series in the THR

'Judge Dredd' Goes 'Under Siege' In New Comic Book Series


“The bulk of the story takes place in Patrick Swayze Block, on the outskirts of Mega-City One which, like many of our own tenements and housing projects, was built with the dream of providing decent low-cost housing, but without the political will to sustain it, descended into the realm of living nightmare for its residents,” he revealed. “The urban planning aspect of Mega-City One has always fascinated me and it was definitely something I wanted to explore in this series. Also, the changing moods of society in terms of what should and shouldn't be illegal. In my version of Mega City-One, the sport of football has been criminalized, but it's perfectly legal to sell your organs on the open market. In fact, there's a Kidney Hut in every mall and poor neighborhood.”
Comic Writer Rob Williams Has Completed 'Judge Dredd' Pilot Script

The city of the future is moving ever closer.

As revealed by 2000 AD and Judge Dredd owners Rebellion at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday afternoon, preparation for the television series Judge Dredd: Mega-City One is progressing apace, with the news that the pilot script and plot for the show’s first two years have been completed — and a name familiar to Dredd fans is attached to both.

Rob Williams, who has written the character for 2000 AD for years — including working on such important stories as “Trifecta,” “Titan” and the “Enceladus” cycle — is the creative lead for the pilot for the show, which focuses on the authoritarian police force in the overcrowded giant city that encompasses the majority of the East Coast of the United States. He also worked with a group of writers on the plot for the show’s first couple of seasons. Despite the title, Dredd will not be the sole focus on the show, which will instead be an ensemble drama.

Judge Dredd: Mega-City One was announced in May 2017, created in partnership between IM Global Television — headed up by former Syfy executive Mark Stern, who developed Battlestar Galactica and Defiance for the network — and Rebellion Productions, a newly created division of the company that owns the Dredd property. Rebellion creative director and CEO Jason Kingsley will act as executive producer on the show, with Brian Jenkins as series producer.



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