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Lets make Anime great again!

Black Clover is a lot like Naruto, but incorporates a lot more humor in a fantasy magical world setting. Also Asta screams a lot for the first 5 episodes. If you can make it past that, it gets really good.


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Can't believe it's been a month since anyone posted in this thread, so....fuck it.

Devilman: Crybaby

This one has been making the rounds on the internet (probably because it's not another anime cgi-fest) with some blogs and vloggers calling this a minor masterpiece. I'm not exactly there, and I'd go as far to say that it suffers from what a lot of modern anime seems to nowadays: not getting enough time to develop its story. It's a 10 episode anime that tries to cover the entirety of the Devilman manga, and as a result feels sort of sloppy. I do think the first half is pretty great, though. The art might not gel with some of you, but I like how chaotic the artstyle is.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: I'm still making my way through the series. I'm at the final act of the series. Basically the moment where Neon Genesis Evangelion becomes Neon Genesis Evangelion as it starts diving right into what makes these characters ticks. I think a second viewing has done wonders for it. I'm not going to stand here and preach that Evangelion is the greatest anime ever made. Nah, it isn't, and I still have some hang-ups about it. But I do have a better appreciation for the type of story NGE wanted to tell. And yeah, I don't hate Shinji (or Asuka) anymore.

I just watched all of this and loved it.

First thing to say is I was shocked. This thing accelerates into all sorts of crazy violence and sex by the end of the first episode. I really didn't know what I was in for.

But it's also got this weird humour and a lot of very human characters. Without those I would have found it too nihilistic to watch.

I got that it was adapted from something more fleshed out. There would be these demons with strange powers and I got the sense they would be explained in more detail in the manga. However I didn't mind because it made the world feel so detailed and imaginative.

Probably the best anime I've seen in years.

A[quote name="Hammerhead" url="/community/t/159598/lets-make-anime-great-again/250#post_4459827"]I only came to the original versions of the Robotech shows much later on. They're fun to compare-- there's more subtlety to the characterizations in Japanese, but I prefer the American music score.[/quote]
[quote name="commodorejohn" url="/community/t/159598/lets-make-anime-great-again/250#post_4459831"]Yeah, you'd think they could come up with something with a little more pep for the opening theme than the "matador entrance theme" version of "The Final Countdown." But I suppose shoulders-of-giants, yadda yadda.[/quote]
As it turns out, "Danger Zone" syncs up pretty nicely.

Anyway, someone had already mentioned Girls' Last Tour earlier in the thread, and I wound up binging through the manga the other day. What a beautiful little series; I'm definitely going to have to sit down with the anime as well. The punchline on the sequence at the art gallery just about wrecked me.
AIf you like Devilman, go watch The Tatami Galaxy. Same director and its one of the rare anime thays actually about college students.

Kokkoku might be the only anime I watch due to how damn great its op is..


The show itself, I'm still on the fence about. The OP makes the anime seem like it's an extremely stylistic and fastpace show while the anime itself is decidedly....not that. Rather, Kokkoku is more a slow-burn thriller that takes pages from Lost by front loading a bunch of mystery and intrigue during its first few episodes and slowly taking its time answering them. Basically, a Japanese family inexplicably have the ability to stop time...which would be great if it weren't for the fact that there are murderous cult members after them. Also, their's a tree monster that appears randomly and squishes heads. Oh, and people have giant jellyfish-like spirit thingies that allow them to move while time is stopped.

It's weird.

I appreciate that it dives right in to the craziness, but so far, I'm not exactly convinced that Kokkoku will be able to make all this work. BUT MAN THAT OP IS MY FUCKING JAM!!

Violet Evergarden might be the most gorgeous thing you'll see all year. Netflix has exclusive streaming rights to the show, but unlike their other show offering, Netflix is opting to show VE episode by episode, rather than putting it out all at once, which I think is the best choice for a show like this. Basically, Violet Evergarden, a soldier who has spend most of her life being molded into a ultimate weapon is forced into civilian life after being injured during a conflict. Now she pursues a career as an Auto Memory Doll, women who write letters for the public.

I like it. It's a nice change of pace from more plot-heavy anime.
AI’m also enjoying Record of Grancrest War which takes me back to old school Record of Lodoss Wars days.
AOkay, I revisited some of my teen and young adult years faves this week, and there’s a couple I want to share:

Slam Dunk: THE sports anime, hands down. If you like or even casually enjoy basketball, this is the series for you; great characters, amazing representation of basketball onscreen, quite a few surprises (there are a few fights in the series...and one is very realistic), funny, heartwarming and downright awesome.
I honestly think no sports anime has ever came close to surpass it.

Hajime no Ippo: If I liked box more, it would give Slam Dunk a run for its money, but still...this is one of the best sports anime ever for a reason; amazing, insightful and respectful portrayal of boxing, diverse and interesting characters and some of the best realistic action in anime. Some of the matches are absolutely impossible not to be immersed in.

You’re Under Arrest: Utterly charming and funny series about a transit police precinct in japan; great characters (including an amazingly progressive and heart full depiction of a transexual character, specially for the time), nice driving action and very good humor and romance. An absolute delight,

Digimon Tamers: I never really cared about Digimon as a franchise, until this series. It takes the whole kids and monsters concept and goes to some very deep and mature places with it, while never losing its kids show spirit and vibe. It also showcases one of the most heartbreaking and realistic examples of juvenile depression onscreen, along with a final villain that’s not only absolutely terrifying, it’s very concept is downright out of Harlan Ellison or Black Mirror.
AJust caught Mary and the Witch’s Flower. It was alright. Imaginative, but by the numbers story-wise. At least it didn’t end up Harry Potter 2.0
AFinally watched Your Name.

I think I made the right call in waitng for the hype to die down. While im not there with calling Your Name the greatest anime ever, I absolutely understand why people went bokers for this one: its a really effective and extremely likable anime with a.fairly clever twist on the whole "freaky friday" genre. Its also fricking gorgeous to look at.

But man, those last few minutes are such a fucking tease. The movie knows.exactly what its doing and seems to enjoy prolonging giving you what you want for as long as possible.
Well, it's about time we revived this thread for the new Trouble City incarnation of the boards. Because I've been watching a couple shows I definitely have to recommend:

First off is Demi-chan wa Kataritai a.k.a. Interviews with Monster Girls, in which a biology teacher who's always wanted to study demi-humans finds three of them transferring into his school and another joining the teaching staff. It's an endearing slice-of-lifey kind of show that also has the kind of absolute commitment-to-concept that I truly love in fantastic fiction, where you have things like the resident vampire complaining that the dullahan student's arms are too tough for blood-sucking because she gets plenty of exercise from carrying her own head around with her, and it's all played as simultaneously tongue-in-cheek and eminently logical. Also, this may be the first work of fiction to feature a shy, easily-flustered succubus who wears a tracksuit at all times in order to minimize awkward sexiness in her interactions with other people, which is all kinds of excellent.

The other is Hakumei & Mikochi a.k.a. Tiny Little Life in the Woods a.k.a. a couple other titles the manga's run under. It's sort of like David the Gnome if the characters occasionally stopped in for a beer at the local haunt, or a more pastoral Fraggle Rock done in woodcut prints. The manga is beyond gorgeous and I cant recommend it enough, but the anime adaptation just finished airing and based on the first couple episodes I've watched, it very nicely captures the charm of the series. Definitely worth checking out.
Got a free VRV trial going right now. Enjoy darker stuff like Attack on Titan and Parasyte the Maxim, but not an anime expert at all. Trying to figure out what shows are worth spending time with. Any opinions on the following?

Psycho Pass

Also got my eye on the Junji Ito Collection...
[Image: megalo-box-animekaizoku.jpg]
oooooh.  One episode in and I'm pretty sure MegaloBox is gonna be one of my favorites of the year.  If you grew up watching anime on Adult Swim, ESPECIALLY Cowboy Bebop, then this is probably gonna be for you. Basically, Megalobox is a boxing anime that's a remake/alternate universe retelling of the old ashita no joe manga. The main character's name is Junk Dog (so fucking cool) whose a pretty damn good boxer. Also there's a tournament involved where the best fighters in the world will meet up to fight.  Oh and they have robot arms...because why not?

The first episode smartly focuses on JD's life instead of hammering the audience with exposition, and it leads up to a cliffhanger that makes you want to see the next episode like fucking yesterday.  This is hitting so many of my buttons.

"They don't make tombstones for stray dogs." (so cool!!!!)
 I think all Marvel films are okay. This is my design.

Except for Thor 2: the literal worst.
If not mentioned yet, check out Land of the Lustrous, either on Amazon Prime Video, or by, huh huh, other means. It's only 12 eps so far, so not a huge timesink. Friendly heads up though, it features a swath of gender neutral/genderless beings, and is cgi, so if either of those puts you off, you've been warned. But it's ambiguous enough that if you want to fantasize about them being either a bunch of waifus or metrosexual husbandos, you can!

Oh, and if you actually watch it, you'll understand why it needed to be in cg. It's not the usual stiff and low framerate crap that you can normally find elsewhere in cg anime. It's actually pretty good, and smooth, and fluid. Especially during the action scenes.
Git' in under mah belly!
Just finished watching Batman Ninja not long ago and it turns out it's actually pretty fucking fantastic. At one point this version of Batman shows up:

[Image: 2317812-114472_76468_batman_super.jpg]

Only he's a giant. And he's made of bats. This is maybe the most fun Batman anything I've ever seen.

Megalo Box really reminds me of Redline, both in the dynamic between the hero and his boss, and just the visual style of the whole thing. In fact it reminded me of it so much that I had to look up if Takeshi Koike was working on it; turns out he's not, but the guy that is did work on Redline and Koike's Lupin the Third movies. Megalo Box also finely pushed me to watch Tomorrow Joe, which is one of those things I've known about forever but I'm only now getting around to watching.
Definitely checking out that Megalo Box, sounds very cool!

Just finished watching the first two episodes of Cutie Honey Universe and if you're familiar with any iteration of this character from the past then you know what to expect with this show. It's fun, flashy and yes it has fanservice but with CH that's a given. Go Nagai's characteristic designs mixed with 2018 animation is a nice mix.
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
(02-09-2018, 12:47 AM)carnotaur3 Wrote: AJust caught Mary and the Witch’s Flower. It was alright. Imaginative, but by the numbers story-wise. At least it didn’t end up Harry Potter 2.0

It kind of feels like a hodgepodge of Ghibli's greatest hits. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped when I first saw the trailer for it, but overall I enjoyed it, and look for to more stuff from Studio Ponoc.
This is a really great video on the context and impact of Akira:

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So on the manga front, one series that I've been oddly captivated by lately is Hatarakanai Futari ("The Jobless Siblings.") It's a short-form (each chapter is only a few pages long) scrawly piece of oddness about a perpetually unemployed older brother and his younger sister with crippling social anxiety issues, and the assorted random, dumb things they end up doing to kill time and keep themselves amused. It has kind of the same hypnotic two-dopes-just-screwing-around quality as Beavis and Butthead, but a bit less satirical and more good-natured.
Watch the live action Kakegurui out now on Netflix! The actors are just as over the top as the anime, and you will blow thru 10 episodes very fast. Highly recommended.
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Damn, that fight (and the whole thing actually) in the lastest episode of My Hero Academia has to be one of the best superhero moments onscreen in years.
Im still utterly baffled that what has to be one of the best superhero books/series out there came out from Japan of all places; it has almost none of the worse aspects of anime (fanservice and oversexualized characters), and it nails superheroes as a narrative with an earnest, almost pure following of what makes the genre and its traits great, while still having enough mature elementes without falling to grimdark or shocking cliches.
Im absolutely mean it when I say that this series is far better than most western superhero comics of the last few years.
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(05-11-2018, 03:28 PM)neaux Wrote: Watch the live action Kakegurui out now on Netflix! The actors are just as over the top as the anime, and you will blow thru 10 episodes very fast. Highly recommended.


why not just watch the anime?
 I think all Marvel films are okay. This is my design.

Except for Thor 2: the literal worst.
Just started Gunsmith Cats, digging back into Ye Olden Days of the mid-'90s. One episode in and I'm totally digging the hell out of it. I knew the general premise going in, but I had no idea it was evoking '80s cop shows this hard. You can practically hear the Barney Miller theme trying to creep into the incidental music.

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