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2020 XFL Thread
The XFL is back baby!


The "X" is for "X-Treme"!
Our sanitariums are full of men who think they're Napoleon... Or God.
I watched most of the games. It was pretty entertaining. I love the fact that the reporters show up to the sidelines as soon as you fuck up.
I wanted to watch the games but I was out of the house most of the weekend. They need to do some better marketing, if I hadn't listened to Steve Levy on Dan Patrick's show last week, I would have had no idea that the games were even on this past weekend.
I thought the SEA/DC game was fun. Love their take on kickoffs.
Yeah, I saw that kickoff thing, would love to see the NFL adopt this.
The conversion thing is kind of neat as well--start on the 2 1/2 yard line, 1 point; 5 yard line, 2 points; 10 yard line, 3 points. And the OT rules are sort of the same penalty kick rules from Soccer.
This Houston/St Louis game has been good. First game I've watched all the way through.
I'm still enjoying the games--we were supposed to travel to Seattle this week and I was going to see I could hit a Dragons game, but well, COVID-19 happened, so we aren't going.
Since I'm the only here...XFL season ends thanks to Covid but much like Patton and Jason, they'll be back (in 2021).
I honestly tried to watch. In fact, I was outside in my backyard when the LA team was playing, it was a nice sunny day here in So. Cal., was sitting in my patio, started watching then after about 10 minutes started to lose interest. I changed the channel and never went back.

I just don't think an alternative to the NFL in the late-Winter and Spring is ever going to work. It's nice to have a little break from the NFL after the Superbowl. Trying to shove another league down our throats just seems pointless.

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