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The Hellfires of Bucho
AI don't know why I never posted any of my noise here before but here I go right now dang well posting it.

These two are from a band called Frontside Grind, from around 2001-2003. We gigged around a bit and had a couple of hits on the best student radio station on the planet (reached #2 on the 95bFM Top Ten even) before doing what most bands do and imploding. We're all still mates though and I listen to these songs pretty regularly. My deal in FSG was to bang out the basslines and holler some backing vocals, and I loved every raucous minute of it.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]
[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

Bucho, you could have been The Beatles of New Zealand!


That's really cool. You guys had a tight groove. The main singer has sort of a Guy from Fugazi sound.

ACheers lads, these two are from a few tracks we recorded in a couple of small rooms above a factory with my brother who was learning the ropes of audio engineering at the time, and we were his first batch of lab rats. It must have been 2002, because I vividly remember we were all madly in love with the brand new GTA Vice City and playing missions between takes.
A(U Know You're) Scramblin' was kind of an experiment in writing something where the beat and bassline were constant throughout the whole song and only the gats and vocals varied throughout. It was never played live in any of my bands or recorded with more effort regarding sound quality because I felt like the bassline was too familiar, as if I'd heard it before and forgotten where and accidentally ripped it off, but I never actually found a song with the same one, so maybe that was all in my mind. The sound quality isn't top notch, but I still really dig the wild vibe of it. Lyrically probably one of the most profound songs ever written by anyone ever.

Speaking of lyrically profound, The Cowz was maybe the 4th song I ever wrote and clearly the work of someone taking his craft deadly seriously. I didn't understand a whole lot about song structure at that point (still don't really) but it was the first time I wrote something with bridges between the verses and choruses.

(The "U" in (U Know You're) Scramblin' and "z" in The Cowz were pisstakes at the time, but then, like many ironies, I accidentally fell in love with and embraced them.)
AOne of my favorite songs of all time does the drums and bass playing the same groove throughout while the guitars go crazy. And by crazy, I mean by the end it’s just a mess of noise making.
A[quote name="Dalyn" url="/community/t/159725/the-hellfires-of-bucho#post_4388077"]One of my favorite songs of all time does the drums and bass playing the same groove throughout while the guitars go crazy. And by crazy, I mean by the end it’s just a mess of noise making.[/quote]

The beats and bassline of Luau do vary so technically it's cheating, but everything about that track is approximately 3,700% awesome so I'll allow it.
ANefarious Checkout Counter Lady was written and recorded in less time than it takes to listen to the song. If that seems physically impossible perhaps I can suggest you take some time to brush up on your physics.

Loose Screw was a reworking of a song I used to play with my first band, Under Ground Locust Yard. Aside from the fact I had blown out vocal chords when I recorded it, so never made that high note in the "I don't know how I lost" section, I still enjoy it. Probably belongs over a fight or chase scene in some bonkers Crank-esque action movie.

AOk, ok guys, quit with the relentless harping on me to post more tracks, I'll do it already, just give me a few moment's peace from all these demands for more of my magnificent art.

The best and sexiest music video there has ever been.

I guess I am just too punk rock.
Don't forget sexy!
If you're happy, you're not paying attention.

Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.


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