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VOLTRON: Legendary Defender on Netflix
AAnyone else watching the shit out of this? It's basically the same show but with richer writing and a greatly expanded universe. It's everything a reboot should be.
AI watched the first season and enjoyed it

but I really miss the music from the original series (both Japanese and American versions) as well as voltron's LUSCIOUS LIPS!!!
AI'd recommend jumping back in. The first season was about getting the familiar elements out of the way (have some lions, go fight a ro-beast) but in the second they really start to remix things and the third has brand new ideas that still manage to fit into the frame of the narrative.

Itty bitty babymen.
AOh yeah, I forgot we don't discuss anything that's not on Bart's syllabus.

How about some Gigantor up in this beast?

AUh, sure? There are obvious if superficial parallels.

Eh, I'm just being obnoxious. I leave you to your show discussion!

A*Deletes highly incendiary post*

Finished Season 3 and this show keeps getting better and better with the action and characterization. Loved the hell out of the Voltron origin episode.

Thankfully Season 4 comes out in October and Netflix has made a 78 episode commitment. Which is great news indeed for a great animated show.


The weak link in Seasons 1 and 2 was the villains, which thankfully they remedied very well in Season 3.  Pitting an outwardly 'progressive' Lotor against the 'symbol of hope' Voltron is an interesting conflict, and they opened up tons of possibilities for new villains as well.  I wonder if the Quintessence itself might not be the ultimate big bad, given the flashback to end the season.


but do voltron's lips come back?

AFinished Season 4 in a day. Voltron...kind of has a mouth, but it doesn’t matter.

One of the more fascinating things about the show is that Voltron itself almost doesn’t matter. He’s a symbol demanded by the galaxy, but everyone has better things to be doing than running around in a giant robot. He’s very much an Atomic weapon stand-in.

The gender-flip/new story of Pidge is amazing. Lots of clever callbacks to the 80s. The pinning of Voltron to a resistance/empire storyline seems like a recipie for success. All we need now is that (SPOILER) Anti-V that Lotor has clearly been building.
Finished the final season today and goddamn what a great ending for this show. A phenomenal reboot that outclassed the original in every way.
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
Glad to hear that they stick the landing. The show's been excellent throughout it's run but I'm only about halfway through the season.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

It’s really, really good. Like Fett said, in this age of reboots having a worthy successor is a valuable thing. What a classy, modern spin on a fun show. Recommending it to everyone.
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I thought the ending was satisfactory.

That may seem like a back-handed compliment, but this series was so good for so long, that this ending had a hard time to make itself stand out.

In other words, here's a sci-fi (/fantasy) series that's leagues ahead of everything else, so go watch it.
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