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NHL 2017-2018 Season
Vegas winning it all would be such a bad look for the NHL.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
I guess? It would annoy a lot of people and their success has to be putting stress on Seattle. Tampa beats Vegas pretty bad I think.
(05-20-2018, 06:22 PM)anyawatchin angel Wrote: Vegas winning it all would be such a bad look for the NHL.

I don't see it that way.  It's exciting and unpredictable.  Maybe it will inspire a team like Toronto (who hasn't been to the final in 52 years) to try something different.
I’ll preface my thoughts by saying if Fleury played like this his entire career things would have been amazing being a Penguins fan. Instead I’ll have to settle with seeing them win 5 times in my lifetime.

Vegas basically has a team that consists of 3 2nd lines and 1 3rd line, which is ridiculous depth. Not only that, they were able to build this team entirely by selecting exactly who they wanted from the players available. You better believe Nashville, Atlanta, Minnesota and Columbus wished they had that opportunity 20 years ago.

However, there is a pretty crazy storyline here that might play out. Their season started after an absolute tragedy. And it would be neat to see MAF win three cups in a row. But there is also a chance Kunitz can win three in a row and five total.

Either way, let’s enjoy professional hockey while it lasts. The league isn’t going to survive the epic concussion lawsuit that is eventually going to hit it.

Ehh it will be fine. It's not like the game is anywhere close to as physical as the past anyways. I won't want to watch it but soccer on skates is fine for some I guess.
Who does the Golden Knight face off against in tonight's pre-show?

A) A flock of Bald Eagles that descend on the ice, Prince Vultan style.

B) A 10 foot tall Uncle Sam

C) An anthropomorphic Capitol Dome
Maybe they can make it look like a swamp, then drain it and... uh turn it into ice??

Anyway really hope Ovie wins a cup.
Hey look at that. Tom Wilson injured someone in the first game of the final.

Who could have predicted that? Certainly not the Office of Player Safety.

I love this picture.

It's a shame the NHL doesn't have more guys like Ovie. His post win rampage has been awesome. Too bad nobody else has a personality in hockey anymore.
Being drunk for a week straight doesn't sound like fun to me
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones

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