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Nightmare Fuel

This is the sort of thread that exists all over the place on reddit, but I thought we could use a more erudite Chud edition, which would be a collection of fucked up internet stuff to mess with our heads. I'm not hoping for graphic images, fucked up police videos, stuff like that (there's plenty of places online to find such, and no need to put it here).

My hope would be the kind of bleak, troubling stories that keep you up at night. Not explicitly horror, either. The article I read that prompted this thread is Roko's Basilisk, a disturbing Black Mirror episode waiting to happen (although Harlan Ellison would likely sue them). And while I lay in bed sorting this one out, it occurred to me that I'm drawn to this sort of haunting shit, and I expect there's a lot out there, waiting for me.

Another example, one that Chud brought to my attention years ago (when the front page was thriving), would be The Enigma of Amigara Fault, an utterly horrifying manga that stuck with me for a long while after reading it. This is a whole different deal from Roko's Basilisk, but had a similar disturbing effect.

I'm not a big creepypasta guy, but if there's really terrific ones out there, I'd certainly be game. Here's the obligatory Candle Cove posting, just for the sake of getting it out of the way.

So anything disturbing, I guess. I'd again like to request no dark web pictures of violence, just for everyone's sanity. But as an aggregate for troubling thought experiments or horrifying web comics or even alarming true crime stories, here's a fucked up depository.

AOk....I have something that I think fits what you want. I found this while up late looking for spooky shit because I guess I have a subconscious need to turn every bump in the night into a heart attack. I hope not too many have already seen this because I think it's a good one.

The story behind it is supposedly a photo taken in the early eighties. One friend took a picture of another friend goofing off at the Grand Canyon. It was only the man and his friend on the trip. A while later....looking back at the picture they noticed that they were apparently not alone because there's a third party in the picture.

[Image: 400]
AFraid what am I seeing there?

Can you upload a larger picture?  I can't see what you're referring to in that smaller one.

AThe motherfucking Grim Reaper is behind him

[Image: 400]
A[quote name="Fraid uh noman" url="/community/t/159978/nightmare-fuel#post_4450519"]The motherfucking Grim Reaper is [photoshopped in] behind him

[Image: 400][/quote]
AMaybe so. I know that's always a possibility..
AIs that matrixing?

It could just be matrixing.
AIt’s when your brain finds meanings in patterns and stuff.

Like, the way the leaves and tree branches are shaped, the brain is lazy and fills in gaps for you.

For instance, while you’re driving you might see something in the distance at the side of the road, and you’ll be like “oh that’s a deer I should slow down” but when you get closer it’s a trash bag. It’s just your brain’s way of trying to be effecient.

If only gets worse when someone suggests something before you see or hear something.

Like with EVPs. Those ghost hunter shows were they tell you what you’ll hear in white noise, and then you hear it too, but likely would have just heard static without the suggestion.
ANaw that one isn't that. That's either a photoshop or a guy in a black hoodie was really there and they just didn't see him but that's a face. Pariedoila? I think that's what it's called..

This one really fucks me up...

Filipino politician Reynaldo Dagsa took this photo of his family milliseconds before his assassin murdered him. That's him and his accomplice in the back.

AWhether faked or not....I really enjoy looking up these kinds of things. Where you have to stare a bit and then.... :O

[Image: 400]
AYes, yes, good. Creepy photos are good fun. Though if it’s an Insidious Ghost you’re seeing, it’s a fair bet it’s photoshopped.
ASorry....that stuff is the best I got for now. It's the type of stuff I look up at 3am for some reason. And I live in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere. Definitely plays differently then.

That last picture I put up there wasn't ACTUALLY from a movie was it? I know what the probability of any of the pictures being REAL is. But you didn't say that what we post needs to be proven real did you? If I misunderstood then I apologize..

Back to your original post there, Arjen.

I used to fear that AI would enslave all of the weaker life forms on the planet until I realized that's the way humans think because that is exactly what we do.

AI wouldn't think like a human.

I can't remember where I heard this theory before (it could've been a magazine article or a radio show) but the theory was that super intelligence would get trapped in a continuous processing loop while it ran simulation upon simulation upon simulation trying to prove it's thought processes that it would either be too distracted to actually do anything.  Whereas the human brain prioritizes what is important right now.  So the idea was that, if AI decided that humans might need to be wiped out, but before it even acted, it would have already come to a conclusion that maybe humans being don't need to be wiped out, and it would keep proposing new hypothesizes to itself over and over again, kind of like a mental illness.  And with those constant  calculations, there wouldn't be enough servers on the planet to store that information, and there wouldn't be enough energy on the planet for the amount of processing power it would take.


Oh please, continue to post Spook-a-Boo ghost pictures. I am not the God of this thread, and in no way dictate what qualifies. Just requesting no fucked up police images and shit, for obvious reasons.

When it comes to AI, I don't really believe we'll be getting some kind of Ellison-esque monster computer, torturing us all for eternity. But I would say that there's no convincing way to imagine what form it will take. Quite possibly an unimaginable result, which could potentially be horrifying. Processing speeds, in the near or distant future, may become completely negligible. Which is why speculative SciFi can be so effective and terrifying (Roko's Basilisk being a fair example). This is the form the creepiest Black Mirrors take as well. I do think the idea of synthesizing consciousness electronically is theoretically possible, and there's certainly plenty of room for absolute horrors if that pans out.


Yep, yep, the potential is scary stuff for sure, and if you dwell on it it's definitely nightmare fuel.


Bizarre medical stuff can keep me up all night. Shit like locked in -syndrome, glioblastomas and personality disorders from a head trauma (like the Phineas Cage -incident).

Also, I used to make my living editing children's programmes. Sometimes they asked me to encode stuff for the web, and I stayed till midnight in the third floor of the Finnish Broadcasting Channel building, watching stuff like this all alone:



FOP is the stuff of nightmares.
AYeah, fuck that.

How about this story?


Thirteen victims, ranging in age from 2 to 29 years old, were kept shackled to their beds amid foul surroundings in a Perris home by their parents, sheriff's officials said.

Early Sunday morning, a 17-year-old girl escaped from the residence, located in the 100 Block of Muir Woods Road and called 911 from a cellular device she managed to take from the home, investigators said.

That teen told the 911 operator that she and her 12 siblings were being held captive in their home by their parents.

AI'm assuming we all know the story of Elisa Lam (and seen the clips)?
AAlso here is one that creeped me out pretty good
AI think this might have been the CHUD article Arjen Rudd was referencing in the original post. Good stuff.
The other day I took a tram to work. At one stop this hobo-ish looking guy got in and sat down not too far from me. I was minding my business and didn't really pay attention to him. When I got off I noticed he looked kinda odd, and the lady sitting next to him looked absolutely horrified. It was only when I walked outside I realized that the guy was missing half his face. He had both of his eyes, but a skinless hole where his left cheek, nose and everything should be. Lucky I've numbed myself with decades of slasher flicks and Fangoria-magazines, which the lady next to the guy apparently hadn't done.
Harry Knowles' review of Blade II
[Image: 1524501111-20180423.png]
There is no way this doesnt end up as an episode of Black Mirror
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Oh, the punchline there is killer.
I trust everyone has seen the Obey The Walrus video?

I was so freaked out by that thing when I first saw it. Did some research and discovered it’s origins...didn’t help
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