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Can Someone Please Explain Discord To Me As Though I Were A Small Orphaned Child From The Year 1890

A few of the online communities I frequent are currently really pushing their Discord channels and trying to get members to join, but I'm reluctant because I've not been able to find any concrete information about how it works. In my mind it sounds like it's a thousand random strangers talking on a telephone line which, to me, sounds horrible. I've checked the main website and even tried to find a Youtube video but still haven't gotten any concrete answers as to how the damn thing works or why I'd want to use it.

AAs far as I can tell it is a message board with optional settings for audio chat. We could replicate the boards there with different sub sections like we have here but also reinvigorate the Chat Room as an audio channel where people could actually talk in real time. But for the most part it was traditional message board topics and typing. But designed as a VoIP platform for gaming.

At least that was my impression with the one Discord I joined.

It's a message board?

Okay, I didn't realize that at all.


I am in mine right now. What I see are Headers like Main, Misc, Games, Community. Underneath those are #general, #off_topic, #art, #pets, etc that lead to "rooms" that are scrolling message boards. There are some of those "sub" topics that have speaker icons next to them

with game names or general things like The_Lounge or Karaoke, etc next to those. I don't have a mic on this computer but when I click on those I get a Connecting... Checking...Voice Connected thing in the bottom left corner so it appears I could speak if I had a mic.

As I said, the different hashtags lead to scrolling pages of text chat and some just connect you to voice rooms. It appears I can be connected to a Voice topic and typing in a scrolling chat room.

The problem I see in making a CHUD Discord(not that you or I were suggesting it, I just mentioned it based upon my brief interaction with the service over a year ago) would be that underneath say a topic of #New Releases there is no sub topic for an individual film so you'd be in a scrolling chat talking about all new releases. You'd have to make a # for every film. And since it is a real time scrolling chat finding your last read would be difficult.

I can try and change my PW for mine if you'd like to browse around for a bit and take a look. Just let me know.


Thanks for your detailed response. Now I know what it isn't, I'll make myself a Discord account and have a play around with it. My original (mistaken) perception of what it was meant I couldn't even see a use for it, but now I'm intrigued enough to explore a bit further.


I am so embarrassed to say this--my son has a Discord and explained it to me. *shudder*


Since posting this, I've joined five whole Discords. I'm so proud of myself.


I need to figure out that Discord thing myself, especially if we're going to be using it this Saturday for the Destiny raid.


Yeah, my son uses it for gaming with his friends, and they also watch movies together, and use it to hang out on in general. Sort of like the old AOL chat rooms, but you can talk to each other. He has a bunch of different ones, some where it's all of his friends, some where it's just his closest friends, and then one that's more 16+ of his friends. He has a cousin that's 13 and he tries to shield him from that stuff.

AA large part of the appeal of these third party VOIP utilities over in-game voice chat, besides the fact that it can carry over from one game to another, is that it will keep running if the game client crashes. Your line of communication isn't cut off while you relaunch the game.

Makes sense.

I’m resurrecting this thread as I’ve just signed up to Discord to pimp my new app, but I haven’t got a clue what’s going on there.

I’ve registered etc, but regardless of what I search for the results come back blank. Is there a Trouble City forum? I’ve searched for one, but nothing.

I like the dark grey colour scheme - easy on the eyes, like old Chud.

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