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JUSTICE LEAGUE Post-Release Discussion
AYa know....that's the best (or at least my favorite way) that I've heard that put. You made realize I've never been in those threads either because....why would I?

You guys are upsetting my precious Brad.  This is unacceptable.

AI stand with Brad.

And wrestling is awesome!

I'll be checking this out for free tonight, only way I'm bothering with this, but I'll give it a chance.  Be back in a few hours.


Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

I was thinking about how I never post in the sports or pro wrestling threads because I have no interest in those things and I feel like I'd bring zilch to the conversation by just sort of repeatedly reminding everyone how dumb I thought they were, or how I hate them, or how I have no interest in watching them. Over and over and over. Day after day. Constantly.

I imagine the other posters in those threads would find my presence toxic, trolling and pointless. Because there's no other way to describe it.

If you don't like the DC movies and hope everyone involved with their creation ultimately becomes bankrupt and blacklisted by Hollywood, WE FUCKING GET IT!! OKAY!! WE GOT YOU!! NOW FUCK OFF!!

Jesus H. Christ.

Thank you.

Fuck, it's just a fucking movie. Marvel isn't going to give you stock options for oh, so valiantly defending them from those evil fuckers at DC.  This shit's just sad and pathetic right now FETT.

AWell, here I go, gents. Spoilers ahead, but nothing too big.
To sort of quote historical bastard Josef Fouche: “This was worse than bad. It was a mess”
That’s all this damn movie is. A big mess that at every second screams in reminiscence of the countless reshoots, recuts and damage control that were made in the name of a bunch of executives and producers that were too proud, stupid and greedy to admit defeat or their incompetence.
This movie should had been epic. It should had been grand Wagnerian opera, with Gods and heroes bigger than life fighting against pure evil.
That we get this bland, uneven and soulless generic blockbuster instead of George Miller’s epic is absolutely enraging.
Even worse is that you can tell that all the faults and errors are at the creative and executive level; these characters, portrayed by this cast, deserve a better movie and a better adaptation of their mythology and history.
We should had gotten a Grant Morrison’s Justice League. Instead, we got a editor mandated New 52 mess, that strips the characters and their iconic power to some bare, soulless marketing designed vision.
The only hope is that at the end, this movie sets up a DCU that can be salvageable, if WB swallows its pride and steals from the post Perlmutter Marvel playbook: get producers, writers and directors that get the material and characters, that care about what these characters represents and have vision and passion, and are willing to fight for them. More Patty Jenkins and less Snyders and Whedons.
This is a messy movie whose only saving graces are a few moments were the cast is allowed to give the real iconic characters they are playing life, and a finale that leaves a shaky but fixable foundation for a better future. That’s about it.

Ok, now it’s spoiler time; nothing big or fundamental, just personal issues with the movie:
-who the fuck thought it was a good idea to turn Barry Allen into a Big Bang Theory Reject? The guy even runs like a nerd in PE on a 80s bad comedy.
-how the fuck do you manage to make Superman joining the big fight a dorky gag instead of the biggest moment in a JL movie?
-Why introduce the concept of humans turning into parademons and not use it later in the movie?
-The movie literally opens with a moment ripped from the first issue of the New 52 Justice League, making it clear what you are gonna get.
-Why stick with that baymorphers design and emo attitude for Cyborg for the whole movie, only to tease his Teen Titans self and classic design at the very end?
-Even in sharp suit and bald, Eisenberg as Luthor is as imposing and charismatic as a wet Michael Cera.
-How the fuck do you mess Steppenwolf being defeated? How hard would it had been for a boom tube to open, and reveal an imposing shadowy figure to claim Sttepenwolf has failed him, only for Steppenwolf to be disintegrated by Omega Beams, followed by the figure saying Earth will soon learn the one truth in the universe: DARKSEID IS.
-Fuuuuuuck that digital shaving effect. Fuck it.
That’s it for now. I need to read a classic TPB or play Injustice to feel better about this.
And yes, I’ll watch Thor Ragnarok again this weekend just because.
A[quote name="Codename" url="/community/t/159778/justice-league-post-release-discussion#post_4405206"]
Thank you.

Fuck, it's just a fucking movie. Marvel isn't going to give you stock options for oh, so valiantly defending them from those evil fuckers at DC.  This shit's just sad and pathetic right now FETT. 

No. Just no to this.
Because these characters, who are essentially the foundations of the very concept of the superhero, deserve better.
This cast derserves better. Fans and consumers deserve better.
Even as a Marvel apologist, I think they made a lot of mistakes and errors, and still do (Inhumans, Defenders). But Marvel/Disney show that they learn from them. That they care about their properties and want not just to profit of them but make them relatable, iconic and pleasing to both fans and casual audiences.
Disney learned this the hard way during the Eisner era. Marvel did during Perlmutter reign.
And DC needs to learn it to.

Criticizing a movie you've seen? That's a-ok!

Not liking or even hating a movie? That's fine too!

Coming into threads for movies you have no intention of seeing just to shit on them? That brings nothing to the conversation and is just trolling those of us that -gasp- actually LIKED Man of Steel and BvS for what they were.

Maybe I don't WANT everything to be like Marvel's fluff?

I'll probably not even come into this thread, regardless of how I'll feel about Justice League, after seeing it. Not interested in another round of "These characters SHOULD BE LIKE THIS".


I just want this movie to not feel like watching a Nickelback concert, if that's too much to ask.


The tell-all book about this movie is going to be fascinating.


Originally Posted by The Dark Shape View Post

The tell-all book about this movie is going to be fascinating.


Has anyone seen Justice League: War? It's the animated movie that covers roughly the same territory as this movie and I kind of hated it and what I'm hearing above* is sort of reminding me of War. (Which was also derived from the New 52 league. The New 52 remains a baffling creative decision--I have no idea why WB and DC felt like they had to throw out so much of the post-Crisis foundation, which DC is gradually returning to via Rebirth.)

*Particularly the thing ryoken mentioned about turning people into parademons. In War Vic (I think) found out that the parademons were innocent sentient aliens who had been turned into parademons and...nothing was done with it. I believe the League gleefully blasted them.

(I'm going to see this, of  course. As a general purpose comics cultist.)

AI saw Justice League: Dark. Needed more Swamp Thing. But that's a given.
Originally Posted by ryoken View Post

And yes, I’ll watch Thor Ragnarok again this weekend just because.

A detailed review that outlines everything that I've felt about this project from the beginning.  Hell, the whole jumpstarting the DCEU with the resounding turd that was BvS was a big warning sign that WB clearly have no idea what the hell they're doing.  They're lucky that Wonder Woman turned out to be a decent movie that cleaned up at the box office or JL would have been the death knell for the DCEU.

As a comic book/MCU fan I think I'm spoiled with the effortless way that Marvel films can present their films with that continuity and worldbuilding built over the last ten years. But enough about the MCU.

Besides, us older nerds remember the TimmVerse with it's excellent collection of animated series that existed in a shared universe. I daresay that the Justice League animated series was the best adaptation of those characters and stories we will ever see. It's a real shame that the DCEU won't be as good or as full of heart as those shows were. Hell, the CW-DC TV Universe is far more fun and entertaining than the DCEU films will ever be.

Also, I've been reading the classic JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL comics run from the 1980s and that is some great stuff. Blue Beetle & Booster Gold are so great together. I'll be tackling Morrison's JLA run next. If it's anything like his X-Men run (which was amazing) I'm in for a treat.

AI'm just going to have to put him on ignore for a month.

So you guys want my thoughts on this?


Make sure you wax poetic about Cavill's mustache!


Originally Posted by avian View Post

So you guys want my thoughts on this?

A[quote name="avian" url="/community/t/159778/justice-league-post-release-discussion/50#post_4405251"]So you guys want my thoughts on this?[/quote]
Fffffffuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk yes.

I don't know what I want!!!


Apparently the DC Youth are mad at Joss Whedon for liking tweets critical of the film's big bad.


It must be super frustrating to be the guy behind what is arguably two fairly successful ensemble comic book movies with pretty interesting villains, or at the very least interesting attempts at villains for you Ultron haters, only to be saddled with Steppenwolf and told it's too late to change it, or we won't change him because of this that or the other thing.

Whedon is pretty consistently good at TRYING interesting things with his villains, he's got decades and decades of history of every kind of great villain imaginable, so if Steppenwolf straight up sucks and is a nothing I place zero blame on Whedon.

Should have done Starro dammit.

AWorse than Enchantress and her brother from War Gods?

[Image: 800]

Didn't David Boreanaz already defeat Steppenwolf twice?


ColSteveAustin @

"Snyder is doing nothing to promote the movie. Whedon saw an opening after BVS and somehow got WB to let him work on the movie. The Snyder got the boot and Whedon took over.

Steppenwolf is a poor choice for a big bad but he was never intended to be the big bad. JL was supposed to be part one of a two part movie. Steppenwolf was a setup guy. Part one was supposed to be about the Justice League coming together. Part two was were we were to see Darkseid as the big bad.

Whedon [frick]ing knows that and he knows his interference altered the movie from being about the Justice League having to overcome obstacles to become a team, like Superman's death and apparent resurrection as a puppet of Darkseid.

The entire JL movie was supposed to be about preparing for the big fight with Darkseid.

Joss Whedon is a bastard to act like he agrees that Steppenwolf was a horrible big bad, when HE was the one that caused him to be the big bad. And it was HIS hostile takeover of Justice League that caused WB to spend so much money on reshoots that that cut budget for CGI.

I am thinking that it was Whedon who caused this whole JL mess. He claims to be an artist. An artist would never rob another artist of his vision like that just to steal his job. A profiteering backstabbing scumbag would do that.

Many of the issues people have with the movie: bad CGI, Steppenwolf as the big bad, Superman's resurrection, inconsistent characters, all can be traced to Whedon.

It was Snyder who brought Affleck in. Whedon takes over the Snyderverse. Now Affleck wants out. The Batman movie is no longer part of the DCEU storyline. The math is easy.

Could it be Justice League was going to be good and Whedon knew it? And he knew if it was he had no chance of taking over the DCEU from Snyder?"


That's the dumbest shit I've ever read Barry.

A[quote name="Freeman" url="/community/t/159778/justice-league-post-release-discussion/60#post_4405281"]That's the dumbest shit I've ever read Barry.  


It must be a 14 year old boy who proudly calls himself a fan boy.



So this sucked.  I'm glad I didn't pay to see it, otherwise I'd probably be more upset.

There are certain things about it that kind of work individually, some of the humor, a bit of character dynamics here and there.  But these few isolated moments feel disconnected from the movie as a whole, and none of the heroes have any chemistry, which is obviously the most important thing about a team.  I'm talking about the chemistry that is obvious when watching The Avengers.  It feels like they belong together.  The Justice League feels like some people thrown together at the last second.

And good holy God does Gal Gadot suck.  I didn't see Wonder Woman, so I missed that whole parade, but she really is a shitty actress with no business being in a leading role opposite some of the other guys.  She's high school theater bad and I said that when I saw her in the Fast and Furious movies, and I was stunned when she was cast as WW.  That's a character so many better actresses could've done justice, pun intended.  Gadot just doesn't have any range.  I mean, it's kind of baffling when you've got guys like Downey, Hemsworth, Ruffallo, Johansson, Affleck, etc in these kinds of movies, really sharp, talented people... then somebody as middling and bland as Gadot, making her stick out like a sore thumb.  This is a long rant, but I just can't get over such an obvious casting blunder.

Anyway, there's not much else I can say because the film doesn't warrant any kind of serious examination.  It's just a total misfire, with no sense of urgency, tension, or dramatic payoff.   Generic world destroying bad guy with super weapon needs to be stopped by reluctant band of heroes... we've seen this before, only done much, much better.  It's really hard to be kind to this after seeing Thor Ragnarok work so fucking well.  A well oiled machine that keeps paying off.

DC/WB really needs to just stop this train, take a break and start over from scratch with a totally different creative team with a clear vision.  But they seem determined to continue embarrassing loyal DC fans and insulting cinemagoers.


It really does feel like a Frankenstein monster of a movie, stitched together from disparate elements that don't really work together.  Like even the plan they started out with feels like it sucked, but it was just obliterated into smaller pieces that sucked even more because of studio meddling.

And it's boring as all hell.  No wonder Affleck is looking to jump ship.  He's probably embarrassed.


Can't really blame him.

Batman V Superman will always be the standout tragedy for me.  It was such a perfect chance.  Such a great moment where they could have turned it all around and really rescued the DCCU.  Instead they crippled it, and this evidently butchered movie with zero confidence is the result.


I had my problems with Wonder Woman but it actually turned me around on Gadot who I initially thought was pretty awful. I'm surprised to hear Ambler say that she's bad in this as both of the directors involved are usually quite good with actors (you can say what you want about Snyder but he usually gets good performances out of those in front of the camera).


"Joss Whedon is the worst thing to ever happen to the DCEU." - Grace Randolph


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