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The Maybe, Possibly, Impending Destruction of Harry Knowles

Pretty big scandal hitting AICN over the weekend. Now it looks like some of the site's biggest contributors are stepping down:

Note not ONE of them is defending Harry. That says a lot.

AIt's the least surprising thing I've heard. He always comes across as a gross human being. His Blade 2 review is one of the worst reviews I ever read.

His Blade 2 review was pretty damn gross, but I'm kind of over it.  One, it was kind of a dare from Del Toro.  Two, I was at that same screening, and it was introduced by Del Toro, or there was a Q&A after, I don't remember which.  But Del Toro was the one who started the whole vaginal mouths thing there, or whatever gross thing it was.  Knowles just picked that up and ran with it, making it even more gross than it already was.

But all this is kind of why I'm more pissed at the Devin situation than the Knowles one.  First off, there were real victims in all of this, and I don't want to in any way belittle what they went through.  But Knowles has always been a gross dude.  Everyone knows this.  his reviews are out there.  Everyone responded with "Not surprised."  And the timing of all this is reeeeal convenient for Tim League.

League and Devin, though.  Bastions of feminism, the both of them.  So the hypocracy and cover ups to me are pretty horrible.  And it's pretty annoying that so many people are giving League a pass now, saying he's working on ways to fix this and opening a dialogue.  It's like, yeah, you're doing it now that you were busted.  What about all those years you were covering for Knowles, Faraci, and whoever this other unnamed patron that was mentioned is?  You know the real reason people are giving him a pass because hey don't want to have to miss their Fantastic Fest.

And yeah, people were taking him to task.....until the Knowles news broke.  Then everyone was "Grab the pitchforks!!!"  Why?  Because nobody besides a select few really ever liked Harry.  So he was the easy scapegoat.  Everybody can rage against Knowles and boycott his site that they really stopped visiting years ago.  The Alamo can say they cut ties with him and his site, like they are some heroes now.  And now that everyone is so focused on Knowles, League and the Alamo brand get to ride off into the sunset now that this has all blown over.


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