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2018 College Basketball Thread
Holy CRAP. Can't believe FSU is in the Elite 8. Unbelievable.
And they're the third least surprising appearance of the four Thursday berths. Loyola and K State somehow surviving in the South is baffling.
I can't believe Loyola is a half away from the Final Four and up 12.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Duke lost so that means regardless of outcome this crazy tourney won't be tainted by a Grayson Allen victory
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Who is the madman who picked Loyola to make the Final 4 in our pool?
I dunno, but it'd be hilarious/awesome if Loyola even outplayed the predictions of their most blindly faithful fans.
I thought I heard that even Sister Jean had them losing in the Sweet 16?
I just checked the TV schedule for the Final Four on Saturday. It says that both games are on TBS, which is bullshit.

I only have basic cable plus HBO so if I watch it will have to be online or at a bar. It's the Final Four this is ridiculous.

I am less interested in the Kansas Villanova matchup but it could be a great one Duke Kansas was. But I am rooting for the other two teams if anything.
Going to a bar for the Final Four is ridiculous? Am I to understand that some of you actually watch sporting events sober?
The ridiculous sentence probably should have followed the second one. It was more about the cable thing being exclusionary/discriminatory and dumbass than bars, etc.

Going to a bar to watch is not that bad but it is undoubtedly more expensive.

I will probably do a mix of radio and online watching if I care enough on Saturday.

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