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2018 MLB Thread
Get ready for non stop Yankee talk on ESPN.  I just hope MLB Network is better

Some of the big stories for the year

-Will the Astros have a WS hangover?
-Harper's last season in Washington?
-MadBum injured again so will the Giants fold like they did last year
-Will Ohtani live up to the hype?  Will he even be good?
-Cubs could have 7 starters who can/will hit 20HR, 8 if Heyward is playing to end his contract early and be a FA
-Will Philly contend for the WC?
-Do the Marlins reach 60 wins?
-Will the Brewers regret not signing Arrietta, Cobb or any frontline starter?

Gonna be a great year.  Cubs, Nats, Dodgers all are heavy favs for their division but Cards, Brewers, Rockies, Diamondbacks should be some good competition. 

AL looks even more loaded with the Astros, Indians, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, & Twins.  

My playoff predictions

Division winners-NL
No surprises with the Nats/Cubs/Dodgers  WC Phillies & Cards   NL Pennant  Chicago Cubs

AL  Red Sox/Indians/Astros  WC Yankees/Angels  AL Pennant Cleveland Indians

WS  Cubs win 4 games to 2
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Yankees Nats World Series- All eyes will be on Harper, and he'll hurt himself in Game 2 and be out until 2019.
Will the Orioles commit to a proper rebuild by trading away assets for prospects, or will they cling to Machado et al in the hopes that a 75 win season lets them squeak into a wild card game that they will lose immediately?

I already know the answer in my heart.
Three years ago, the Blue Jays were one of the most feared hitting teams in the league.

Now they're a National League team in disguise.
I can't stand to see myself go through the motions, that bring me back into these same old sad emotions.
Ian Happ took the first pitch of the game to right for A HR. First time in 30+ years. Stanton also goes deep in first AB. Thank god baseball is back
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Yankees fans are trash for booing Stamton already. You know the guy is going to get hot and hit 40-50 HR easy. 1st week is such a small sample size
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
That's pretty damn cool:
Sounds like Ohtani is done for the season, possibly all of 2019 as well.

I'm doing a little reading and all I'm finding is that they haven't said he'll need Tommy John surgery and they expect home back this season; probably only as a hitter.
That being said, I think this whole experiment was silly; to think that this could ever actually work. The idea that he could be both a pitcher and a hitter that plays the field was nonsense. They couldn't make it work for Babe Ruth and that was over 100 years ago.
It was a report from Pedro Gomez mentioned here:

The Angels GM has refuted it, saying "I'm just going to take every day as it comes and put him on this course of recovery and strengthening for the next three weeks and then deal with what we've got to deal with in three weeks' time."

So we won't know for sure until around July 1st.
Very poor showing from Josh Hader.

Didn't pitch well either.
National League playoff picture getting nutty.
Seeing as the Mets have fallen into baseball oblivion, I'm rooting for the Brewers to win the division represent the NL in the WS.
Both Wildcard playoff games next Tues/Wed. should be awesome.
Not likely, but could be so much chaos that the Tuesday N.L. Wild Card game gets postponed depending on how the 5 teams left finish up.

Horrible season (again) for the Giants but I'm hoping they have some juice in the tank to make life hell for the Dodgers this weekend.
Is there a bigger asshole in the Majors than Madison Bumbgarner?
There sure is.

[Image: giphy.gif]
People dislike Bumgarner? His teammates like him, his coaches like him, his team's fans like him. I assume only fans of the teams he's ripped the still-beating hearts out of would dislike him.

And to answer the question: yeah, no matter what you think of the Bum, the Giants easily have a bigger asshole on their own roster: Hunter Strickland. That's a guy I hope is on a different team next year, purely because I don't want to root for him to succeed.

Puig and Harper are a couple more of that type of guy: a big enough douchebag that no amount of talent would make me want them on my team. I feel like I've been lucky rooting for the Giants - they've had plenty of guys other team's fans dislike, but very few truly detestable people. I'd have had a hard time if I lived in Pittsburgh or Tampa, constantly telling people why I can't root for a team QB'd by a rapist.

Strickland's not in the league of evil, but he's a dumbass. Go away, dumbass.
Gamertag: Tweakee
I can't argue with you on Puig. That guy is impossible to root for, its like he's no even playing baseball out there. Who knows what the hell he's doing.

I don't really have a problem with Harper. Though I do wonder how Washington fans will feel about him next season, because I will be- knock me over with a feather - shocked if he doesn't end up on another team.
Raise that L
Red Sox showing why they won so games during the regular season. Oh boy, can they hit.
Machado is a tool.
Yeah, he's an ass. Living in L.A. I'm surrounded by Dodger fans, like my wife. I personally don't really care who wins this series, still kinda easy to root against the Dodgers when they have both Puig and Machado on their team.
Oh boogers.
Jesus, this Boston-Houston game was incredible. And OMG that last catch by Benetendi (sp).
If it's the Dodgers vs. the Red Sox is it too harsh to root for a quake?
No, it's not.  But I only say that because I hate all Boston teams and sports fans that much.

I have little investment in the Dodgers, but I do live like 2 miles from the stadium so it can be hard not to jump on the bandwagon.

That said, they have to win another game first.  Last year I waited until the world series to actually give a damn, pretty much the same this year.
(10-01-2018, 08:16 PM)nickp Wrote: Raise that L
Such a nice feeling seeing the Brewers lose. Not that it really matters to them. They spend more time worrying about what the cubs do
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
18 innings and over 7 hours! Insane! I actually stayed up to watch Game 3 but I'm in the LA so it ended around 12:30 am. if your were on the East Coast we're talking 3:30 am, so I'm thinking people are waking up this morning hearing about Muncy's possible Series changing home run in the Bottom of the 18th.

Red Sox will still end up winning the series. but at least it won't be a sweep.
Maybe I'm being pessimistic but Sox could be in real trouble. Don't really know what they're doing for a starter tonight. Could end up being a committee game or Sale on short rest. Either way I'm not high on them tonight.

Eovaldi was incredible last night. Shame the Sox couldn't do anything for him on offense. Bigger shame that Kinsler went full-Buckner on that "throw" to first.
Yeah, that throw was crazy. He missed a 20-foot throw by 20 feet!

There's a reason these kinds of teams used to lose every year in the playoffs. Undisciplined hitting with no attempt to play small ball to score a single critical run gets you beat... unless every team plays the same dumb brand of baseball.

I mean... Leadoff guy gets on... MASH! Runner gets to second with none out... MASH! A bunt+sac fly wins the game... MASH!

The only runs were on 3 solo homers and 2 errors. It was a tense, well-pitched game, but damn was it a terrible strategic one.
Gamertag: Tweakee
(10-27-2018, 12:25 PM)Alt-molt Wrote: Bigger shame that Kinsler went full-Buckner on that "throw" to first.

It was the ghost of Steve Sax
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
So without the help of Kershaw the Dodgers have limited this vaunted Red Sox offense to 2 runs in the last 23 innings. I know Kershaw hasn't exactly been great in many playoff outings, but if the Sox don't want to fall behind in this series they might want to think about scoring tonight.
Whew, I was afraid the Dodgers were gonna get back into this thing for a minute there.

I was more afraid this game would go extras. I'd already decided to just say, "Noooooope" to extras tonight. I'm not spending another four hours with Buck n Smoltz unless lives depend on it.
Gamertag: Tweakee
That was an epic collapse. 4 outs from the Series being tied 2-2 and now the Sox are up 3-1. The Dodgers weren't going to win the Series anyway, but a 2-2 tie would certainly have made things interesting and forced a Game 6 back in Boston. Now it could very well end tomorrow. Maybe Kershaw can summon up some juice and do just that, but I'm not very hopeful.

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