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NHL 2017-2018 Season
AThere's a big conspiracy in Edmonton that the locker room is in shambles.

This stems from a mysterious (not really) concussion Draisaitl had early in the season that people claim is from Darnell Nurse knocking him out over a women. Gotta love those Canadian hockey markets.
AThat Draisaitl contract is just ridiculous! Underlined.

I’m glad to see Edmonton having such a bad time. They deserve it. Tanking almost every season to get number 1 draft picks, getting to the playoffs ONCE and then signing young players to massive contracts.

It looks good on them.

The NHL has given Seattle permission to apply for an expansion and begin a season ticket drive. The expansion fee is set at $650 million.

Looks like the Coyotes won't be going up to the PNW, but I think that still leaves them in danger of being relocated to another city with the facility and means. Most likely Houston.

ABack when Nashville almost relocated to Hamilton myself and a friend put deposits down on season tickets.

Seattle has a better chance of actually getting a team.

So, let's look at how the Canucks are doing:

Well, there's always next year.


Just got back from the gym, and BOY oh BOY those TSN Nashville Canucks highlights were not easy to watch.

"Goalie says FUCK THIS and breaks his stick" bad.

AOh man. I just had to go look. So bad. Matches the comedy gold that was Tortorella’s post-game presser in Columbus on Tuesday.

I heard the Senators called some sort of emergency meeting this week. Was it just because of Chris Neil's retirement, or is something else going on?

AProbably because their season is imploding. Now they might trade Karlsson. Such a crap franchise.
AWho’d want Karlsson now? After his foot surgery he’s never been the same.

Klassy move of him to publically declare he was going to get paid the top dollars by the highest bidder, then proceed to play like he’s in beer league.
AThe Senators play the 1-3-1 trap and it bores fans to death. It's a system that works when you need to make up for a lack of offense, but it is just awful to watch. They couldn't sell a seat during a deep playoff run.

Karlsson shouldn't have come back from that injury to play the Penguins last year, it probably made it worse.

And Melynk is the worst owner in the NHL.
AKarlsson wanting the most money possible is smart and probably a dig at cheapo Melnyk. Turris came out the other day and basically said it's Melnyk's fault he' gone.

If the Sens don't get a new arena I bet they go to Quebec.

So apparently Seattle has registered 13 names for a possible franchise:

Cougars, Eagles, Emeralds, Evergreens, Firebirds, Kraken, Rainiers, Renegades, Sea Lions, Seals, Sockeyes, Totems and Whales.

I like Kraken solely because it's a fucking Kraken, but it sounds terrible in use. Emeralds I kinda dig just because it's the only name I haven't seen used before. If they became the Whales I would be disgusted, #Hartford4lyfe.

ASurprised they wouldn’t do something with a musical theme.

The Seattle Sound would be a decent name. Or even Seattle Sonics as a tribute.

And Melnyk is a bird.

I assume they would save Sonics for when the NBA comes back, but a music name would be great. Seattle Grunge, so obvious but weird. Plus they can join the rare ranks of non S ending sports teams. Or tech, Seattle Amazons, with a transsexual Jeff Bezos as a mascot. Still would be better then the Senators jerseys.

AList! From what I would like the most to what would be embarrassing. Im bummed that Steelheads isn't on the list.

1. Evergreens
2. Emeralds
3. Rainiers
4. Kraken
5. Totems
6. Sockeyes
7. Sea Lions
8. Firebirds
9. Seals
10. Eagles
11. Renegades
12. Cougars
13. Whales (what Muson said)

I thought using the old Metropolitans name was in the mix, too. I guess that's pretty bland, then.

I'm down for the Seattle Kraken. Everything else is generic as hell.


Maybe I don't know what Totems is supposed represent for the great Northwest but I'd like to see them try that one....

Also, the Sound or Sonics are probably out because of the Blues and logos.

AIf we can get Liam Nesson in his Clash of the Titans costume to record a pregame hype video, then I could get behind a Kraken team.

If they went with Kraken, you can bet the team would license at least a sound byte.


Kraken would allow them to join the elite ranks of "teams that don't end in s". Totems I assume is because Native Americans used to live there and built Totem Poles? I think there was an old Seattle team with that name, Rainiers was used by an old team.


The way this league deals with discipline is so fucking beer league.

ASounds like Marleau finally took the kiddie Leafs behind the woodshed. About damn time; he was brought in to provide veteran leadership.
AHe can lead them to the second round like a boss!

I wonder if their division wasn't dogshit maybe the Leafs wouldn't be slumming it so hard.

Seattle is a gogo, wake me up before the Coyotes relocate to Quebec City oh oh

I can't imagine paying 650$ mill for a NHL franchise in Seattle.


$650 million makes sense if you think that what's happening in Vegas happens to every expansion team and wasn't a result of a GM's careful selections.

It would be cheaper to court a team looking to relocate.


$10 million just for the application fee.

Fuck off, NHL.

Okay so now the real season starts.

Playoff match ups for Round One are set:


Tampa Bay vs. New Jersey
Boston vs. Toronto
Washington vs. Columbus
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia


Nashville vs. Colorado
Vegas vs. LA
Winnipeg vs. Minnesota
San Jose vs. Anaheim

I guess we're going to hear a lot about offsides and goaltender interference these playoffs. Which is a shame.

I remember way back in 2012 I was at the game in Pittsburgh when Daniel Briere scored that goal after being a good 10 feet offside. That series was a total trainwreck for goalies.

Minnesota v Winnipeg is interesting if nothing other then 1 of 2 garbage franchises will actually escape the first round.

Boston/Leafs and Pitt/Philly are the best match ups.
I have no faith that he Caps are going to win. Every year is the same with them.

I'm rooting for Vegas and Nashville in the playoffs this year.
This is probably the weakest Capitals team since 2007.  For whatever reason they just can't get it done.  They are only down one game, but...

Why did the Capitals win so many games?  Because they had one of the easiest schedules in the Metropolitan division.  It's no surprise that Pittsburgh struggled so much this year.  Pittsburgh and Ottawa played the most back to back games this season.

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I wasn't able to watch the Preds-Jets game because it was on CNBC (god the NHL is dumb), so I kept up on ESPN's site. When it was 3-0 Preds at the end of the 1st, I smiled confidently and stopped following.

Cut to my face this morning when I saw the Preds lost 7-4:

[Image: giphy.gif]
I was in a horror-comedy called BLACK HOLLER. It's now on Prime Video. Check it out!
I can't get over Winnipeg not being horrible. Surely they will find some way to lose!
The secret to Washington’s success is Tom Wilson targeting everyone in the head.

Hopefully that trash bin of a player finally gets suspended.

These Vegas pre-game shows are cheesy as hell. I love it.

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