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Boone calling people touchy? That’s rich.

But no, you’re right. I’m mostly bitter that Mary Poppins ran so long on Broadway. I live and work right nearby the theater, and I would have said it ran three years tops. I’m getting old.

Mostly though, I regret getting into this at all. I have next to no passion for the box office prospects of Mary Poppins 2.
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To be fair, Arjen, I was surprised that it ran that long, too. And if makes you feel better, I was looking up those stats and was like "Christ, the first Alice was almost a decade ago. The first Disney Muppets was 2011. God, I'm old."
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(07-13-2018, 08:54 AM)bartleby_scriven Wrote: Go fuck yourself, Simbob.

Ok, sure.
(07-13-2018, 10:11 AM)Richard Dickson Wrote: Anecdotal, sure, but you would not believe the lines the Mary Poppins character gets in the Disney parks. And not just nostalgic middle aged moms; I saw young girls literally bouncing up and down with excitement waiting in line to see her.

Oh man. I would hit on the Mary Poppins actor in character as Bert at a Disney park until security kicked me out.
(07-13-2018, 10:30 AM)boone daniels Wrote: No, Richard! It's for women and girls! It can't possibly be a success. 

Anyway, because I'm a giant fucking nerd with no life, here are the numbers for the last five years of Disney's live action movies that aren't part of a franchise (so no Marvel or Pixar, nor stuff like Alice, Pirates, and the Muppets) organized by worldwide profit. Since SAVING MR. BANKS is the one that keeps being brought up, that's what I used as the marker. Numbers are from Box Office Mojo and don't include Prints and Advertising as part of their budget, I think.

Although I think you have to take into account Alice to an extent, because, as Bart points out, that's a similar point of comparison (a remake disguised as a sequel) and it did a billion dollars worldwide against a 200 million dollar budget. I've bolded anything that is a "Remake" or is part of pre-existing Disney IP (including Tomorrowland and Malificent)

The numbers bear out that Disney has done much better with live-action remakes of beloved classics in their back catalogue than they do trying to start new ones. And it's worth noting that of the four straight up remakes on Disney's done (Pete's, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Beauty), Beauty is the only one that is from the "Disney Renaissance" (1989-1999). All the others are from the same time period as Mary Poppins.

Also, holy lol, Finest Hours was a bomb.

Those old cartoons were still big with the generation that were kids when the "Disney Renaissance" was happening. I think all three of those would have come out of the Disney Vault during the late '80s and 1990 too. Not to say kids didn't know what Marry Poppins was or anything, but I don't remember anyone my age back than being into Marry Poppins like they were a number of the old cartoons. Almost surprised they aren't doing a new Bedknobs and Broomsticks since that's the live action musical with animated segments that played on Disney Channel back then a lot.

Weirdly A Wrinkle in Time was also previously done by Disney already.
home taping is killing music

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