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Coming this spring:


I'm really curious about this, because on one hand, fuck Joe Paterno, but on the other, the story about the Patriot News' investigation is one of the great modern journo stories. Here's 22 year old Sara Ganim, junior crime reporter, asking a source "Anything else going on?" and learning of the first person to come forward against Sandusky. Riley Keough is playing Ganim in this, which is a great choice.

But boy oh boy this could be the wrong project at the wrong time if they lean into "JoePa, the Happy Warrior and Great Man who didn't understand what men abusing young boys looks like despite being a classics major in college."

home taping is killing music

Full trailer:

home taping is killing music
AWhoa.. that last exchange about the kids in the pool. Damn. Looks like more A+ stuff from Pacino and HBO

Originally Posted by Call Me Roy View Post

Whoa.. that last exchange about the kids in the pool. Damn. Looks like more A+ stuff from Pacino and HBO

That exchange got me too.

I saw some sportswriters on Twitter call this project "gross." I disagree, I think it has the potential to be really powerful, and based on the trailer, it seems like they'll treat Paterno's final chapter as the dark, sad disaster it became.


Wondering how the documentary will separate speculation and facts. Obviously it makes the movie more interesting if it goes down the "dark" route, which many were left to believe.

Just like many, inc. here, that didn't actually take the time to sort through the accusations and read what they were and what was fact.  i'll post this link from the defense side, but i'm sure you won't accept any of them. you'd all rather just keep your negative thought on this guy.

Originally Posted by jstraw80 View Post

i'll post this link from the defense side, but i'm sure you won't accept any of them. you'd all rather just keep your negative thought on this guy.

Really? A BWI link?

Think for one minute about what you're defending here.


Hi, I've read extensively about this, debated heavily about it with Philly and Penn State people, and actually read the records/court transcripts/indictments. The most generous interpretation of events is this:

That article/the Paterno-stans are correct in that he followed the letter of the law and "did nothing wrong." That, under this interpretation, he is guilty of being an old man who didn't understand what McQueary was telling him, and that it wasn't possible for men to have sex with kids. (Which falls apart a little when you consider that he was a lover of the Greek classics who, at minimum, would have encountered that kind of thing, you know, once or twice.)

So sure, he may have "done nothing wrong", reported it to his superiors, and not interfered with the investigation, particularly because coaches aren't mandated reporters in the state of Pennsylvania. And you could argue that he had done everything he was supposed to do.

But here's the thing. HE'S JOE FUCKING PATERNO.

To a huge number of people, he was a God. He was beloved. On Penn State's campus, no matter what he thought of himself, people saw him as the final word. And yes, he was aware of that. So with that in mind, he had a responsibility to do more. If he knew kids were being hurt, and decided to just let "the authorities handle it," then it was a tremendous lapse of moral judgement and his responsibility as the winningest coach in history and this iconic figure and his privilege. When he says in that final interview, "I wish I had done more," it's pretty clear what he believes.

But sure, JoePa did nothing wrong.

home taping is killing music

Fact 20, he never commited a major recruiting violation, so how could he support a pedophile?

Another Emmy for Al.
Hey, I finally watched this!

better than expected. doesn't shy away from the facts of the case, even if levinson takes some liberties here and there. i didn't feel it was trying to make me feel bad for "joepa," which is always a plus. i was surprised that the movie was as hard as it was on him, actually, and they make it clear that a lot of the official story from the family doesn't hold water. (greg gunberg and annie parise as two of his kids are stand-outs.)

riley keough remains a favorite, and she's good as ganim. the movie is torn between being this spotlight-esque investigative film and this interior chamber piece about paterno, though, and levinson doesn't really know how to stitch the two together.

the closest analogue is probably hulu's NATIONAL TREASURE, which focuses also on the downfall of an icon (although that is highly fictionalized, and loosely based on Jimmy Savile). i couldn't help but think that a miniseries would have been really able to dive into the lives and perspectives of these characters a bit more.

pacino's pacino. late period, good at knowing how to use his "yelling al" trope when he needs it, better at the subtler, confused moments.

i give it a solid A-/B+.
home taping is killing music
Yeah, this was very solid and worth the watch. It'll be another Emmy for Al but I also hope that Kathy Baker gets a's nice to see her get some work because she's always a solid actor in whatever project that she's in.
Alt-molt Wrote:Another Emmy for Al.

Or not.

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