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2018 CA primary election
There is a big Primary election here in CA this coming Tues. with a ridiculous amount of people running for offices.

In looking through my voter info guide....holy shit, there are some serious fucking nutjobs running.

One of them that is running for US Senate is Don Grundmann. His statement in the voter guide is a horrific anti-transgender screed. Given, the dude is some old, white fucker his views aren't too surprising...still, it just amazes me that people can be this ignorant and hateful.

One of the people running for Gov. is a libertarian whose name is Zoltan Istvan.  His statement in the guide ends with 'Vote Zoltan!"

Personally, I just don't think voting for a COBRA villain is the best way forward.

It's going to be a long Tues here in CA...
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Wasn't Zoltan the thing that turned the kid into Tom Hanks?
I though Zoltan was the leader of that alien cult in Dude, where's my car?
"Dictatorships foster oppression, dictatorships foster servitude, dictatorships foster cruelty; more abominable is the fact that they foster idiocy."

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I thought he was the bad guy in Battle of the Planets.
Zoltan's had a lotta jobs over the years, lotta wide-ranging experience. Clearly, this means we should vote Zoltan.
I think my favorite gubernatorial candidate is the guy in the funny hat whose platform statement is just an incomprehensible five-character hashtag. I'd like to think that, if elected, that would be his only means of communication:

"Okay, Mr. Liu, we prepared these notes for the upcoming meeting with the state legislature. Any questions or comments?"
"#jeigl32. #asrf?"
", Jerry, we've got another couple for you to Google here."

The Green candidate whose platform statement is a single rhyming couplet that doesn't really properly rhyme is a close runner-up, though.

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