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HEALTH and what we do to improve it --

A bit of personal back history to start with.

I had open heart surgery in 2011 to remove a poisonous tumor from my heart's left atrium.

Long road back but all seems OK. Because of being home bound, I put on weight.

I had the TV on one day, waiting for the local news to come on. Doctor Oz was on and the before commercial teaser was 'Want to lose 5 pounds a week? Meet 2 women who have'. It was a green coffee bean product, ran about $20. so I ordered it after a web search.

I swear to the Gods the stuff worked! I went from 220 lbs to 170, and everyone thot I was sick and dying because of my gaunt look. I loved it, no image shame, could wear tighter clothing. I suggested the product to someone else, giving them the bottle, so I don't have a record of who I got it from.

Now, being newly retired and again mostly being at home and less active, I've put on weight and I was looking to get that product again, but can't locate it. I think I remember there being a problem with the use of 'As seen on Dr.Oz' in their marketing.

I found a product that might be similar, and if I posted an honest review of the product online it would be free. I'm a straightforward honest guy, so I'll do it. I don't do social media like TwitFace, don't have a smart phone. But I'm a CHUD contributor for over 10 yrs, didn't see a forum that was fitting, so I created one to discuss our health, and the things we do to make positive changes.

This product 'MEGA suppressant' from Natural Vore promotes its self as a 'metabolism booster and superior energy increaser' with 'Garcinia & green coffee bean' ingredients on the front.

After taking my first capsule I was feeling my pulse in my neck, my heart racing slightly, hands shaking a bit. I got the bottle and looked at the fine print list of ingredients.

green tea and a couple things with caffeine. Yeah, that's what I'm feeling, CAFFEINE rush.

I drink low/no caffeine coffee and sodas, and never Red Bull-like products, so this stimulant is really hitting me, tho not in a seriously bad way. If anything, if I take it in the morning it helps motivate me to move around and be active, and that's always good.

I can't say If I've lost weight, perhaps a bit, but not what I was hoping for.

So, I would say try this product, if you're friendly with caffeine, and perhaps your metabolism will react differently and it become an amazing breakthrough for you!


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