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I'm really enjoying it so far. I love that it feels like something unique within Trek while also letting me spend time with characters I still care about.

It's a good sign when a show introduces completely new characters into a show designed for an old favorite, and we're saddened that they don't have a BIGGER part. Picard and his Romulan housemates running a vineyard would be a movie I'd enjoy... "What's that, Number One? A synthetic is stuck in the well? Show us, boy!"

I also like the new captain. A guy who can only stand to live with multiple versions of himself is a fun bit of roughness in a universe where most characters' rough edges are polished smooth. Not really digging Pill; I don't like the actress, and her audience surrogate role feels like a Wesley. I don't want to my surrogate to make me feel like if I were there alongside Picard, everyone would wish I'd step out an airlock. I'd be a cool crewmate, damn it!

It's funny that as someone who bailed on Voyager long before she showed up, I was still excited for 7's appearance. She's a natural fit for the season's story. Picard's really putting together a solid, interesting crew (one exception aside).

I was an easy sell on this series, since Stewart and Picard would both be near the top of my all-time favorite actors and fictional characters. But I'm also enjoying the backstory and world-building going on, and liking nearly all of the new faces makes me reassured that even if the plot doesn't completely pay off, I'm going to care enough about the characters to enjoy the ride.
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The budding romance between Soji and Narek still bothers me.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
^ Also, the budding romance between Narek and his sister.
"These guys are pros, Michael. They're gonna push the tension 'till the last possible moment before they strip."

Yeah, that’s creepy too. Although I do wonder if she calls him “brother” as in “bother in arms”.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
We also haven't seen romance between the two romulans as much as we've seen an officer sexually harassing her subordinate/sibling to keep him off-guard. He freezes or recoils whenever she flirts with him, and she hasn't pushed it further, making me think this is a tactic on her part more than a sign of a previous sexual relationship.

The show clearly wants to be a mostly uncensored Trek, so if they were a couple, I don't see any reason they wouldn't have shown more than her teasing him.

My only problem with spending so much time on that Borg cube is that there seems to be zero chance that Narek does anything other than save Soji and die doing so. He doesn't even seem particularly conflicted.
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The new episode was fun. I finally realized exactly what this is. It's a Mass Effect TV show. It never feels like TOS/TNG/DS9/Voyager which I suspect is just something that's always going to bug me, but when I look at it as Mass Effect, it's making more sense.

I'm pretty sure RLM called the ending. Also, I suspect they have also correctly called "The Dread Secret".
Just finished the third episode.

After an intriguing opening, I feel like we've been treading water since. A list of complaints:

1.)The switch from HEAVILY episodic in TNG to HEAVILY serialized in Picard is tonally jarring given that the TNG model for Jean-Luc is pretty well grafted to my perception of the character.

2.)This fucking Romulan storyline ... ugh. I find the synthetic plot interesting, but everything involving the Romulans I just immediately start to tune out.

3.)We've wasted so much time "telling" rather than "showing" the crew's personality and backstories to the point where we had an extensive flashback that, at the end, I felt was entirely and completely unnecessary.

4.)Of course, this being 2020, protagonist and fondly remembered noble and heroic Jean-Luc is just getting shit upon or beaten up constantly (when he isn't apologizing or begging/groveling). Ah, gotta love the modern deconstructionist tropes, particularly towards a certain category of roles ...

5.)I realize that the casting in Star Trek has always been charmingly ... erratic ... regarding the skills of the actor or actress in question, but some of these folks ... c'mon. Particularly the incredibly shrill and one-note Raffi. When she showed up at the end of episode 3 to join the crew (not one familiar face thus far?) I audibly groaned.

... and that's why you cast Alison Pill.
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Not a huge fan of today’s episode...

Man, why’d they have to do Icheb like that.

This darker more 21st century style Star Trek...I dunno if I like it.

I’m starting to really fear what the big revelation is going to be.

Jeri Ryan is still foxy as hell.

Everything about the Casino Planet felt off. Although the outfits Rios and Picard were wearing felt straight outta TOS. I can totally see Kirk with that hat and Spock with an eyepatch.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
(02-17-2020, 10:59 AM)mr. stockslivevan Wrote:
(02-17-2020, 05:52 AM)freeman Wrote: Jesus Christ.  The canon after TNG ended really is a shit show.

Most canon of the TNG movies and VOYAGER really do feel like plots made up by five year olds, especially the way Paul755 describes NEMESIS. The big exception was DS9, which was the only show for the remainder of 90s Trek that had storytelling that felt credible. That's because after TNG ended all the best writers of that show like Ron Moore migrated to DS9, while Berman kept his focus on the TNG movies and VOYAGER. For example: On the very same night at 8pm you'd have DS9 featuring a heavy emotional character story, and then next at 9pm on VOYAGER you'd have the Captain Janeway and her cocky ship pilot turn into giant salamanders and make little baby salamanders. I'm literally not kidding.

Let's not forget that Ron Moore did co-write FIRST CONTACT and I'm thinking he probably wrote most of the Enterprise stuff. But yeah, anyways, FIRST CONTACT rules. Top 3 Star Trek movie for me.
the empire never ended
This is a weird show.

The biggest problem is the writing. It's some interesting ideas with some pretty clumsy storytelling. I thought this newest episode especially, a lot of points of interest but so awkwardly put together with a decent helping of truly cringe-worthy dialogue...

I think the cast and the people behind the camera are doing a good job. But these scripts...

P.S. Anyone else distracted by how much Bjayzl looked like Troi?
the empire never ended
Heh, for half a second I did think she might be Troi. Then they showed her full outfit, and I realized it probably wasn't, unless Marina Sirtis has the world's best physical trainer.

Of course, Jeri Ryan looks like she could still pull off 7's original uniform, so who knows?

I don't really get moaning about Picard being picked on. Putting him in an underdog scenario is simply far more interesting than The Adventures of SuperPicard, Awesome Guy Who Kicks Everyone's Ass and Is Loved By All. He's still clearly a noble hero; it's The Federation that looks to be getting completely shit on in this series. Having Picard have to forge and re-forge relationships with people who don't treat his words as scripture is better writing in my view.

I still don't care for Pill as an actress, but at least the character just got a lot more interesting. I'm curious to see how they handle that twist next episode, since there was a witness...
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So, I had no real problems with this episode EXCEPT the twist at the end. It was gory, and the death of Icheb, a minor character in Voyager's later season, gives 7 a good narrative push. It is darker in places, but most of this episode was lighter in tone than most of TNG, with Pimp Rios and naive Legolas, even if it got a bit hammy with Picards eyepatched Frenchman.

I like seeing Non-Starfleet places, but because Trek spent so much of its time (except DS9) on a starship, it is starting to feel like someone dribbled some Star Wars/Blade Runner in my Star Trek. Nothing terrible about it, as I think 24 century extrapolated from now with non-Federation corporations would exactly do the things we see. It is just that this is the first time we have seen it. TNG and Enterprise for that matter had a rather staid perspective on pleasure planets and casinos (again, DS9 went farther, but still 90s syndicated safe).

Speaking of blending genres, Jeri Ryan becoming a Ranger seems like we have added a bit of DnD to Star Trek. But the Trek Universe has always had its dark edges, but we rarely dwell in them. Even DS9 and Enterprise's episodes on the Orion Syndicate or slavery rarely looked into its darker corners. Inside the Federation is a clean, well lit place with warm food and shelter for all, but right over the borders, things get rough and hard and much more dangerous. So, I can dig it.

But the TWIST...5 episodes in, and we have spent 3 looking for this guy, only to have it end... like it does... I get the narrative push on the twist. We are shocked and then next episode we will flashback and reveal what they showed her that makes her do the thing, but man, there are only 5 more episodes. We need to get to places and do the things.

Of course, that being said, we spent no time with the Romulans on the Borg Cube, and I was happy for that.
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Slowly catching up. Just finished episode 3. I like overall. Parts work - the characters are solid; Stewart is so watchable; new captain and non-Picardo EMH add some pep. I see the potential of the storyline and it’s good and it shines through, but then it keeps treading water or getting caught in tiresome Akiva Goldsman bullshit: we’re connected! Waif-fu! Explain, then show and christ, did it have to take so long to get him off-world? It felt like the whole of Picard’s journey to Starfleet was just to introduce evil Vulcan/Romulan.

Maybe I misheard, but is Reclaimed Borg guy - the director - is he named Hugh? And if so, is he that Hugh from I, Borg?

Still, non-Disco or Abrams Trek (love me some Beyond!) with my chikdhood captain? Of course I’m on board!

He's that Hugh.
Yes! I knew my childhood watching TNG wasn’t wasted!

Two more DEEP pulls from Voyager in today’s show.

The stuff with Picard and Hugh was fantastic.

My eyes just about rolled out of my head when Narek started crying.

We now do get confirmation that Narek and the other Romulan are brother and sister, so yeah...ewwww
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
I’m wanting to like this show but I’m starting to lose interest.
There are parts that I find intriguing but it seems that it’s unnecessarily padded out with the characters having ‘thoughtful looks’.
It might be the week long delay between episodes?
Maybe it will flow better if it’s binge watched.
I do want to see how everything is resolved but I’ve lowered my expectations.
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I'm just really digging the focus on lore (not Lore!) and building up the universe that Picard lives in. This show feels like the most real the Star Trek setting ever has for me (along with the peaks of DS9). It's not bouncing to new disconnected planets; it's drawing connective tissue between Picard and his past, and fleshing out stories and characters that never had a chance to breathe before.

I found the Picard & Hugh scenes riveting. I loved Picard's journey from fear and revulsion to being back in a Cube, to wonder and admiration towards Hugh for saving lives like his own.

And the shot of Picard with Locutus overlaid via hologram was a terrific touch.

And now we're close to, "I named the dog Number One!"
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It's so funny to have some genuine deep pulls, proving these people have watched Star Trek before, but they make a thing that's so unTrek in so many ways.


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