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Trash Humpers (2009)
I don't know if this belongs under a "horror" thread per se, but it's definitely strange/unsettling enough to be justified in being discussed in a dark corner of the boards. A buddy of mine recommended me Harmony Korine's feature debut, Gummo (1997), years ago and I didn't really dig it. I discovered Trash Humpers  about a week ago, and is a sort of Gummo's spiritual successor, which I enjoyed much more. Besides being entirely shot on VHS, what I liked about Trash Humpers is how modestly sinister it is. The film is mostly three actors in creepy ass old people masks drinking, breaking shit, and doing inexplicably weird things (like humping trash cans), but their exploits soon become more alarming as they graduate to murder and stealing babies and shit. Upon reading more about Trash Humpers, Korine originally wanted to distribute the film just by leaving random VHS tapes and have people uncovering it, but he found out he wouldn't be able to r http:// etain a copyright that way, so he released it theatrically. I also see what Korine was going for in locations for the film: "For Korine, Trash Humpers is at of the of the "American Landscape": a series of "park garages, back alleyways, and beautiful lamp posts that light up the gutter." Korine has repeatedly emphasized his use of street lamps and how they are for him deeply representative of America." Overall, I think I would have enjoyed Trash Humpers more in the backdrop of weed smoke in my college dorm, but it still was worth checking out - I don't know how soon I'll revisit it. I definitely enjoyed it more than its "found footage" contemporaries, why watch Cloverfield when you can check out a movie called Trash Humpers?

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