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Nightmare Fuel
The only thing I can think of is that from the gate code can actually call from that. And the gate isn't too terribly far from where our house was. So maybe he was speaking to me through that and not a phone. But I can't imagine that thing picking up the sounds of my dog barking. Unless he had a dog with him and it was barking and it was just a coincidence.

I had another incident at that house where I was home alone at night. Probably around the same time. Maybe a little later. No later than 1995 for sure. Somebody was pounding on the door at like 1am. I go and look out the window and there's a guy with blood ALL over his face.

"Let me in. I need to use a phone!"

"What happened? Were you beat up? In a car wreck?"

"No. Just let me use your phone."

"You're not answering the questions I'm asking. Look, I'm not letting you in, but I'll call 911 for you."

"Forget it. Fuck you! I'll just walk to the pay phone at the guard shack. Thanks for nothing.."

This was in the boondocks. Ten miles from town and neighbors not real close. I called em anyway. They never found whoever that was as far as I know..
What always gets to me are the sounds that coyotes make.  I don't think there are many posters on the boards that live in an area like I do, but jesus christ, I have never gotten used to it.

I have two miniature dachshunds who have a tendency to wander around when I let them out to go to the bathroom.  I always have to go outside with them late at night or early in the morning and the lights from our house only illuminate so far before it's just a wall of darkness.  And I have to hear those sounds which feel like they are enveloping you.

It's super unsettling even though I clearly know what are making them.  There's nothing like it.

Here's a whole clip of the random noises they make.  The sounds that start at the 50 second point are the worst.

Foxes make AWWWWFUL noises. You'd think you're about to get attacked by a banshee..
One nightmare fuel scenario I have to thank tumblr for:

You go out one night and find yourself staring at the sky.

Because there are two moons tonight.

You stare at them for a while in disbelief.

And then they blink.


Holy fuck, my head after reading that.
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(04-09-2019, 11:00 PM)ryoken Wrote: One nightmare fuel scenario I have to thank tumblr for:

You go out one night and find yourself staring at the sky.

Because there are two moons tonight.

You stare at them for a while in disbelief.

And then they blink.


Holy fuck, my head after reading that.

I used to freak myself out as a kid by staring at the sky at night and imagining a gigantic hand reaching down and scooping me up into oblivion.

Another fun trick was staring long enough that I could briefly convince myself I was capable of falling into it, and freaking out over the intense vertigo that caused.
We need some more true life spooky stories up in here. Nobody's ever had NOTHING happen to them?
I was 3-4 years old, and my family moved into a third-floor apartment in Pawcatuck, CT. Not sure how long we were moved in for by this point in the story, MAYBE a few weeks. I wake up one night to hear a noise outside the bedroom window. At that age, I was more curious than scared about odd occurrences in my eye-line (I jumped off a dock into Lake Beulah, Wisconsin on an apparent lark at age 2). Anyway, I approach the window, and there's a hand on the window.

It's not scraping or rapping the window, just kinda there. At less from a foot from the window, I look down. The hand isn't attached to anything below, totally disembodied, and it's just.........there. Instead of jumping back into bed, for whatever reason I climb into largest (or closest) cardboard box and flip it upward so all sides are protected but the top opening. Now, I wasn't able to verbalize to my parents what happened, but shortly after that experience, we moved to the second floor apartment (probably reduced rent) and didn't have a moment like that again. At 43 years old, it's my oldest memory and occasionally pops up in a nightmare to keep me humble.
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So the hand just went to an arm that faded down into nothing?

At that house in the boonies we used to live at that I mentioned before, I had something kinda like that go down. I was a bout ten so that'd make my younger sister 3-4. I can't remember if we were supposed to stay alone all night or if I was just babysitting until late. My bedroom was upstairs, hers was downstairs. I came down to check on her. It was about 11-midnight and she was sitting at the kitchen table. She looks at me and says "there was a hand at the window." Ok....that's not what the babysitter wants to hear.

"What color was the hand?"

"White.." she says this all matter of factly like it's the most normal thing in the world.

"What did the hand do? Wave?"

"No. She just pressed against the screen and then started rubbing up and down."

"How'd you know it was a she?"

"Her fingernails were painted red.."

Not the most mind blowing story but....sleep was not had that night..
I can't remember if the hand faded down to nothing, but I looked downward. There's was just nothing there. I looked back up: HAND. It didn't do anything spectacular, and I have no recollection as to what it did to wake me. Part of me believes that a "First Alert" sign (y'know, the silvery ones stuck on windows displaying a firefighter grasping a child popular around my young age) might've caught my attention, but my memory of the event is way too strong.
Giving money to the studio that keeps enabling Adam Sandler is morally equivalent to Satanic kitten rape orgies. - Hypnotoad
That's really creepy still though..
I never had any particularly creepy real-life incidents in my own childhood - mostly just a few figments of an overactive imagination and a couple of recurring nightmares that stuck with me through my single digits. We lived too far out in the sticks for many crazies to come prowling around or anything like that, and none of our neighbors were axe murderers, so overall my childhood pretty much consisted of chilling in my room mainlining Tolkien or old TOS Star Trek novelizations and wishing I had a computer until my mom decided I needed to get outside for a while. That said, there was one incident that just about made me shit myself. On those occasions when I was kicked out of the house for a bit, or just felt like getting out and stretching my legs of my own accord (hey, it happened, sometimes,) I'd usually grab my bike and pedal up or down the gravel road for a little while. Down the road from us was where the neighbors and the way out to the highway were, and that way was pretty open and unremarkable (minus the time I damn near got clotheslined by a deer that decided to leap out in front of me.)

Up the road, on the other hand, was a little creepier. Going that way, you'd wind through a stretch of winding, partly-overgrown dirt road with trees close in on either side, then curve past an old abandoned house. I'd guess it was built no later than the 1940s, and by the look of it it'd been abandoned since probably the mid-'80s at the latest; if you pushed your way through the bushes that had completely overtaken the yard, you could see the mouldering carcasses of Carter-era appliances and furniture through the busted-out windows, all the paint had flaked off the exterior walls, and the house itself was in the process of falling entirely to ruins. (You could see where a chunk of the floor had just fallen through in the corner of the tiny-ass living room, though it was too shady to get a view of the basement through the hole.) Continue on past the house, and you'd climb up a modest slope and emerge into a wide-open space where the owners of the property did some seasonal logging; we got most of our firewood up there. I always used to bike up that way because you could work up a pretty good clip coming back down the hill, but the place itself always gave me a mild case of the willies; there was a little A-frame hunting shack at the far end that creeped me out for no apparent reason, and it always seemed to be gray and overcast up there.

That said, nothing of note ever happened up there. What did happen, one day, came as I was zipping back down the hill and around the bend past the abandoned house. From somewhere off in the trees to my right, in the opposite direction to the house itself, I suddenly heard the LOUDEST FUCKING GROWL I'd ever heard in my life. I could feel it in my chest; I must've been right in line with the critter, too, because I was hit with the echo off the wall of the house pretty much dead-on as well. Needless to say, that was my cue to stand straight up and pedal as hard as I could until I was safely clear of the trees and in view of my own driveway. I didn't bike up there for a good few months after that.

But what still gets me is, I don't even know what I heard. It definitely wasn't a dog, or a big cat (we never got anything larger than bobcats in that part of the country, anyway.) It didn't sound like a bear, either, from what I've heard of them (plus, again, all we ever got around there was the occasional black bear, and they're generally perfectly content to leave you alone; I ended up about thirty yards away from one biking down to the highway once, and it just turned and loped off into the woods like it wasn't even a thing.) If anything, it almost sounded like a more animalistic version of a human trying to do a large-animal growl (like what Tigger will end up sounding like when the Disney Live-Action Remake Machine inevitably gets around to a darker-and-edgier version of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day,) but there was no way that sound came from anything human. Still wonder about that.
Human was the first thing I was gonna say. But....after reading the rest. I dunno. Now I'm just like "most likely a human but I didn't hear it.."
I'll go with a few, one more real world, and the other also factual but creepier.

There was a notorious local New Year's house party in my home town.  Always had a theme, costumes, ice luge, a local family, essentially the Tenenbaums of our town, always built an elaborate ball of some sort, with fireworks, moving parts, you name it.

One year, midnight came and went, my friend was squabbling with his girlfriend, my other friend asked to borrow my cell phone to call his then gf, and we realized we needed a dd.  I'd only had a few beers, so I said, you guys keep going, i'm going to take a nap in the car, and when you want to go in a few hours, we'll be good.

Leaned back in the passenger seat, put on the radio, dicked around with a rubik's cube that was there for a bit, and dozed off.  I awoke to driving down the road, some very drunk stranger driving the car, apologizing for needing to borrow it.  He needed to get home, you see.  His pregnant girlfriend needed him.

Turns out he'd crashed the party, been asked to leave, almost got into a fight with my friend, and then stolen the first car he could find, which happened to have the keys in the ignition and a half drunk, asleep me in it.

So, somewhat confused, had to weigh my options.  Fight back, jump out, call the cops (shit, I loaned my cell to my friend)... None of those options seemed ideal, so I decided to ride it out and see where it went.  Fight back if need be.  I didn't have to, he was very apologetic, and insisted I take a copy of his band's demo cd.  Guess I should have called the cops later, but instead just wanted to get back to the party and get my friends home safe at that point.

Weird night.

On to the creepier one.

Summer after fifth grade, invited to spend a few days at a friend's grandparent's farmhouse in New Hampshire, just at the base of mt. monadnock, which isn't that high of a mountain, but has a bald peak, and had a hotel burn down on it in the 1950s. The foundation was still there (at least then) and we passed it when we hiked the mountain.

It was a two story home on a hill, with a wraparound porch, surrounded by a garden, and a lot of tall grass.  They had a hay barn at the bottom of the hill, and kept rabbits.  Lots of rabbits.  Also, there were lots and lots of snakes, everywhere.  Green snakes in the barn.  While playing in the yard I tripped and came face to face with a dead copperhead.  Additionally, you could look down from the porch and just see masses of garter snakes in the garden.  Think it was mating season or something.  Didn't help that one of our chores while there was to collect japanese beetles to keep them from eating the plants.  From said snake infested garden, and well, Indy and I have that in common.

The second floor of the house was unfinished, no insulation, just bare wood walls in an old house, with old fashioned aluminum frame beds in the bedrooms.  The grandparents lived downstairs, and basically never used the second floor.

There was a turn in the staircase with a vaguely coffin shaped step, which my friend joked was where his stillborn uncle was buried.  There were three bedrooms upstairs, the third being at the end of the hall, past the bathroom, with an odd shaped door due to the slope of the roof, and an even smaller door to a crawl space inside.  It had a creepy vibe.  We did not sleep in that room.

My friend got food poisoning or something, and was vomiting up a storm one night, so he was staying in his mom's room downstairs, leaving me alone on the second floor.  I needed the bathroom, which was on the way to the creepy room, and the moon was shining through the window.  I swear I saw a shimmer in the light.  Likely just an overactive imagination, but I did not go to the bathroom, and did not get much sleep after that.

Got picked up the next day, and heading to our cottage on Winnipesauke, sitting in the rear facing way-back of my parent's Oldsmobile wagon, watching that house, and the weird bald mountain recede, I was relieved to go.  Looking back, it could almost be a roll credits scene.
I posted something about this in another thread sister's house is haunted.

The reason that I'm re-posting about this is that back a year ago...Overlord answered with "Get a carbon monoxide detector" "Get a carbon monoxide detector." Well....we did that. One for her house. And one for ours. No carbon monoxide. So, Occam's Razor....either I'm lying, or there's a natural explanation for a lot of not cool shit, or....fucking ghosts. If anybody is interested to read what happened a year ago...I'll re-tell it. If not....I'll just go ahead with what happened just now. I'm at her house helping her out since her seizure day before yesterday. Her driving has been revoked for six months so, I'm bout to go pick up her son from school. I'm sitting here in the living room and something ran by behind the recliners. I saw it's shadow. I though it was her cat. But the cat was on the other side of the living room all bristled up, staring at where the noise came from too. It was not a small thing. I actually called out "Jeff?" because I thought her husband had gotten home from work early and somehow got in and was trying to freak me out. It looked and sounded like a grown man ducked behind the recliners doing a fast kinda....crab walk. I did not see it. I heard it. And saw the shadow. Went around the chairs? Nothing there of course.

CO2 detectors still working. I can absolutely rule that out.

What the fuck did I just see/hear?

I'm starting to rethink that random seizure she had Monday. Isn't that how The Exorcist started? With cat-scans? Fuck this..
That sounds really freaky, and, well, I can't say what you saw was a ghost, but I can say that I don't think it is out of the question, if you truly felt that you saw something.

For example...

I had an experience with a ghost one time(actually twice, but this was the first).  My friend's parents were getting divorced, so he was staying at his uncle's house.  He invited me over there a couple times to hang out.  Can't remember why, but his uncle was never there when I was.  Anyways, we were basically partying there. Playing video games, drinking and whatnot. I was a year or two out of college.  The first couple times I was there I remember there being cold spots.  In the sense that it was really warm, but there would be spots where you could literally reach out your hand and it felt like you were putting your hand in the fridge, but it was the middle of the room, and the air wasn't on and there were no air vents anywhere near it.  This happened a few times, and they never were in the same spot in the room.

Another thing that happened was we would be playing PlayStation, in the front living room.  The room itself had several lamps. There were times when one light would dim, almost to the point of being dark, but still radiating a little light.  Then it would get bright again.  Shortly after, a different lamp would do the exact same thing, and then the next one.  None of them ever dimmed at the same time.  It was an old house, so while we both thought it was odd, at no point did I think it was a ghost.  I just thought it was a strange electrical issue.

I should note at this point, there were no shows like Ghost Hunters on tv yet, so I had little idea what the supposed signs of a "haunting" were.

Anyways, my friend called me up one day and was like, "This is going to sound weird, but the other night it sounded like someone was breathing at the top of the stairs".  The stairs led to the attic, where he slept.  I was like "Whoa, that's kind of crazy" and we left it at that.  

The last time I went there, same thing, drinking, hanging out, playing games, whatever.  His uncle had a dog and he would sit next to me when we were playing.  It was a long house, if you can picture it, one that looks narrow from the front, but goes way back into the yard.  The living room was in the front of the house and the kitchen was in the back, with a bathroom in the middle.  So, my friend goes into the kitchen, the dog is sitting next to me.  As he is walking into the living room, we hear this loud metal CLANG like something was thrown against the wall.  I look at my friend and I'm like "Hilarious.  Why are you throwing shit?".   He's bug eyed and he's like "I didn't do that!".  We go into the kitchen and look around and there is a spoon on the floor.  My friend picks it up and is like "I just filled the dog's bowl with food, washed it off and put it in the sink.".  Several of the kitchen cabinet doors were wide open and he's like "Those were not open when I was in here".

At this point I am luck "haha.  Nice joke stop fucking wit----".  All of a sudden I felt this electric charge all over my body, like when you get chills but 10 times as intense.  As I am feeling this, I sense what feels like a hand on my shoulder, starting at the top, and starting to move down my chest.  I look at my friend and I say "Are you--", he cuts me off and says "feeling that?  Yes, yes I am!".  I bolt for the living room and I am like "uh, maybe I shouldn't stay here tonight".  We sit there for a while and talk it over.  I decided to stay, but I tell him I am sleeping in his room.

It is at this point I should note that when I got there that night I planned on sleeping in the back room.  When I put my bag in the room and sat on the bed, all I could think about was The Shining, because it had that seventies look, and I absolutely did not want to stay there, but I couldn't say why.  Nothing happened in the room, it just instantly made me incredibly uneasy.  I should also note the back room was right next to the kitchen.

So, maybe an hour later, my buddy is in the bathroom between the kitchen and the living room.  He calls out that he is out of toilet paper and asks if I can go up the stairs to grab some.  I say, "fuck you, I am not going up there!".  He says it is in a closet halfway up the stairs, so I say ok.  I go up, and start looking through the closet, but I cannot find the toilet paper.  As I am searching, I hear it.  It sounded like someone sighing, but a long slow sigh.  I look up and see nothing, all the lights are on.  I go back to the closet and I start to get the severe chills again and I can feel it getting stronger and stronger.  Right then, I find the toilet paper, run downstairs, throw it the bathroom door and run back into the living room and I tell him it's outside the door.  After that nothing else happens, we go to sleep in his bedroom(I slept on the floor) and that's it.


This is where it gets freaky.  Even after all that happened, I am not 100% sure it was a ghost.  Here's the thing...his uncle's house was his Dad's childhood home.  So, for almost a year, I say nothing.  I see his Dad randomly, but my friend has never mentioned it to him.  One day I'm like "Can I tell him about it?  I'm going to ask him".  I tell him the story above.  He says nothing the entire time, but is basically smiling while I am telling the story.  

When I finish with the story, he is like, "That is really funny".  I'm like "Funny?  Why?".  He's like, "My mother passed away in the back bedroom".

BOOM.  I am floored.  It is at that point that I am certain that I experienced something supernatural, and it most likely was my friend's grandmother.


On a side note.  Shortly after that happened, my friend tried an experiment.  His computer was in the attic and he had a microphone hooked up to it.  He left it on all night, and left it recording.  Afterwards, he was like "I have to show you this!".  He shows me the recording and you can see the "wavelength" on the recording software.  It was a flat line, with about three spikes in it.  He goes to the spikes and amplifies them so that it is playing really loud.  When he plays it, I hear's the exact same "sighing" noise that heard at the top of the stairs.  Each one the spikes was of that sound....

It was shortly after that, that Ghost Hunters premiered.  They started talking about cold spots and they even did the same thing my friend did with amplifying the sound on the recordings.  I was like "holy shit!".  Now, your mileage might vary on that show and the "evidence" they find, but I was obsessed with that show for a while after that, because I had a similar experience to what they were talking about, so at that point...I became a "believer" in ghosts.  

That being said, I honestly don't think anyone would have good reason to believe these things happen, unless it has actually happened to them.  So, I totally get anyone who is skeptical about ghosts existing.

My sister also had experiences in her condo in the city.  She said that she had seen a little boy with black eyes standing at the end of her bed, more than once.  She said he was transparent and it scared her, but she wasn't exactly afraid of it either.  

So yeah, who knows?  Maybe you did experience something...
I didn't feel any of that other stuff. I didn't feel anything. But it was the sound of feet shuffling across linoleum that made me turn and catch the tail end of the shadow of....whatever I saw. It was like if a dude crouched down and shuffled sideways from behind one recliner to behind the next one but three a shadow for a split second as he passed between them. I seriously thought her husband was gonna be there when I walked around. But nope....just me and the cat..
Either way, it sounds unsettling.

Something maybe to keep note of though, the cold spots and the severe chills(not cold, but more like static feeling). My other experience was in Galway, Ireland. Stayed at a hotel that used to be a castle. Woke up feeling the exact same intense chills and heard a woman's voice say "Who's there?" quite loud, and definitely inside the room. I nudged my wife, thinking it was her, and she was sound asleep. I guess my point is that is seems in a lot of cases, the signs are similar.

Maybe it was nothing. Maybe it's a demon? Smile
Along with the stuff a year ago....I...don't know what to think. Even now, I'm thinking "nah, imagination can do some crazy stuff" but then I remember the footsteps a year ago. That was the one thing out of all this that there is NO WAY I heard something else and just thought it was footsteps or imagined it became my sister and I both stopped, mid conversation, and just looked at each other while they kept going and going. I'd always heard that expression "make your blood freeze" but I'd never REALLY experienced it until that. Fuck that..
At my old family home down south, I remember one time when I was reading on a second floor bedroom that had several shelves of old and random books, when I decided to take a piss on the bedroom's bathroom.
When I returned, ALL the books on the shelves had been rearranged at random.
I didnt give it much thought because I thought my cousins probably were pranking me, as we were like 6 kids at the house on summer vacations and did crazy shit like that to each other.
But then I stare at the window, and see all my cousins on horseback riding by on the distance.

I never stayed on that room alone again after that.
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I am NOT a ghost/demon person. I don't see the least little unusual thing and scream "supernatural!!"

...and even this, typing it out, feels silly. I feel fucking silly. But I gotta go back to that house in just a bit....and I'm dreading it a little. They've lived there since 2014. Within the first week they lived there....I had a...."thing" happen. I had like, an image hit me in my "mind's eye" for lack of a better term...of a person hanging where the TV was at. I can still see them in my head. It was a 40ish woman with dirty blonde hair and a blue or gray and white striped sweater. I'd never had anything like that happen. I don't know how to research if that was just bullshit or if there was something to it.

My sister used to be a bad drug addict. And she still ain't 100% right. But...I'm really starting to wonder if there aren't "bad energies" or negative juju or whatever that latches on to things like that or that her struggling mind amplifies it for everyone. God this feels silly to SAY but....since they've lived there and the last year especially. Man, I feel like there's eyes on me in that place..
Believe it or not, my complete polar opposite, new agey hippie-ish wiccan wife, is a ghostbuster.  She and some others in her circle run a small business here in NY, they do space cleansings.  They go in with... whatever they go in with, spells/chants, crystals, other accoutrements, and cleanse the space of "bad mojo".  They've had a surprising amount of success, local brokers have hired them to clean office tower floors that have not rented in years, only to have the spaces be rented within weeks of these cleansings.  There's a broker or two in particular that hires them regularly to work in landmark and other famous skyscrapers in Manhattan.  

I thought it was bullshit (and kinda still do to a certain extent), but she is a believer.  Also, they make $200/hour, so I could frankly care less if its true or not.
If you're happy, you're not paying attention.

Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.

Texas is a long way to go to retain her services.

But....I'm starting to think the place really needs something. You just can't talk to people about this sort of thing. Because ANYONE who hasn't seen something like what I saw yesterday and those other days, no matter how open they are to the possibility still, in the back of their mind thinking "this person's cuckoo or just mistaking this thing for that" or something..

Anyways.....that's all I got for now. Unless anyone wants the full rundown of what happened a year ago. This is Arjen's thread....I hope this isn't bugging him or that it does fall into the realm of the type of stuff that he'd like to see here. If it isn't, I will cease updates in here. If there are any. Stuff doesn't happen super often....but when it does it's usually something REALLY fucked. It's certainly nightmare fuel to ME..
(04-25-2019, 09:48 AM)fraid uh noman Wrote: Because ANYONE who hasn't seen something like what I saw yesterday and those other days, no matter how open they are to the possibility still, in the back of their mind thinking "this person's cuckoo or just mistaking this thing for that" or something..
Well, it's always harder to open up in person, especially on topics where you worry that people will think you're crazy. But for the record, whether you're on the money about bad juju or just dealing with a cocktail of life stress and pareidolia, you ain't cuckoo.

And I don't think you need to worry about posting this stuff here - it's pretty much exactly the kind of thing that is officially the thread topic. 'Course, you don't need to feel obligated to share personal details with us random gawkers, either, but as far as I'm concerned, feel free Wink
(04-25-2019, 09:48 AM)fraid uh noman Wrote: But....I'm starting to think the place really needs something. You just can't talk to people about this sort of thing. Because ANYONE who hasn't seen something like what I saw yesterday and those other days, no matter how open they are to the possibility still, in the back of their mind thinking "this person's cuckoo or just mistaking this thing for that" or something..

Lol. Exactly. That's why I barely tell anybody about it. People think you are nuts, or just too stupid to find a rational, real world cause for what happened.

In regards to psychics or psychic ability(bear with me), I am not sure how I feel about them/it in general, but my sister was friends with a girl who claimed to be one. My sister is not really a "believer" in that stuff in that, this girl was just her friend that happened to claim she was one. I actually met her for the first time shortly after what had happened to me. I started telling her the story and she touched me arm and she was like "Oh my God! Stop talking...I can FEEL IT!!". She literally would not let me continue the story, which was fine, my sister was the one that asked me to tell her about it anyways.

That being said, if you think you saw something, or felt something, maybe you did.

My wife says that she thinks I am psychic, but I absolutely would never claim that I am, because I don't feel like I have any connection to anything outside of being a normal person. There have been times where I have surprised myself though. For example, one time we were at a bar, when I was dating my wife. We were sitting a table and there were cups on the table that I knew belonged to some other people at the bar(I saw some of them, it wasn't psychic). Anyways, I saw a girl looking at me from the dance floor. I didn't know she was part of their group. I turned to my wife and I told her "This girl is going to come over here and sit down with us. She is going to act all nice and friendly, but it's just a front. She is going to ask us to get up and leave the table. Watch.". Two minutes, later, she does exactly that. Sits down makes some friendly chit chat, asks us where we were from and whatnot, and then is like "This is our table, would you mind finding another?".

My wife was like "How the fuck did you know that was going to happen exactly like that?". I'm like, "I don't know, just what when through my mind when I glanced at her". Obviously, people are going to ask you to move if you are sitting at their table, that fact is not lost on me or hard to interpret, it's that I knew exactly how she would approach us, how she would position herself, and how she was using it to hide her true intention. She could have just walked over and asked us to leave, immediately, even in a friendly way, but it's the fact that she did it exactly as I said she would, in that, she spent several minutes talking to us, pretending to be happy to meet us, before dropping the hammer and asking us to leave, that was surprising to my wife.

There have been many, many other instances of that through my life, and yet, I still do not think I am psychic, but I am, admittedly, curious about the subject. I am just really good at reading people, without even talking to them. One thing that stands out to me about people who claim to have psychic ability, is the concept of empathy. Psychics are often referred to as "empaths", in that they have the ability to put themselves in other people's shoes and see the world through another person's eyes. So, people who are kind, caring, and able to see other's problems in relation to their own are believed to have more potential for psychic ability.

Tangent....It is why I find Trump interesting, in a way. He is often referred to having Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the main hallmark of which is a complete lack of empathy. His brain is so warped that he can only see the world through his own eyes. So, instead of true emotion, he pretends to show emotion based on how he has seen others act, but he has no insight into the actual feelings behind those actions. It's why he is always making cringe worthy statements and acting like a nut. He literally only knows himself, and he has to constantly pretend that he is normal to hide his true self, which is basically a black hole of constant need for love and acceptance that can never be filled, because, deep down, he actually hates himself, but to admit it would literally cause his mind to fall apart. So he spends his life fighting off this feeling and projecting his pain onto others, so he doesn't have to deal with his own lack of self-worth. Since he can't cope with his own pain, he needs others to feel it, in order to feel normal, or superior. Once you start thinking about him in this way, all his actions makes more a lot more sense.

But I digress, the point I wanted to make is that, maybe you are actually experiencing these things, but you just have no real world way to explain it, because it seems crazy, and in a way, it kind of is, but it doesn't mean it is something bad. You just must be sensitive to other things, that other cannot access. Everyone has different levels of empathy.

What would be interesting, would be to see if there is any way to find out if someone passed away there. I don't know how to go about that, but I believe you could access the info through public records. The fact that you thought these things, with nothing external to prompt you to think of them, could suggest that maybe you are sensitive to such things. Imagine if you found out someone actually did die there? That would be wild. I mean, it's exactly what happened to me with my friend's place. If you are right, then you can begin your career as a ghost hunter/spiritual cleanser. lol.

Also, the thing you mentioned about "feeling eyes" on you, I would say was very similar to what I felt when I had my experience. Before I had a concept of what might be happening, the place just, in some way that most places, no matter how normal or creepy in appearance, do not.
(04-25-2019, 11:40 AM)RCA Wrote: What would be interesting, would be to see if there is any way to find out if someone passed away there. I don't know how to go about that, but I believe you could access the info through public records. The fact that you thought these things, with nothing external to prompt you to think of them, could suggest that maybe you are sensitive to such things. Imagine if you found out someone actually did die there? That would be wild. I mean, it's exactly what happened to me with my friend's place. If you are right, then you can begin your career as a ghost hunter/spiritual cleanser. lol.
It is interesting to me how many reports of spooky/"paranormal" experiences have "discovered later that there was a death there" as a common factor. It's one thing in obvious creepypasta, but it seems highly common even in accounts from people I know (i.e. you guys, among others) who are relating their own direct accounts. Reminds me of a couple incidents in my own life - first, some years back when my maternal grandfather died, I knew when I got the phone call, before even looking to see who it was or hearing what they had to say, that it was my folks calling to tell me he'd passed. Of course, we'd known for a while that it was probably coming; he'd been in hospice care for a couple months. But it wasn't like he was actually on death-watch; I'd been down to see him just a couple days prior and he was awake and aware (though tired as hell.) Yet I just knew. Similarly, just a couple years back when my paternal grandmother died, I knew when we got the call that she was gone, even though I'd just been to see her half an hour prior.
Oh yeah, I think that kind of thing is relevant.

Like I said, I am not a die-hard believer in such things, I just find it interesting as a concept. I think for most people, if you are going to lend any credence to something like that existing, it probably is not as rare as most people may think. It's just doesn't take the form, if it exists at all, as something you see on tv, where you are talking to spirits and whatever.

I think for me, the closest way I can explain it, is the whole "listen to your gut" idea. Like you said, you "just knew". I think the fact that it is not something that happens so regularly that people identify their experience as psychic phenomena, means most of these kind of things get ignored by the average person, and probably for good reason.

It's just kind of impossible to quantify the experience, because how can you actually prove it to anyone but yourself? Our minds are trained to rationalize everything so any thing that bucks that trend usually gets rejected, or we just keep it to ourselves.
Yeah, that's the thing - I can construct semi-sound rational hypotheses to explain those experiences (starting with the fact that, on some level, I did know that it was coming sooner or later,) and those are probably entirely satisfactory. But that doesn't stop it from feeling a little odd.
How about your family getting stuck behind this fat douchebag while he blocks everyone on a burning plane so he can retrieve his backpack from the overhead compartment.

Bull fuckin shit. He....WOULD....have moved. I'd have drove him down that aisle like the sled during football practice..
Ha, on the one hand, that’s some sensationalist garbage reporting, but damned if it doesn’t work like gangbusters. Fuck that guy!
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
Eh, they're Russian. Fuck 'em.
Not sure how fat he is has anything to do with it. Any adult can block an aircraft gangway if they don't want to make way.

The fact he is Russian does, however, clearly have everything to do with it. As Spitting Image once sang of South Africans, I have never met a nice Russian (who I wasn't sleeping with at any rate).

Oh, and speaking of nightmare fuel. I remember being 11 when this came on the TV at about 10.30 at night.

Ugh I agree with you about Spitting Image, I have no idea how that was on television.

Who actually watched that off putting grotesquerie before they went to bed?

I did, at the instigation of a very sensible parent.

Spitting Image was excellent TV - it made politics accessible and correctly brought pontificating politicians of all stripes down a notch. That was the last sketch in an escalating series that pushed the satire into horror in a way that parralleled her personal and political devolution in real life. 

That said, it gave me the willies when I first saw it.
You want some real nightmare fuel?


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