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The Little Drummer Girl (AMC)

Florence Pugh in a le Carre adaptation by the network that brought us The Night Manager.

Oh, and it's going to be directed by motherfuckin' Park Chan-wook.

Get excited.


Oh fuck yeah.

I remember the movie with Diane Keaton being decent but not GREAT.  Doing this ala THE NIGHT MANAGER is a great idea.


Park Chan-wook as director is fucking amazing. Can't wait.


Anything Le Carre.

The biggest casualty of The Snowman, just might be any hope of more Alfredson and The Honourable Schoolboy OR Smiley's People.

SO I'll take what I can get.

This starts on AMC tonight, and the reviews have been stellar, calling it beautiful to look at, and saying it's not only one of the best performances of Michael Shannon's career, but a star-maker for Florence Pugh.
home taping is killing music
yeah, pumped for this. Thanks for the reminder that it starts tonight.
Already signed up for my Season Pass with iTunes!

As a reminder, even though it was six episodes over six weeks when it aired last month in England, they're doing two episodes a night over 3 nights.
home taping is killing music
Ooh, I love Le Carre. Just picked up his newest A Legacy of Spies. All I can see is Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter Guilliaume. As I don't have AMC, I am off to buy on Amazon.
"Wilford Brimley can't be bothered to accept praise. He doesn't act because he thinks people will enjoy his work. He acts because it's his goddamned job." --Will Harris, AV Club
Everything’s so fucking pretty in this thing.
The most important thing in life is broads. Broads!
Only watched about ten minutes of this so far, but it has a great moment from Pugh and a fantastic piece of acting from Magic Mikey Shannon.
home taping is killing music
I only saw part 1 of 3 but so far it's a lot of fun. Pugh is pretty adorable like a lot of PCW's female characters.

But really, everything and everyone is so fucking pretty in this. Even Michael Shannon eating baumkuchen in a cafe.
The most important thing in life is broads. Broads!
This should be good, by the sounds. Although seems like Skarsgard's role, as much as I like him, should have gone to a more Semetic-looking actor. That's a bit of a can of worms perhaps, but I remember that exotic fantasy being a big part of the plan and the pretense being that creating the 'legend' was so close to the real thing there was less risk making it work.
That was the book at least; Charlie being just the sort of 70s lefty artist/activist who probably would fall for the romance of a dark and mysterious displaced soul like that anyway.
A role like that presents an opportunity for more unusual casting. Perfect for this cultural moment we all love and hate.
The trailer suggests they are foregrounding the acting side of things, which anyone adapting it to performance would. But that felt like background to me, in the main. I'll have to wait and see there.
The first two episodes of this are very good, and maybe the first time I've really bought into Skarsgard, but they're very standard prestige TV. Then in the third episodes Park Chan-Wook starts pulling out Jonathan Demme eyeline shots, split-diopters, characters framed only in windows and it's amazing.

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