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Roman Polanski is in trouble again

Uh oh.

 Roman Polanski "sexually victimized" a 16-year-old when she was in high school ... so says that woman in new allegations. 

The woman, who would only identify herself as Robin, was joined by attorney Gloria Allred at a news conference Tuesday ... becoming the third woman to come forward with similar allegations against the 83-year-old director.

Robin -- who also wouldn't say how she knew Polanski -- said she told a friend the next day about what happened and refused to tell her father because she was afraid he might do something that would send him to prison for the rest of his life. Allred said Robin did not go to law enforcement at the time but did so this year.

Robin said she's not over the sexual assault after all these years ... unlike Polanski's first victim, Samantha Geimer, who supports Polanski's full freedom.

Allred said they will not file a civil lawsuit against Polanski and will explore their next step.

As we've reported ... Polanski had sex with Geimer when she was 13 in 1977 ... but she's since said what's happening to Polanski is outrageous because if she's over it ... everyone else should be, too.

Charlotte Lewis came forward in 2010 alleging Polanski forced himself on her in 1982 when she was 16. Allred repped her at the time but Polanski wasn't charged. Allred declined to answer whether she still reps Lewis.

Polanski's attorney, Harland Braun, tells TMZ ... "I don’t know what this new case is designed to do. What is it? Is Gloria (Allred) trying to influence Judge Gordon? We don’t know how credible this (alleged new victim) is. She hasn’t been vetted. No police report filed."

Polanski should learn how to keep it in his pants.

ABut I'm SURE it was a long time ago...

As all the filmmakers in Hollywood would say. I mean Jesus, what the fuck, Roman.
AYikes. Guess some don't ever learn.

If he did it once, it's very likely he's done it other times as well.

But if they're serious they need to file a police report (if they can).


"Allred repped her at the time but Polanski wasn't charged."

Out of all the words in the article to abbreviate, TMZ chooses "represented".


This will probaly have no effect on Polanskis standing in Hollywood.

All the big name actors will still be standing in line to be in his films.<img src=" src="" />


Not again!


 Langer says she met Polanski when she was working for a modeling agency in Munich in high school. He said that he was interested in casting her in a movie, so she visited him at home with the permission of her parents. He allegedly raped her there, though Langer says she tried to defend herself, and she left the next morning “full of shame and confusion.” He later did offer her a role in his movie Che? (or What?), and after he apologized for what happened and promised to “treat her professionally,” she accepted it. During filming, she says he didn’t make any sexual advances, but one night he visited he house she had been sharing with others and raped her again despite being hit with a wine bottle.

Is this the 3rd or 4th underage rape for Polanksi?


Yes, but we've forgiven him already, Randolph, because he's such a great filmmaker.


Its weird that nobody ever defends Victor Salva.

Poor guy.:p

Originally Posted by Randolph Carter View Post

Its weird that nobody ever defends Victor Salva.

Yes.  Truly weird.



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