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FIFA WORLD CUP - Russia 2018
Yeah, when a team can afford massive goal-costing howlers at each end of the pitch and still win at  canter they're doing something right.
Pity for Modric, though.

I've always thought he was a one in a generation talent in the midfield but his performance in this cup was fantastic. Especially against Russia.
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Given the torturous route they took to the final I was just impressed the Croatians still had it in them to remain on their feet until the final whistle.
I miss the World Cup so bad.
I know what you mean.

Every day we were waking up and looking forward to who was going to be playing and then it's over.

I'm looking forward to the next one to see some new faces. I suspect a lot of these 30 yr old+ players are not making it back.

The big names were young players this year, so maybe it's a good time for the older guys to take a seat now.
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